What The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Is – A Review

A Review on What The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Is.

What The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Is

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If you have never heard of Jaaxy, the World’s Most Advanced Keyword Tool and Simply the Best Keyword Research Tool you will ever need, you are in good company to know I shall give you a clear-cut overview on everything I learned from using it.

Search-Surf-Find-World-Globe-PCBefore I had encountered Jaaxy, I never really fully understood the big deal with Keyword Research. As in what is so important about it that I need to be made aware to get better rankings on Google and other Search Engines like Bing, Ask, and Yahoo? Turns out, Keywords are highly important because they serve as the building foundation from which your written quality Content is derived.

A Keyword serves as a definite term or phrase one would happen to type in Search Engines in the hopes of reading up on Content within the First Page of Google Search Results that can help them with their problem. Most readers on average rarely browse past the First Page of Google Search Results. But, ask yourself, why is that? Google has been wise to rank Websites that are geared towards offering quality written content centered around specific Keywords.

Where Do I Put My Keywords In A Blog Post?


Yet, you may be wondering, where exactly does one incorporate Keywords specifically into a Website Page/Post. I have broken it down that the Keyword must be required to be placed in Top 5 Regions of all your Website Pages/Posts:

1) The Title of your Website Page/Post Blog Article. Example: What The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Is -. Keywords need to make sense and be grammatical correct in their statement. No need to put Quotations around these Keywords when writing your quality Content around them. I simply added the phrase A Review after the – as a way of captivating a reader’s interest to engage and want to view my Content. It is like an advertising sales pitch that must have mastered in the forms of getting people to consider what they have to offer. I am sure many of us know many examples of this scenario both in real world and virtual world Internet.

2) Your Permalink. Example: aboveandbeyondthehorizon.com/what-the-jaaxy-keyword-tool-is-a-review/. Notice that the Keyword is after my Domain .com/ along with the additional catchphrase simply the best attached with the Keyword The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review as well.

3) First Couple Sentences in Within the First Paragraph of the Body in your Content.


A Review on What The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Is.

4) The Alt Text of your First Image in each of your Website Page/Blog Post Article. Google Indexes Images too.

5) Here’s a new one to consider. Suppose you took a Screenshot of a Video on a Website that didn’t offer a Embed Code to Paste in your WordPress Text Tab which is the 2nd Tab located in Visual, and then added a link to it so that the person can Click on the Image and see the Video in a New Tab on their Internet Browser, it is wise to add both an Alt Text and Caption with your Keyword mentioned in there too. Example: Wealthy Affiliate Training Videos.

Image Details On What Is SiteRubix Centering Text Phrase

Information received from: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/how-to-center-text

For Doing Center Text Try this:

<p style=”text-align: center;”>Your text here.</p>

As you look at Above Picture, this is how I applied the Method below:

I simply did it as <p style=”text-align: center;”>What is Siterubix.com</p>

Here is the End Result Screenshot:

Centering Text What Is Siterubix

Please Note in BlueSome people like it more simplified so they would use this Code to help Center an Image:

<center>Your text here.</center>

This method also works great! 🙂

Here’s a great rule of thumb you must consider when starting out with Keyword Research and incorporating that into building a website and thus launching it as a successful online business, you must understand which Keywords have the Highest Ranking Competition and those that have the lowest. In doing so, you can determine which Keywords you should aim for that would give you a boost in rankings and based on your presented content within your niche, you can watch yourself Rise Up the Google Ladder to Creating a Great Full Time Online Business that is geared towards your keywords essentially.

Jaaxy Major Tabs versus Sub Tabs

1. Search (1st Major Tab)

  • Sub-Tabs

– Keywords

– Alphabet Soup

– Saved Lists

– Search History

– Search Analysis

– Affiliate Programs

– Brainstorm

2. Site Rank (2nd Major Tab)

  • Sub-Tabs

– Search

3. Training (3rd Major Tab)

  • Sub Tabs Category Bonuses

– Bonus #1: 1,000 High Traffic, Low Competition Keywords

– Bonus #2: Niches, Keywords, Success

– Bonus #3: Domain Industry Secrets

4. Affiliate Program (4th Major Tab)

  • Sub Tabs

– Program Details

– My Stats

– Links and Tracking

As you enter into Jaaxy, you should most likely begin with the 1st Major Tab Search and Sub Tab Keywords.

