The Evolution of Talent

The Evolution of Talent

The Evolution of Talent, let’s see if I can remember how it is broken down. 

There are 4 Types of Singers in today’s world. 

Soprano – sung mostly by females. 

Alto – sung mostly by females, a voice lower than that of Sopranos. 

Bass – not the type of fish in this case though. Males sing in this kind of tone. However, there are Guitars too that can play in bass tone. 

Tenor – the lowest of the 4 types of singers, sung mostly by males. 

When playing the piano, there are notes which you play in Minor or Major.

I often had it confused with getting a degree in college when asked what am I minoring or majoring in. 



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Did you have a personal experience with being a singer in a choir? Would you say that the field of singing is pretty competitive now than ever before? 

Have you come to love performing in a musical or play?

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