Theraflu – Stop the Flu in 1 Drink

This product is very easy to use in case you get the flu or even worse you contract pneumonia. 

You should have 1 cup of boiled hot water, then 1 packet of Theraflu, mix/stir in the cup until all the powder is gone, it should then be like juice.

You drink it and the cold should soon feel gone.

Of course you need to take this every 6 hours.

24 hours in a day. 

So, simple math is 24/6 = 4 times a day during the cold winter season. 

I believe that this is super effective unlike getting vaccines or flu shots, no one likes to get injections. It is a bit painful and you lose a bit of blood in the process. Plus, you might get an allergic reason to it. In other words, to take upon a less painful approach would be is to get a hold of Theraflu. These are sold in WalGreens mostly. 


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