Jaaxy First Major Tab Search Sub Tab Keywords

Type in a Keyword in the White Text Box and Press Enter to begin your Keyword Research.

I know as you do that, you will see some numbers and other information which might appear intimidating to you.

Don’t worry, I shall try my best to explain what each of them means and how you can read them in a way you may understand the concept.

I shall outline the way in which Jaaxy helps to Benefit YOU in the long run.

Google-Search-EngineKeywords: Think of it as the phrase: “Seek and Ye Shall Find.” What are Keywords? They are the words you would type in on Google or other Search Engines like Yahoo, Bing, or Ask.com where you seek and want to find what you were looking for.

Click-To-World-Wide-Web-URL Avg (Average): defines the Clicks per Month when people type/search for that set of Keywords. A rough estimate of the Amount of Clicks that were made when people searched for this particular set of Keywords.


Traffic: Expectancy of Visitors you would likely get on your Website using that set of Keywords if your Blog Post appears on the 1st Page of Search Engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Higher Traffic leads to = Higher Rankings on Google. But, be warned its not always wise to be aimed towards looking at the most hot topic keywords that would get you a better placement within the First Page of the Google Search results.


QSR (Quoted Search Results): Competitive Rate, represents the amount of Websites that are made from that set of keywords. You must realize that you would want this number to be close to 0 (zero). Closer to 0 (zero) means Lesser the Competition. Ideally, you want to aim for this number component to be under the 100 mark.


KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator): has 3 Color Indicators to represent if the keywords are a good fit for better rankings. First, Green is the best. Second, Yellow means Average or Caution. Third, Red is pretty bad or a no go. Try to think of it like an intersection signal light according to the rules of the road.


Domain: Last portion of your overall website that has the .com, .org, .net, among many others at the very end.

SEO-Search-Engine-OptimizationSEO (Search Engine Optimization): think of this as a Grading Scale like in school, percent means out of 100. Closer to 100, the better. So, your best bet would be fall in the Grade A range of 90% – 100%.

As a Free Jaaxy Account, I am entitled to 30 Free Searches only.

Jaaxy Get 30 Free Searches No CC Required

*You may want to consider using those Free 30 Searches wisely. *

Here’s my Saved List of Keywords I came across related to Natural Remedies For Dogs Below:


 5 Important Aspects To Look Out For:

  1. In order to choose the appropriate Keywords you want for your niche, be sure to generate results of Keywords that make grammatical sense.  This means that it flows well enough to be a sentence. For example from my Saved List of Keyword Results: home remedies for kidney disease in dogs, natural treatment in bloating, natural remedy for arthritis would apply. The Avg which is Average Clicks per month should be roughly over 100 Clicks. In terms of Traffic, you want to aim for more than 20.
  2. QSR should be closer to 0, since it is less competitive given the number of websites that were created using that particular set of Keywords.
  3. KQI Color Indicator should be Green.
  4. SEO should be within the range of 90-100.
  5. Domain Category Column should give details on whether a .com, .org, and .net are available for purchase at a Domain SuperMarket like NameCheap.com.

The Next thing is the 2nd Sub Tab Alphabet Soup  in 1st Major Tab Search.

This allows you to partake in the same method you would see when using Ubersuggest.org.

It will list you ideas surrounding your Keywords from which you can write countless numbers of Post Topics on your Website.

You could possibly Start from Letter A and work all the way to Letter Z based on the Results you would find here.

As I always say, if Plan A doesn’t work, you still have Plans B-Z to get through to find your Final Solution. By which I mean, if the Topics that begin with A doesn’t suit you well enough to write about, move onto something else, perhaps B, C, D, E, and so on so forth.

Jaaxy First Major Tab Search Sub Tab Alphabet Soup

Keywords – A phrase users type into search engines to find what they are looking for.

Search – Click the search link to perform a search on this keyword.

Brainstorm – Add or remove this keyword from your brainstorm list.

After this, we have 3rd Sub Tab Saved Lists in 1st Major Tab Search.

Jaaxy First Major Tab Search Sub Tab Saved Lists

In here, you can see what Saved Lists of Keywords you have stored for referring back to anytime you wish. As well as further Keyword Topics you would want to write about and perhaps expand more on.

Jaaxy Saved List Example on Remedies for Dogs

List Name – The name of your saved keyword list.

Keywords – The count of keywords that you have saved to this particular list.

Traffic – Estimated Traffic that this list of keywords will achieve if you rank on the first page of the search engines.

