The Differences Between India and America

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The Differences Between India and America


The Differences Between India and America

The 2nd Picture to the Right is the Indian Railway. It sometimes has mice inside. However, the good part is that there are people who occasionally sell coffee and other food to keep you from starving while onboard. They have a Sleeper Class and an AC Room Class. The way they dispose of the garbage is to throw it out the window. 

American Millionaire Bill Gates who made Microsoft hired Indians to work for him in the IT business because he understands and values their hard work, dedication, and brain power even amidst a nation that suffers from AIDS.


Age to attend school is either 5 or 4 years. 4 years for say LKG which stands for Lower Kindergarten and UKG Upper Kindergarten at age 5.

The roads are not that great, no one follows the traffic rules of the road there. 

In India they say keep left. The car seat for the driver is on the right hand side front. 

Most of the cars in India do not really have a seat belt or ABS brake or Airbag system. 

Not many Christians thrive here.

The church is usually set as a political government.

No one says God Bless You here.

No one shakes their hands here or gives someone a hug.

No encouragement here in this country. 

As an Indian you are taught to be self-independent at an early age. You can’t ask someone else for loans, or financial assistance as the bank people can be a bit rude in processing.

Not very hygienic or clean in most parts of this country. 

The buses are usually packed with people standing and holding onto the hand ropes at the top of the bus. No one bothers to hand their seat over to someone else. 

The hindu people don’t respect Christians here in this country. The hindu people during funerals have wrapped the body in linen clothes and are burned. You can’t pay respects to them at their own burial tombstone. There is no cemetery for this.

6 days of the week you have to be in school. Sunday is the only off day to do homework or go to church. 

Not many holidays in this country, have to be constantly working and moving around. 

Health care is improving, but can take a long time for ambulance to get through the tight fitting roads. 

Date Format: Day, Month, Year.

Most of the people travel in motorcycles as they can swerve past buses in front. 

In India most sons and daughters are told to be either engineers or doctors and not much choice here. 

Arranged marriages are done in this country, regardless of age I suppose. Most of the time, the bride has to depart from her parents’ home and live with her husband in another home. 

A country that still never promotes mental health awareness.

Country with great depression, could be due to lack of nurture and nature between parents and offspring.

In India, you can’t really skip class whether ill or not as you can find yourself being taunted by other students as to why you missed class and they make fun of that.

Electric power goes out frequently in this country, sometimes 2 to 3 hours per day. It is due to the conservation measures taken to preserve the use of power. 

Usually in Math exams, you are not allowed to use calculators, but should have multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction memorized beforehand always. 

Languages to learn here are: Tamil, Hindi, English, Malayam, Urdu, Telegu, Gujurat, Kannada, and in some areas Arabic. 

If you were to use an electric appliance from America here in India, the voltage difference is varied and can cause a failure in the product to work efficiently. Plus, the Indian outlet differs in appearance to the ones in American homes. For example, in India, the outlet has 3 dots. In America it is a dot and 2 straight lines. 

Wi-Fi signal is improving, but there is No Public Network established here. No Hot Spots. 

Indian police interrogate the victim until the truth comes out. They never stop until the case is solved.

No Buffet Restaurants.

Most ministers do the Gospel in the hopes of getting paid.

No Daylight Savings Time.

No one shuts off their smartphones here, no signs in church or buildings.

Great reverence for mom and dad. To receive the blessing upon marriage, you would need to fall down at the feet of the parents, not to lower yourself, but as a form of bowing in front of them in a courteous manner. 

The way the teachers are addressed are usually Head Miss, Madam, or Sir. 

Dogs are not really permitted into the hospitals. Dogs are able to chew through hard bones here.

Indian girls for certain schools wore ties as part of the uniform. 

Indian girls are gifted with long arms to reach objects out of reach. 

Distance measured in kilometers.

No green grass in India.

Nagar – Tamil for street. 

No smoke detectors in houses. 

No fire extinguishers.

No basements in homes. 

The bedroom can be locked from both inside and outside. 

If the main hero in a movie dies, the whole movie theater will be in an uproar. 

