Winter Is The Worst Season of All

Winter Is The Worst Season Of All

Winter Is The Worst Season of All


Carbon Monoxide build up when you don’t open the garage when reversing your car out. Carbon Monoxide is a type of gas that can’t be seen. 

Tires lose pressure as if they deflated.

If cars are left outside, sometimes cats crawl in and hide in the engine without you knowing it until they start meowing. 

However, it is a good season to just hibernate like a bear in a cave though. Just eat and fall asleep. 

I probably get more nerve pain and more chapped lips due to the winter season. Its strange how my skin starts crusting during this season as well. Probably due to lack of moisture or something. 

Icicles falling off rooftops can pierce someone easily like a knife.

Need I remind you of how hard it is to get a Snow Blower to work to push snow away only to see that snow keeps dropping and our efforts to clear the road seem pretty useless or effortless to say the least. 

Long coated dogs enjoy winter season, but not me, no siree. 

Black ice is the most dangerous type of ice out there, you can’t see it, but you can easily slip and lose balance. Hate that situation very much for workers to get into hospitals.

Then you have the case of hypothermia and pneumonia like fever which paralyzes your body from the inside to have 50% of your body in cold and other half in hot lava like temperature. 

So, please if anything, be sure to escape the winter season of the United States of America. 

You walk across an ice pond, it cracks and you fall in, that can cause easy pneumonia right there. 

You see yourself traveling on the plane during winter season, they need to use tons of hot water in those hoses just to clear off the ice that is surrounding the outer layer of the plane as well. 

Then there are the occasional Snow Days that kids get so hyped up about, but for the grandparents and parents, I am pretty sure they want their kids to still be in class regardless. Both are praying for their own outcome and the tables in their favor. 

The most beautiful thing you can see through the snowy weather are the red cardinal birds against that lush winter background. 

The best thing to do in winter is to stay indoors, not get frostbite, and take a hot water bath each day to help take away the muscle and nerve pain tension between working non-stop in today’s world. Lotion should be applied too.

In winter, everything becomes dead, even power outages are caused by bad winter power. So, how can you work if that happens? 

Have you ever pondered as to how birds can sit confidently on those power lines without get shocked and falling dead to the ground? God equipped them with a type of thermostat. 

Other side effects of winter season include blurred vision during the fog and mist that appears before you as well as when you are breathing inside the vehicle, the vapors from your mouth cloud out the windows as well.

Even if you were to leave pieces of plastic, it can easily break as well due to the frost of the winter season.

Don’t get me started on weather conditions in Alaska, Winter Olympics might be held there, but as some have snowboarded from the peak of mountains, they can easily create an avalanche and bury other people alive. Dogs may have been sent to sniff them out, but even dogs can only handle being in so much of snow as well. They should have posted some more Infirmaries in such places. 

So, that begs the question, who is really the most safe outside during the winter season, animals like polar bears or ourselves even if we lay on many layers to keep warm? 


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