Last Saved – The date when this list was last updated.

Export – Export the data for download into .csv or .txt format.

If you need to Export the List, you have 2 Formats to choose from.

1) Export the data into .csv format

2) Export the data into .txt format

I normally don’t use this at all.

The Actions you can do with each List is View, Rename List, and Delete List.

As you Click on View, your Keyword List would Drop Down like below example.

You can also Hide the List if need be where you clicked on View before.

After this, we have 4th Tab Search History in 1st Major Tab Search.

In here, you can look back up on the keyword terms you had inputted while conducting your Keyword Search.

Jaaxy First Major Tab Search Sub Tab Search History

You can even try to find something specific you had tried to do Keyword Research on by simply Enter a keyword to filter your search history.

Hmm, a good way to think about this is when you do Ctrl + F when Pressing on Keyboard to find something particular much faster within a piece of content or information on a website page/post.

A tiny White Text Box would most likely Appear on the Top Right Hand Side Corner of your Browser where you can type in a Keyword you may have Entered in the Past you want to look into and review.

Below Picture is an Excellent Example of what I mean by this.

Filtering Specific Keywords Using Keyboard Method of Ctrl and Letter F Pressed

Let’s look at Another Example.

Using the Ctrl + F Method below.

Keyword How To Cure Using Ctrl and F in Jaaxy

Using the Jaaxy Method below displays this.

Keyword How To Cure Filtering Using Jaaxy

As you can see, it works both ways. You can decide which of these 2 Methods is more convenient for you to use. 🙂

Keyword – The Keyword that you entered into the search box and performed a search for.

Search Type – What kind of search was performed (keyword research/alphabet soup/search analysis/affiliate program)

Details – Details of the search (phrase/URL/search engine).

Date – The date when the search was performed.

Now then, lets move on towards the 5th Sub Tab Search Analysis in 1st Major Tab Search.

Jaaxy Sub Tab Search Analysis In First Major Tab Search

As you come to this Feature, on the White Text Box type in a Keyword, then Select Google.com, Bing.com, or even Yahoo.com. These are the Top 3 widely used Search Engines on the Internet. Hmm, not sure why Ask.com is not on here. Perhaps it is not frequently used as  Google.com, Bing.com, or even Yahoo.com.

In this way you can get a sneak peak into how your Keyword is Ranking in those Search Engines, by which I mean what Position would it be in if suppose someone else would stumble upon using your Keyword and get access to view your content on your website. This is slightly different than Site Rank and should not be confused with at this moment as we shall proceed with that later on in this Blog.

Position – The first page position that the website is ranked for in the selected Search Engine.

Search Engine Listing – The search engine result for the selected Search Engine.

View Details – Click the view details link to analyze the webpage.

Please Note in Blue

If you would like a Free Google Keyword Rank Checker to aid as a supplement with Jaaxy, please Check Out the one I Recommend here.

Moving along next up, we have the 6th Sub Tab Affiliate Programs in First Major Tab Search.

Jaaxy Sub Tab Affiliate Programs in First Major Tab Search

Finding Affiliate Programs can be nerve wrecking at times when you are venturing out and looking for great online opportunities related to your niche. But, not to worry, alas you have this Feature here in Jaaxy that will help you make a most wise decision on what you want to be a part of.

Simply enter in your Niche Topic here in the Search Bar.

Then Select the one which you find most interesting between 4 Affiliate Programs:

1) Commission Junction.

2) Link Share.

3) Digital River.

4) Click Bank.

This Method of finding an Affiliate Program that is just right for you can be very beneficial in that this may provide more accurate results than that which you receive from Google, Bing, and Yahoo Search Engines.

Affiliate Program Name – The name of the affiliate program.

Product Website – The website associated with this affiliate program.

Alexa Rank – The Alexa.com traffic ranking for this website (lower = more traffic).

Commission – The Commission details.

Network – The affiliate network that this product or service is part of.

Coming up next is the 7th Tab Brainstorm in First Major Tab Search.

This is basically a feature you can utilize if you had run out of obtaining any ideas.

Jaaxy Sub Tab Brainstorm in First Major Tab Search

Brainstorm Queue – A list of keywords to help you brainstorm.

Rank – The rank of how popular this keyword is in the respective feed.

Google Trends – Feed from Google Trends.

Yahoo Buzz – Feed from Yahoo Buzz.