There is no shoulder road available for you to be beside to fix your vehicle. 

There are not that many places to visit in India. 

It is said that if you can survive driving in India, you can pretty much survive driving in other parts of the world as well. 

You normally don’t see things like trampolines or swimming pools in most homes. However, in some theme parks, they do allow you to be fully dressed when going in the water, in America, they don’t do even that. 

There is no Red-Light Photo Enforced system set up here for Traffic Lights. 

Indians eat with their hands. 

Indian squat down toilets. 

Indians use something called Henna from a tube to make art markings on their arms. Starts out brown, then over time it becomes red. Indian women use this for weddings or other special occasions. 

Indian Hindu women usually have a dot in between their eyebrows and to show they are married, they have a red dot just a bit above their forehead close to the hair middle area. 

Most of the time at an Indian house, they say that the left hand is unclean and you must eat with the right hand. Plus, most Indian houses serve the guests first and the family eats last, they save the best for the guests of honor first. 

Most of the time, shoes are left outside the door and not inside as that is a form of uncleanliness. Dogs and other animals are left to live outside of the house, not inside. 

Cars in India, especially rental ones when backing end up playing some musical tune so other people get out of the way. 

During some festivals they have something like Jalikattau which translates to bull fighting in the villages. In America, the sport is usually done with the Spanish people and the bull fighter is called The Matador. 

India measures its temperature in Fahrenheit. 

Indian vehicle wipers wipe differently. 

If you eat Indian food just once, you feel pretty full. 

Indian allows for servants to take care of the household.

Have to really spend a great deal of time heating water to take a bath. 

Should place more water fountains in the schools. 

If you want something done, you have to do it yourself, never ever rely on someone else to do it for you. 

We have a saying in India, those who are left handed are very smart.

If you put your books down on the floor, it shows you lack respect for both education and the person who worked hard to write all that information so you can learn from it.

If you don’t wash the dishes, most parents would say you will not get food the next day. Never let a dish be in the sink and dry up. 

India does not have any skyscraper buildings. 

Very difficult to find a bathroom in a hotel/restaurant. 

Houses are very small to live in.

Has more languages than any other country.

Courtroom is not always silent.

There can never be enough people in agreement to hold the Olympic Event in this country.

The prideful ego between Indians needs to come to an end. 

Indians rarely have any sense of humor. Most appear serious, flat faced with no emotion.

College students stay in hostels.

Very rare to find a library in any colleges or universities in India. However for the books you take, they are Free, no need to pay for them. 

Areas in need of improvement in India includes:

  • Better drainage system during flood season from heavy rainfall. There are potholes here and some areas they are deep enough for a person to be completely submerged in from walking on the side road.
  • India should not request dowry in marriage to display strong economic status, or in other words a man being a show off. Men/Women should be seen as equals not enemies. 
  • Air pollution is pretty bad here due to the big spike in population. More trees should have been planted and maintained here versus chopping it down as the air is not breathable. 
  • Dry Erase Boards might be better to have instead of dusty chalk and erasers. 
  • Maybe a brake should be wired to stop the driver from driving too fast. The brake would be placed on the passenger’s side, so when stepped on, the vehicle can come to an actual halt. This might help when going downhill though. 
  • They need to really set aside some schedule to not keep students for lengthy periods of time with no break in between for students. Especially in some lab course classes. They should have given googles there as well. 
  • The teachers should by no means should have displayed the Exam Results of each and all their students on some glass display area. They should have tried to keep it more private based per student. 
  • They really need a better garbage truck disposal system here though as people just throw trash wherever they want to. 
  • Solar powered wind turbines might be able to generate electricity for the people here who constantly work on Computers. More backup generators should be placed in hospitals when it comes to medical machinery. 
  • Water pumps over time will rust away and leave people starving, dehydrated, and not hygienic. In true retrospect, it is best to heat the water to kill off any pollutants from the faucet. 


You get to chose to take online or offline classes. You get to pick your days of when and what time to attend the class as well as the Profs too. In India they don’t do this at all. 

There are private and public institutions here.

Age to attend school is 6 for Kindergarten. 

