TrafficSwirl Review – Is It A Real Traffic Generator?

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TrafficSwirl Review

Name: Traffic Swirl


Facebook Group Page:

Founder’s Facebook:

Founder: John Bell

John Bell

Price: FREE to Join

Who Is It For: Anyone who wants Traffic to their Website without investing money for Paid Traffic.

What Do You Do Here Exactly To Get Traffic? Surf and View other peoples’ websites to get Credits and Tokens. 

Verdict: Its okay!

Overall Percentile Rank Record:


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 The Positive Side of Things


Traffic Swirl Pros Part 1Traffic Swirl Pros Part 2Traffic Swirl Pros Part 3

The Negative Side of Things


  • Can be a bit overwhelming with so much to do.
  • Quite a learning curve involved with knowing what to do where.
  • A bit time consuming to get decent amount of Credits/Tokens while as FREE Member. 
  • Even though you might get Traffic to your promoted Website link, that doesn’t mean you will be seeing many conversations or sales. 

Here’s What You Need To Know On What Happens Inside TrafficSwirl


1) Go to

The Website should look like this below.

Traffic Swirl Home Page

Click on the Above Green Button that says Click Here to GET STARTED.

You should then see the Following Screen appear for Sign Up.

Traffic Swirl SignUp For Account

Simply Enter in your Information here, Click on the Gray Box next to I Agree To The Terms: and finally Click on Submit when you are done.

You should then after a few moments see the Following Message appear on your Screen.

Thank You For Joining Traffic Swirl

2) Sign In to your submitted E-mail and see your Inbox for this Message.
Confirm Traffic Swirl

Simply Click on the Red Link in your Inbox E-mail provided by Traffic Swirl.

I received this on my Next Screen.

Please do not feel alarmed when you see this.

Traffic Swirl Unable To Locate Your Account

I quickly then went back to my Inbox and to my relief and I am sure yours, I found this E-mail Message.

Welcome to Traffic Swirl Inbox Message

3) I Clicked on Log in now and was brought to the Traffic Swirl Website Home Page.

I then Clicked on Member Login under the huge Bolded Numbers. As you can see the numbers are rising each second too.

Traffic Swirl Member Login

Next Screen as seen below I entered the Username and Password, then Clicked on Login.

Traffic Swirl Login

4) Here’s the Top Menu you should see in Traffic Swirl upon logging in to your Account.

Traffic Swirl Top Menu

Welcome to Traffic Swirl Dashboard

To Get Started, just Click Surf to earn credits or Tokens to earn tokens! Use Credits to Advertise in the Traffic Exchange, or Tokens to make trades in our Marketplace. Visit the Affiliate page to find out how to refer your friends to earn cash commissions!

As you hover your Mouse over the things in the Top Menu, a bubble will inform you easily what you can do there. 🙂

Traffic Swirl Home

Traffic Swirl Surf


As I Clicked on Surf, I was brought to the Following, I then Clicked on Okay.

Traffic Swirl Surf Message

Surf, Earn Credits, and Live Chat, Oh My!


As you can see below, there is a bunch of Activity that goes on in here.

You basically Click on the Matching Icon and go Surf the next Ad and get Credits which you can see at the very Bottom.

To the Right, at the Top, there is Open site, Report a Site, My Profile, Home, and Hide Sidebar.

Below that you would find the Tabs for Chat, Team Chat, and Notifications.

Traffic Swirl Surf Activity

Tokens – Almost the Same as Credits


We then head on over to Tokens

Traffic Swirl Token Ads

This is pretty much the same way as how you watched an Ad to get Credits as mentioned previously. However, here you simply just wait a few seconds and get your Tokens after and are not required to Click on the Matching Icon to proceed further. 

So, I Clicked on Click This Link! was then directed in a New Tab to the Following Screen, waited 4 seconds, and got my 3 Tokens.

Rewarded 3 Tokens from Traffic Swirl Token Ads

Advertise and Create Tasks


Next, I head over to Advertise.

Clicked on Tasks and saw the Following Screen, I then Clicked on Website Referrals to see how many Tokens I needed to Create a Task.

Traffic Swirl Advertise Website Referrals

I then saw that I needed to get 1,000 Tokens to Create a Task for making a Campaign on getting Website Referrals

Need 1000 Tokens for Tasks

Traffic Swirl Affiliate Program


We then head over to Affiliate and see the Following Information.