Alexa Topics – Feed from Alexa hot topics.

Amazon Best Sellers – Feed from the Amazon best sellers list.

Twitter Trends – Feed of trending keywords on Twitter.

The 2nd Major Tab is Site Rank.

  • Using this Feature is very easy to perform.

First, you would type in the Keyword that you wish to do search on.

Second, you would Copy/Paste your Website’s Domain Name also known as your Website URL.

Third, you would Click on Search.

As that is being done, your Query would then be stored Beneath the Search Box always.

To Review a particular Rank of a stored Query you had, you would Click on the Blue Search Button on the Query that you stored, and then as you do that it would Update itself.

Jaaxy Sub Tab Search In Second Major Tab Site Rank

The 3rd Major Tab is Training.

At the very Top, you will see 3 Bonuses which you can Download as a PDF File to be viewed in Adobe Reader.

Bonus #1: 1,000 High Traffic, Low Competition Keywords

Description – Download 1,000 hand picked keywords that are set-up for SEO success. Download the list today as our free bonus to you!

Bonus #2: Niches, Keywords, Success

Description – Download your Niche Research Bonus and learn how to utilize Jaaxy to uncover hot niches in minutes. This guide will be your handbook for Niche Research!

Bonus #3: Domain Industry Secrets

Description – Secrets to tapping into the billion dollar industry.  How to uncover low cost domains and sell them for much more. Your guide to domain flipping… made easy with Jaaxy.

Jaaxy 3rd Major Tab Training Intro 3 Bonuses

But wait, there’s more. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

You are also provided with Training Tutorial Videos to help present you a visual on how best to navigate your way with using Jaaxy.

The First being Jaaxy Keyword Research & Management.

Jaaxy 1st Keyword Research and Management Tutorial VideoThe Second you should see is Jaaxy Website Research and Analysis.

Jaaxy 2nd Website Research and Analysis Tutorial Video

The Third would be Niche Research and Refinement.

Jaaxy 3rd Niche Research Refinement Tutorial Video

Last but not least, the Fourth Tutorial Video would be on The Affiliate Program Walkthrough.

Jaaxy 4th The Affiliate Program Walkthrough Tutorial VideoThese Videos are fairly short to help you get more comfortable and more acquainted to using Jaaxy for your own personal Keyword Research Projects.

The 4th Major Tab is Affiliate Program.

Jaaxy is known for being one of the most highly lucrative Affiliate Programs around.

However, if you wish to be part of any Affiliate Program online, you need to have a Website in place first. 🙂

I recommend making a Website below. Super easy and super fast! 😀 Takes a few seconds of your time, I promise. 🙂

Bonus Features! Jaaxy Affiliate Program!

(You can get Revenue when you Refer People to Jaaxy)

The 1st Sub Tab is Program Details. In here you can see the Amount of Money you can possibly earn under which requirements needed to accomplish it.

You even have a Earnings Calculator to help estimate how much you could likely earn under what circumstances.

Jaaxy Sub Tab Program Details In 4th Major Tab Affiliate Program

The 2nd Sub Tab is My Stats.

In here, you can see an Overview on how many Clicks, Referrals, and Sales you received within a certain time frame be it Today, This Week, This Month, This Year, and All Time.

Jaaxy Sub My Stats In 4th Major Tab Affiliate Program

As you Scroll Further Down here, please be sure to Provide your E-mail registered with Paypal in order to receive Payments from the 1st of Each Month.

Click on Save My Payment Details at the Bottom.

Save Your Paypal Payment Details For Jaaxy

The 3rd Sub Tab is Links & Tracking.

In here, you will be  provided with 3 Things.

1) Your Affiliate Link.

2) Upgrade Link with your Affiliate Link attached to it.

3) Jaaxy Search Plugin Code.

– First, be sure to Click on Visual Tab which is the First Tab you see when you want to write Content be it Page/Post. Type in something like Jaaxy Plugin Code somewhere where you want it to be. Switch over to Second Tab Text. Do a Ctrl + F on Keyboard, Type in whatever name you called it, you then will find it. Highlight over the text and Paste your Jaaxy Plugin Code there.

-This Code is placed in your 2nd Text Tab of your Visual Editor in WordPress. Click back to Visual and you should then see your Jaaxy Plugin is present.

As you become an Affiliate of Jaaxy through the Affiliate Program, you can Refer People to this Program and Earn a Percentage and or Commission from your Referral Member’s Monthly Payments to use Jaaxy.