Usually attend classes Monday-Friday with having Saturdays and Sundays as being the 2 days off for the weekend. 

Date Format: Month, Day, Year. 

When addressing a person in America, some people refer them to their First Name. Other times the profs are referred by their Last Name with a Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. attached. 

When looking at a Directory of names for a School Yearbook, it is organized by Last Name first and then the First Name with a comma , in between.

No matter what nationality a person is in America, they strive to revive or save that person no matter what. 

America is very blessed in the sense that it is a Christian nation. It has fought through many wars, but still triumphs to welcome people and save them from being persecuted or help with the No Child Left Behind Grant in terms of education. 

The road system is pretty well done here. 

Love marriages are usually held here with no thought of age difference. 

Food is pretty affordable here versus in most countries elsewhere. 

America strives to be a great clean nation both in hospitals and other major offices. 

People are pretty aware of other people and their needs. 

Tons of events are held here to get people to participate and help others out.

America promotes mental health awareness very strongly. 

In schools you can give in a doctor’s notice or some remainder to the teacher if the student misses class. 

Students take great notice if a student didn’t attend class for 1 day and try to respond back to that student and see how they are doing.

The profs are great in the sense that they somehow no matter what set aside time from their busy schedule to do 1-on-1 with a student that is really struggling to pass a class or needs a complicated subject explained in simpler words.

You can homeschool children here if you wish instead of following the norm of sending them to public school as some do not permit the Bible to be taken there. 

There are ton of awards and scholarships presented based on the merit whether in Sports or Perfect Attendance to even High Honor students. Medals are presented for Spelling Bees or even to work well in group projects also.

Wi-Fi signal pretty strong here, and electricity when gone out is fixed pretty quickly. 

Can use calculators for tests here. However, some teachers refrain from using certain makes and models like some that have can show the various kinds of graphs and or the y-intercept easily. They kind of teach the long version method to solving the math problem instead of the short version to save up time to finish the test faster. 

Second Languages to learn here by choice include: Spanish, French, Greek, German, and Latin.

America encourages its students to be multilingual as this looks great on the resume for when applying for a job after having completed a Bachelors’, Associates’ or Masters’ Degree. 

You can go into almost any Field of Study here in America as opposed to India which is very limited. Here in America, you can be a biologist, psychologist, sociologist, scientist, laboratory computer technician, taxi driver for say Uber or Lyft, math professor, cardiologist, or even dermatologist or dentist. 

Many Non-Profit Charities exist here.

Buffet Restaurants here. America is great in the sense that there are some restaurants that set aside a specific age group for children to eat for FREE. Steak-And-Shake and Denny’s do this kind of a service perhaps at a certain time of the day from maybe 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. When you get a receipt, sometimes they have a survey for you to earn something FREE. You normally don’t see this kind of thing in Indian restaurants though as India is more tech based than paper printed mindset. 

Many missionaries here feel like doing ministry no matter what, paid or not paid.

Daylight Savings Time.

Its a requirement to keep smartphones on silent so you can pay more attention to the teacher.

Dogs are permitted in the hospitals in America if they are service dogs. Dogs are not strong enough to chew through bones. 

No soliciting on the streets or in shops. You can’t push people to work extra hours for you on your shifts.

Even in the wintertime to prevent students from falling asleep in class, they put on the AC.

The neatest thing I found in American schools is that they can help encourage early graduation if you have volunteered at some place, written your hours and give you credit for that. In India they don’t normally recommend or do this. 

Report cards are administered privately. 

Perfectly organized system of having garbage trucks come in say on Thursdays in some areas.

Ease of convenience is that if you were to donate clothes or other items for charity, sometimes they will send a truck directly to your home and they pick it up from there. I normally never seen this kind of hospitality happen in India though. 

Semi trucks are pretty much everywhere in this country which can be a great thing, because I rarely see any trucks that can store a ton of stuff to distribute faster in India. 

Distance measured in miles.

Tons of grass in backyards. 

Houses live in a Blvd, Ave, Street, Pl, Ct or Court. 

Has a nice shoulder road on most lanes so you can fix your vehicle. 

Plenty of places to visit in America. 