Traffic Swirl Affiliate


To Create Any Task You Must Have 1,000 Tokens


As promised, even though it felt like an eternity, I finally have saved up 1,000 Tokens to take this for a real spin and see if the results will speak for themselves. 

Please Note in Blue

Please be sure to stock up a ton past the 1,000 Tokens mark and don’t drain it. 

I went to Advertise, then Tasks. My Screen looked a bit different. 

TrafficSwirl Website Referrals For Real

Unfortunately, I was not able to Change the Task Type to be something else other than Sign Up for my Website.

I made sure that I entered in the Correct Referral URL link here. Because if it was a mistake, I cannot go back and Edit it after it has been submitted.

TrafficSwirl Submit Ad

If you are at this Stage, I wish you all the best with getting the Referrals you need for your Websites. 🙂 

After hitting the Submit Ad Button, you should then see as a Confirmation that your Task was Posted. 🙂

TrafficSwirl My Task Posted

Please Note in Blue

If this aspect of creating Tasks and granting Tokens for Traffic Swirl Members who complete these Tasks successfully actually do happen, I will update this Blog Post and reconsider my Ranking on this too. 

Until then, time will tell.

In Conclusion


As hard as it is to believe, while I was a FREE Member at TrafficSwirl, I was not getting the results I wanted. I submitted my Website in the hopes of Getting Referrals but was disappointed. Mainly because common sense hit me. Why should I waste my time/efforts with this when I could be better off blogging or rather sharing my Content through Social Media. There are bound to be a set of people who would be interested in seeing my information. 

While that may be true for some just in the same way it can be with regards to what your Website Topic is, whether it is appealing or not, that paves way if you are going to successful with it or not. After all, without Visitors to your Website, that means No Sales. 

Clearly many people in Traffic Exchanges have just 1 thing most of the time on their mind. That is to promote their Website, just look at others Websites to earn some form of Traffic Exchange Currency, in this case Credits and Tokens to help advertise their product/program further. In essence if you run out of Credits/Tokens, then you are really out of your luck getting Visitors to see your Website among many other things.

Much of the Websites I saw being promoted in TrafficSwirl are other Traffic Exchanges. Great, ugh! Just as they say, different things work for different people much in the same way as shampoo does, Traffic Exchanges in my opinion are really not all they are cracked up to be. 

I mean come on, how can we honestly believe we can get both visitors/sales through submitting our Website through Traffic Exchange Websites? Everyone else is much too busy promoting their stuff, that they could probably care less about interacting much with other peoples’ websites too. 

Traffic Exchanges are clearly game for high Bounce Rates. It is very true if you think about it. After all, there is just s 20 second timer that goes off before the person views the next Website through TrafficSwirl in the hopes of getting additional Credits/Tokens anyways. 

Please do yourself a huge favor and do not be easily swayed into thinking that Traffic Exchange Websites run on autopilot or something of that nature to generate tons of visitors and or sales for you. Truth is, the Visitor from Traffic Exchange Websites are there for a few moments, then gone. So, is it worth it for you to promote your Website only to be crushed by false hope that really this is something that won’t work in the long run?

Whenever you read Reviews of Traffic Exchange Websites, most of them just say whether it is good or bad, however have you noticed that none do not care to go in further details of displaying the actual results on if these things work or not? As far as having a way with words, “looks can be deceiving.”

If you are not getting the Results you desire while as a FREE Member, why would you feel the sudden urge to invest money to get the results you so rightfully deserve while as a FREE Member? Would you really want to go for Paid Traffic? Remember there is no guarantee that you will get better conversions or more visitors if you go down this route. But, then again based on what your Website is all about, it can vary from person to person on which works and what doesn’t. Just thought I would mention that, worth a consideration. 

Fret Not, There Is Still Light At The End Of The Tunnel


Wouldn’t you absolutely hate it to see only temporary and not permanent results while getting involved with Traffic Exchange Websites like Traffic Swirl? 

Take it from me as a lesson I have learned. This is my personal suggestion to you. 

You can easily get your own Traffic the easy and best way possible. It wouldn’t include wasting your time/effort looking at other peoples’ websites just to earn Credits or Tokens which you can use to promote your own website either. IBOToolbox Banner

The best way you can get a unique flow of Traffic is through creating a website which you can do here in 30 seconds tops. This in turn will allow you to earn passive income in the process. Passive Income means recurring income. 

Here’s the Simplest Business Method I would suggest to you:

1) Choose Any Interest/Passion you have. Everyone is bound to like something, right?