Please Note in Blue

As you are a Jaaxy Free Member, if someone registers under your Affiliate Link as a Free Member, you’ll get 10 Search Credits. The Main Concept to grasp here is that if someone joins under you as a Free Jaaxy Member, there are NO Commissions, but if those people Upgrade then you shall surely get to receive Commissions.

Even if you are a Free Member, if your Referral Upgraded to Pro, you’ll receive a Commission of $8/Month or  $80/Year. If your Referral Upgraded to Enterprise, your Commission will be $20/Month or $200/Year.

All you need is a couple of Referrals to get you creating the Snowball Effect which will enable the Product to pay for itself. As a Bonus Plus for you, this can be turned into a way where you get Passive Income.

When you present your Affiliate Link for Jaaxy or any other Online Product on your Website, and suppose someone Clicks It and Signs Up for it or Buys It, you Earn A Commission.

Same thing applies to when you are presented with a Banner to Paste somewhere on your Website and if someone Clicks and Signs Up for it, you Earn A Commission.

With all things in life especially online programs and offers, there will always be Advantages versus Disadvantages. For something to be considered as legitimately good, the Benefits must always outweigh the Risks involved.

The Positive Side of Jaaxy

1) It presents accurate results for keyword research.

2) Will help you determine which Keywords you may use in order to write Content around it to rank on First Page of Google Search Results.

3) Jaaxy Affiliate Program is highly lucrative as you start making a side passive income from it.

The Negative Side of Jaaxy

  • After your Free 30 Searches are up, you would need to Upgrade to Pro or Enterprise if you want to further use this for more Keyword Research.
  • Loads of information can be overwhelming but you shouldn’t feel alone, there are great Training Tutorial Videos that can help you get a visual how to better understand Jaaxy and navigate through it.

Here is a Compare/Contrast Chart of Free, Pro, and Enterprise Jaaxy Accounts


Would you like to get a Sneak Peak into what you see in Pro Version of Jaaxy?

Look no further than this Blog Post Article, Keyword Site Rank On Google.com Using Jaaxy.

3 Types of Jaaxy Accounts To Choose From:

Jaaxy Starter = Free, you are given 30 Searches

Jaaxy Pro = $19 per month, $199 per year

Jaaxy Enterprise = $49 per month, $499 per year

Based on what you have just learned, are you ready to give Jaaxy a try and put it into practice to what you have discovered? I simply love Jaaxy, and am pretty confident you will too. I can assure you that your Online Business in general would be most grateful you learn to utilize this great program. So, what are you waiting for?  

Embark on your Epic Keyword Research Quest Below:

In Conclusion

I absolutely love this product. It truly is the Special Prime Package dubbed as the Online Marketeer’s Secret Weapon.

Getting the Facts straight with using a Keyword Research Tool like Jaaxy is Highly Imperative if you want to Beat out the rest of the Competition to Rank Higher on the Google Ladder of Search Results with your Good Quality Content.

Think of it like Keyword Research On Demand. Search for Keywords that are like a Hot Topic Item or Idea. The Goal is to find such Keywords first beforehand so that you can brainstorm a process of writing Good Quality Content to get your Website Pages/Posts Ranked in Google Fast Enough so that you can be able to have a Regeneration of Traffic coming to your Website endlessly in the future years to come your way.

I have been a huge admirer of this Product and Program since I first got acquainted with it thanks mostly in part to becoming a Member of Wealthy Affiliate. This place has trained me well to be knowledgeable on understanding how huge and a great impact it is to use the right keywords to get my Website Pages/Posts Ranked on the First Page of Google Search Results.

I truly highly Recommend trying Wealthy Affiliate out since there is so much Online Support there, very in-depth spot-on specific Training Video Tutorials, and Best of all it is COMPLETELY 100% Free to Join. They teach you the Basics from Level 1 to Advanced Professional Levels in such a way its Simple Enough to get to the point where you are an owner of a Successful Online Business and Website. Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy combined together are indeed: “Best of Both Worlds in One.” 