Red-Light Photo Enforced is around in some areas for Traffic Lights thanks in part to Obama. This helps probably I suppose the police officers to make easy money. What it does is even after a few seconds when you are about to turn right in an intersection, a scan commences which takes a picture of your license plate in an area that says No Turn on Red. 

Americans eat with forks, spoons, and knives. 

Western Style Toilets. 

Americans tattoo. 

Most cars are equipped with cameras to view the back side of the car before you hit someone or something like a garbage can in the driveway. 

America measures its temperature in Celsius. 

Skyscraper buildings.

Honors the disabled.

#1 in Olympic Events.

Has more physically fit people than any other countries as they go to gym and are required to take P.E. Classes. P.E. stands for Physical Education classes. 

Houses are big and luxurious.

Indians have a ton of brainpower to help build architectural buildings for the US. 

Courtroom trials are pretty silent and you address the judge as “Your Honor.” Trials can last up to a few days, to a week, or a month. You are selected at random to be a juror for jury duty court case. 

Americans are well mannered courteous people who care for others.

President Donald J. Trump has announced that he is nominating an Indian-American woman, Neomi Rao, to the senior judgeship. So yay, Indians are working alongside the American government officials. 

Books are pretty overly priced to buy for most universities and colleges in America as opposed to India. 

Areas for improvement in America include:

  • Bringing troops home as soon as possible. 
  • Preventing early aged children between 14 and 18 to join the war effort during high school years. 
  • Be supportive to hire spiritual advisers to pray for the world leaders and presidents being elected whether for government office or position in prestigious colleges/institutions.
  • Allow better leave for moms and dads who work way below the minimum wage requirement to spend more time with their families and relax, and not stress more. 
  • Lighten the workload between person to person. 
  • Needs to improve a better buddy system for students not to be harassed no matter the religion they hail from. 
  • Pastors should take on a Biblical Counseling perspective in reaching the youth and recommending them over to places where they can feel safe for either internships or other volunteer areas.
  • Needs to discipline the children.
  • More compensation for veterans.
  • Lessen the competition in medical field especially. 


Even though India is the 2nd largest population in the world, it might soon pass China and be #1.


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12 thoughts on “The Differences Between India and America

  1. I read this post without taking a break. It was interesting to read the comparison between the USA and India and what to improve.

    America will celebrate its 244th independence day on July 4th, 2019. India will celebrate its 73rd Independence on 15th August 2019.  I am not sure how I think of comparing the two organizations. This is how I view both nations.


    1. I would call #1 or #2 populated country. The reason India is populated because of fertile land in Indo-Gangetic Plain which is 630-million-acre (2.5-million km2) and several other plains and favorable weather. The population is the concern to the development quickly in India. 

    2, From 1800 to 1848, the United States grew tremendously as a country, adding new territory and building national connections of business and transportation. This period is around 72nd Independence of America which is India is experiencing now. I believe this is the right comparison.

    The schools, roads, transportation etc are being transformed in India now the same period America was doing. But still, Indians are supporting the technical field amazingly.

    3. India carries a different flavor than America in all walks of life. 

    In India, the doors of the neighbors are always open for anyone to come and talk. People have high respect for the elderly. Seniors live in the same family with others in most cases. They are served by many in the family. There is hardly any isolation.

    In America, people die inside their apartment and at times no one knows. Suffering from isolation is a major cause of depression with seniors. 

    4. Parents provide guidance to the kids in India in every aspect of life even including choosing the spouse for the kids. Education is always the top priority. STEM is the focus.

    That is possibly the reason, we find the technical filed has so many percentages of Indians.

    5. India has one day off but they celebrate all year festivals, festivals for Muslims, Hindus, Christmas, Holi, Dewali and many local festivities. It seems like the whole country is enjoying always. Everyone gets days off.

    Americans enjoy Independence Day,  Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Chrismas and New Year mostly.

    6. The marriages and funerals cost so much in India and it is getting worse day by day. People go out of their limit to show off. It looks beautiful but cost-wise it is painful for parents paying for dowry (it should change). 