2) Build a Website. Can be done with no coding experience at all, in a matter of a few seconds of your time. Can’t beat fast these days!

3) Get Visitors to your Website. I know people find this part the most challenging, but it is fairly quite easy to accomplish. You write your own unique Content naturally from your point of view on the subject matter, get it ranked on the 1st Page of Google Search Results which draws the most attention since most don’t go beyond the 1st page anyways. And, what does that mean if you are able to do this? You get more people coming to your Website, and you should see that you will begin making money from this, repeat and rinse this method and you will see conversions improving as time passes. Pretty cool and sweet deal! 

4) Making the Money. Of course in order to get money coming in, you would need to be part of Affiliate Programs, they would give you products to promote on your Website, and you would be making money based on selling other people’s products through your Website. Now, the neat part of this is that there are loads of affiliate programs out there versus the amount of jobs you can apply for in your area. Literally, there are millions of Affiliate Programs you can take part in. Best of all, most of them are FREE to join. They require looking at your Website to see if there is information there, if you are getting some social engagement, and don’t have inappropriate images or harsh language being present. This usually helps them to consider you as being part of your program. Sounds simple enough, correct?

Ladies and gentlemen, you heard it from me, affiliate marketing looks more promising than ever as more people are working from the comfort of their own homes. This is how I earn a passive income with websites like this one. To get access into how I made all this happen in building my very own profitable online business, you can get hands on training experience here, just take a look into my Wealthy Affiliate Review, its FREE to join and you will have plenty of people to help you out in this community. 



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Traffic Swirl

Traffic Swirl Review

Name: Traffic Swirl


Founder: John Bell

Price: FREE to Join

Verdict: Its okay!

Overall Percentile Rank Record:



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4 thoughts on “TrafficSwirl Review – Is It A Real Traffic Generator?

  1. Hi friends ,i had there account, my Account was deactivated like many others. And i dont know why.
    I submitted! Ticket to support
    but insidmal does not respond and does not communicate
    After years of surfing here … and I also had some cash and I guess I’ll lose them.
    I came over a hundred thousand tokens
    I think it’s not serious

    1. Dear marty,

      How are you doing? Perhaps you had entered in the wrong password. Try going to the same website and click on Forgot Password, type in the Email you signed up under them.
      That is all I can say. I sure hope that this helps.

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  2. Wow!Angel i cant believe this traffic stuff!i am just worried if the traffic we got by using this really works?
    So hows your success with this for the refferals to your site?
    Feel like trying but kinda unsecured as i came across such sites before as scams and can hurt site ranking.

    Anyway thank you with this post.Good Effort!

    Jeff aka WA je88

    1. Dear Jeff,

      Thank you so much for your Feedback, I greatly appreciate it. 🙂 I know I couldn’t believe it either, so I tried it out for a time being. But realized that as per Traffic Exchange Websites, most of the time people look at your Website for a few seconds in order to earn Credits/Tokens which they use to Advertise their Website to be promoted/seen. So, in other words, it usually does not work in the same way as how they advertise it saying: Create a Free Account with us, and you will get Traffic.
      As per the success of getting referrals to my website, it has not been good. That doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

      I went in here to give it a shot, to see what it was all about, to see if the results truly speak for themselves, when in reality they don’t. Many people claim this place is great and all that, but fail to show screenshots of how this Program helped them out at all. They just speak words, but have nothing to show for it. Which in essence means perhaps it doesn’t work as one had hoped it would. After all, you need to see something to believe it, right?

      The thing that I liked about Traffic Swirl is that there are people you can interact with. However, as far as getting a Following there, it can be quite challenging. I feel at times they may not be as responsive at first glance though. Even if you Post Privately to their Traffic Swirl Profile Wall.

      You are right in mentioning that with having your Website set in place to be promoted through Traffic Exchange Websites, your Site Rank will get hurt. This is very true, when you see you have a High Bounce Rate in Google Analytics when you check your Audience Overview. High Bounce Rate usually implies the person stayed for a few seconds, then jumped off. The goal every blogger needs to aim for is finding a technique or method to make their Visitors stay on their Website longer.

      Due to Traffic Exchange Websites asking participants to view another person’s website for a few seconds just to earn Credits/Tokens/Points does NOT do it any justice at all.

      I would mostly like say that you would want to be in a supportive responsive environment much like the community of people who are behind My #1 Recommendation. 🙂

      Please feel more than welcome to drop by my website again. 🙂

      Wishing you all the best with avoiding online scams above and beyond the horizon,


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