Two Worlds Joined Together As One
Best of Both Worlds As One1st Place Ribbon Award


Turquoise CheckMark Approved

Totally Legit Green Text Logo

Business Valid Statement HandShakePrice Accomplishment Quality

Jaaxy Keyword Research Rating Chart

 Name: Jaaxy

Website: www.jaaxy.com

Trial Version: FREE to Try (30 Searches Equipped)

Jaaxy Get 30 Free Searches No CC Required

Pro Version: $19/month

Enterprise Version: $49/month

Kyle and Carson Founders of Both Jaaxy & Wealthy Affiliate

 Overall Percentile Rank Record:


Everyone Can Try It Out: Rookie – Professional


So, what did you think about this Article on What The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Is?

Feedback-Group-ChatHave you used Jaaxy to be your Top Choice for giving you Great Results on what kind of Keywords you may aim for?

Alternative Keyword Tools To Consider

Have you come across any other similar Keyword Research Tools that work just as accurately as Jaaxy does?

Complete List of Legit Affiliate Programs

Please leave your Comments or Questions below and I will be more than happy to get back to you.

I would love to hear your Feedback. 🙂

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  1. Hello friend,

    I really like your review on Jaaxy and how it works wonderfully. I have been searching for the best keyword tool for my SEO and fortunately I came across your website. Apart from the way Jaaxy searches for keywords, I also like the fact that I can try it for free with about 30 free keywords searches so that I will be able to tell if it is good for me or not. And then I can decide whether to buy it or not.

    I also like Jaaxy, as you mentioned that one the key features is that I can use it to check my site ranking, I think this feature alone makes me want to pay for it. Thai is because most keyword tools do not come with the feature included.

    Thank you so much for sharing this information with me.

    1. Dear Stephen,

      Thank you so much for your Comment, I really appreciate it. Yes, it is great that the creators of Jaaxy Kyle and Carson allowed users to have 30 FREE Keyword Searches to play around with before committing to upgrade to Pro or Enterprise. It is true that many online entrepreneurs would want to know how their website is ranking on major search engines too. 

      Welcome, no problem. Glad to know that this article has really helped you out. 

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  2. Nice review on this great program! You did a great job at displaying the semantics involved in the keyword research process and how Jaaxy can help you in that process.

    1. Dear Geek Hibrid,

      Thank you so much for your Feedback, I really appreciate it. 🙂

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  3. Wow. Looks like I am lucky today! I am quite new to blogging and I am still trying hard to boost traffic to my site. I am aware of the importance of keywords, but I have difficulty to understand the whole concept.

    It does seem that Jaxxy is a great keyword research tool for bloggers! You have just posted a very good article on this! It definitely helps.

    I wonder how far I can go with the free version of Jaxxy.

    1. Dear Alex,

      Thanks for your Feedback, I really appreciate it. 🙂 Yes, I used the Free Version of Jaaxy, but quickly shifted on using Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool instead. It performs just as great as Jaaxy does too. 🙂

      I am glad to hear that my Blog has helped you out with grasping the concepts of Keyword Research. 🙂

      Please feel free to drop in anytime. 🙂

      Wishing you all the best with your keyword research and generating endless traffic to your Website above and beyond the horizon,


  4. OMG! I was really hoping to learn about Jaaxy, but I couldn’t read another word. Your design is horrible.

    I strongly suggest you update your theme. Free themes are so yesterday.

    I’d also fix up the way you format your content. It’s so ugly…I mean; small font, weird images, wrong colors, and over doing it with the image alignment.

    I’m sorry for being so harsh. But in today’s internet, user experience is a the real deal.

    P.S. You don’t have to publish this comment. I just thought I’d give you some feedback and a slap on the face. lol 🙂

    1. Dear Nesk,

      Thanks for your Feedback, I greatly appreciate it. But, as a Website is always a work in progress, it is never perfect to suit the needs of everyone that comes to visit. So, the least any Website Creator can do is try here and there on what works and what doesn’t, right? I applaud your suggestion on my Font especially since I looked it over and decided to change it, thanks to using Fonts WP Plugin by Brad Dalton. 🙂

      Free Themes work so well for many people these days, you might be pleasantly surprised by that. 🙂 Despite that, visitors see beyond all that stuff and still enjoy the content the Website Creator has worked hard to create. 🙂

      Apparently my Website looks great as viewed by either a smartphone or Ipad Air Tablet when I asked my friends about that and as you can see previous Comments have stated how much they appreciate this piece of Content too. 🙂

      Whenever I write a Blog Post, I prefer to be as thorough as possible with it. And, that adds a huge bonus to being more for user experience wouldn’t you say? Versus reading only the little bits and pieces of reviews where they refuse to go into further detail of what you are truly in for. 🙂

      Please feel free to drop by my website anytime. 🙂

      Wishing you all the best with your keyword research and other futuristic endeavors you plan on doing later on above and beyond the horizon,


      1. Hi Angel:

        I applaud you on how you handled the unnecessarily rude and inappropriate comment. Your website has outstanding information which is highly valuable in today’s internet marketing world. So much changes so quickly and it is hard to keep up with the latest updates. But your website provides your visitors with great ideas and honest appraisals on certain programs. Your tutorials are step-by-step and you leave nothing out which is awesome.

        I think it speaks well to your credibility that you published the comment despite what it stated. Everyone deserves to be heard no matter what their opinion.

        Don’t let the occasional Just keep doing what you are doing and you will undoubtedly make difference in someone’s life and future which I know is your ultimate goal. Keep believing in yourself and don’t let others discourage you.


        1. Dear Stephanie,

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  5. Hey Angel,

    Very nice review. I’ve been thinking of getting back with Jaaxy. I haven’t checked it out in almost a year, I think.

    The reason I moved on was because of the combined search data. Yeah, I’m not really into Bing and Yahoo!

    Anyway, how long have you been using Jaaxy?
    Have there been any major changes in the past several months?


    1. Dear Julian,

      Thanks for dropping by and I highly appreciate the Feedback Comment too. 🙂

      I have not used Jaaxy in several months myself. Not much has changed at least according to me. I have got acquainted with using Jaaxy just May 2015.

      Sometimes the results Jaaxy pulls out can be discombobulated at times. And if that happens I often end up using the WA KW Tool instead as my backup option if Jaaxy is not functioning properly.

      Hope that helps. 🙂

      Wishing you all the best with keyword research above and beyond the horizon,


  6. Hey Angel,
    I just wanted to thank you for sharing that bit of code that shows how to center a caption under a screenshot. I never knew something like that could be done. I bookmarked this page so I could refer back whenever I get around to doing that sort of maintenance on my website.

    That was an excellent portrayal of the ins and outs of Jaaxy. I am a subscriber myself and well know the excellence of this keyword tool.

    Thanks for the info.

    1. Dear Polly,

      Thank you so much for your Feedback. 🙂 Welcome, no problem. 🙂 I am happy to hear that this Blog Post of mine though very long has helped you learn something new that you can implement on your Website. 🙂 I am not a pro at coding, but simple basics are worth mentioning if I know how it works first before I let my wonderful visitors like you know about it. 😀

      Wow, I appreciate the Bookmark. 🙂

      Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have on how Jaaxy works or anything else you would like further assistance on. 🙂 I am always around and more than happy to help out. 🙂

      Please feel more than welcome to drop by my website anytime you wish Polly. 🙂

      Wishing you all the best as you beat out the rest of the competition through use of Jaaxy and Keyword Research above and beyond the horizon,


  7. Your review of jaaxy is very thorough and more of a tutorial, i really enjoy reading through, the benefits of jaaxy research tool are enormous and benefiting, though,i have signed up as a premium member, have not being able to dig deep to find out all of these. Indeed, you have done pretty well by enlightening us more of its benefits. Have learnt a lot from your review, most especially in the area of adding keywords to our images in the alt text. THanks for the good job, all the best, God bless you.

    1. Dear peter65,

      Its so wonderful to meet you. 🙂

      Thank you so much for your Feedback, I really appreciate it. 🙂 Yes, at the start it is like a Review of understanding how Jaaxy is beneficial and later on is the Tutorial aspect of what all is inside Jaaxy. 🙂 I tried to combine elements of both here in this Blog Post. I have seen others did not go into thorough details of the various features in Jaaxy, so took it upon myself to do that Task. 🙂

      Yes, Keywords are important in a wide number of places. 🙂 Images get Indexed just as much as a Blog Post or Video would too, provided the Keywords are set up properly in place there. 🙂

      Welcome, no problem. 🙂 May God Bless You too Peter! 😀

      Please feel free to drop by my Website anytime. 🙂

      Wishing you all the best with your Keyword Research and futuristic goals above and beyond the horizon,


  8. Hi Angel,
    I didn’t read this all the way through as I could see quite quickly that it was a tutorial as well as a review. Browsing through the blog, though, I could see that you have gone to a great deal of effort to logically teach the benefits of Jaaxy, using instructional images to provide visual impact. Well done.
    I use a different keyword tool but your explanation of the importance of keywords was very good.

    1. Dear Funkydunc,

      Thanks so much for your Feedback. 🙂 I really appreciate it. 🙂 Yes, I spend a great deal of my time/effort to make my Blog Posts to be as informative as possible so that I leave no unanswered question behind by the wonderful Visitors like you who read my Content. 🙂

      Perhaps, you can trying giving the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool a try. 🙂

      Please feel free to drop by again sometime. 😀

      Wishing you all the best with your keyword research and futuristic endeavors on beating out the competition above and beyond the horizon,


  9. Hi Angel:

    Great review and tutorial on Jaaxy Pro and Jaaxy Enterprise. You seem very knowledgeable on the product. Many thanks for the detailed article. It definitely sounds like Jaaxy is a powerful keyword research tool. Do you have the Jaaxy Pro or Jaaxy Enterprise? Do you recommend starting with Jaaxy Pro until you feel comfortable with the many options that exist on the interface and than going with Enterprise?

    I really appreciate the tips on how to create a clickable caption to our images. I learned so much from reading this tutorial.

    I thought this article was probably the most thorough review and tutorial on how to use Jaaxy I have seen yet. Based on this article, I might just get Jaaxy and then refer back to your article for instructions on how to get started with it.

    1. Dear Stephanie,

      Thank you so much for your Feedback and compliments. 🙂 I really appreciate them wholeheartedly. 🙂 Yes, I have to be knowledgeable for various reasons. 🙂 I love sticking to Details since I never want to leave any crucial bits of information out. 🙂 I expect to “expose the whole picture.” 😀 Yes, Jaaxy is a most powerful Keyword Research Tool that I highly recommend for any Internet Marketeer to grab hold of if they are to combat the competition with better selective Keywords they can easily Rank for. 🙂 I recommend them just as much as my #1 Legit Online Program to Make Money Online, No Scams! 🙂

      No, I do not have Jaaxy Pro or Jaaxy Enterprise Version myself, but hopefully I shall have it in the future and explain the differences even further in a future Blog Post. 🙂

      Yeah, I felt like throwing that out there, it is not widely mentioned the aspect of Creating a Clickable Caption on an Image that has a Keyword in it. 🙂

      Wow, I am so glad you loved the way this Blog Post Article Review was very thorough on all components of Jaaxy. 🙂 I hope you really enjoy using Jaaxy as much as I did when I first got acquainted to it. 😀

      Please feel free to drop by again sometime. 🙂 You are more than welcome to. 🙂

      Wishing you all the best with your Keyword Research above and beyond the horizon,


  10. Hi there and congratulations on this outstanding review. Actually, it’s not right to even call it just a review, but much more like a tutorial! Jaaxy is extremely helpful in all keyword needs, but what more could be said of it that you haven’t thoroughly covered?. But you blew this one out of the water, so great work!

    1. Dear Brian,

      Wow, thank you so much for your Comments. 🙂 I really am most grateful for it. 🙂 Yes, Jaaxy is the best Keyword Research Tool out there. 🙂 Fast Results and you know exactly which Keywords are a sure winner in beating out the rest of the Competition to achieve the Highest Rankings on Google possible.

      Please feel free to drop by again sometime. 🙂

      Wishing you all the best with your KW Research being successful always above and beyond the horizon,


  11. I’m using Jaaxy myself and cannot think doing it without. So it was good to get a detailed overview in your post. I see now, what I missed over time, especially the search analysis I want to go into further.

    Now let me offer you my experience which might be helpful for your visitors too: In the beginning looking for keywords I didn’t care about grammar. But now, with more successful post reaching the first page of google, I care a lot about grammar and correct wording.

    The search engines are so good that they go for natural content. Speech recognition will support that in the future.

    Take care, Stefan

    1. Thanks so much for your Feedback Stefan. 🙂 I really appreciate it. 🙂

      Yeah, before as I started KW Research, I didn’t let Grammar bother me too much as long as the QSR was low, I was pretty happy. However, as 5 of my Blog Posts have reached the 1st Page of Google Search Results, I want to maintain a keen eye on keeping Grammar consistently correct from here on out. 🙂

      I shall gladly take your advice to heart, thanks for sharing your experience with us. 🙂

      Please feel free to drop by again sometime. 🙂

      Wishing you all the best with your KW Research being successful always above and beyond the horizon,


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