    American wedding cost quite a bit as well but people try to stay within limits. The marriages are decided by the kids and not arranged by the parents. So dowry does not a cruel role.

    7. Indians are religious so the places to see are more temples. Every state has other attractions and unique arts and crafts, pieces of jewelry, many lovely waterfalls, beautiful beaches, and lakes one can fall love with. I find Indians are loving people and have sacrificing nature. Americans are warm, cordial and pleasing.

    8. More employment opportunities in America but India is a lot behind and that is the reason for migration to the US. 

    Both countries are unique in their own ways. 

    I am born and brought up in India and residing in the US for the last 35 years. I love both the countries whole heartedly.

    1. Dear Anusuya,

      Thanks for your Comment, it is greatly appreciated. 

      I took in most of what I know between the USA and Indian Education system and in which areas both countries could possibly be lacking in. 

      I came to America at age 5 during 1995, so I barely recall much of the Indian celebration holidays, but we try going once every 3 years in between depending on the weather and cost of airplane tickets. So, in that regard I have been living in America for close to 25 years and hold to a dual citizenship of both countries. 

      It is said that America is the youngest country in the world at a whooping 200 years or more birthday celebration. 

      The bad part involving Indian dowry is that the girl shouldn’t just marry the man just for his job status or how much income/salary he can bring. I mostly screen their characteristic personality and if they are religious and humble in spirit. That they have respect for family and education also. 

      Please feel free to drop by my website again soon,


  2. Hi,

    I really enjoyed your post….. I laughed a few times and nodded some other time. It is quite interesting to see the differences between India and United States of America highlighted like this. But what this did for me was informing me more about India. My sister was engaged to an Indian and I got to eat some of their local cuisines and know a little bit about India. 

    Every country has their upsides and downsides, we just hope that increasingly politicians are making decisions that would move our countries forward. Great post here.

    1. Dear Vapz,

      Thank you so much for your Comment, I really appreciate it. Right now, I just hate the political tension that is going in India. It would be great if there were no political people in India or even America even. We pay for their way of living, ordinary citizens. 

      Yes, each country has its ups and downs but I try my best to focus on the good from each and talk about that. Politics is a very dangerous field of expertise I try my best not to get into deeply.

      Please feel free to drop by my website anytime you wish,


  3. Thanks for sharing this article. I read through and I discovered huge differences between India and America. In area of transportation, education, finances, security, employment, the differences are so large. And unfortunately Indians citizens take notable percentages in the employment, health and some key sectors in the United States of America. I think the Indian government has alot to improve the lives of its citizens. Thanks for this article. 

    1. Dear Fortune,

      Welcome, no problem. Yes, the Indian government does not always favor women to run for office or high government positions. However, it is the other way around in the government system of America. You see more women being a part of the government movement in America rather than in India. Case in point is that most Indians wouldn’t want more of the left over Gandhi family members to run for the role of Prime Minister and want to hand it over to someone more corrupt and would enforce even more harsher laws demanded of the Indian people. The Indian government has to come a long way in terms of encouraging more women to be well educated to make a difference in the world aside from the norm of just being a stay at home housewife to both the husband and children. 

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  4. So I have never been to India but your comparison is what I’ve consistently heard. I do agree with you dowry suggestion I personally know families that struggle with that. And America can do better with health care. And like you said India struggles because of corrupt politicians, but the potential is there, if we get to the root of the problem. America’s greatness lies in our regulation. Something as simple as strong traffic laws make a difference…

    1. Dear A.D. Walker Helps,

      Thank you so much for your Comment, I really appreciate it.

      I never favored the dowry suggestion in India at all. It is huge strain on financially struggling families who have more daughters than sons though also. America can always do a lot better for health care as in doing their best to cut back patients from being overdosed on meds and discharging them to their families as soon as possible during pregnancy incidents or if they are fighting a terminal illness. 

      In India no one really obeys traffic laws, they just know in their head they have to get somewhere and will not stand if someone is blocking them in the process. They are usually fast paced thinkers when it comes to doing things right at that moment. 

      Apparently America values its women more than Indian fathers do of their daughters. It is a cultural difference that sets these 2 countries apart from one another. Women in America probably enjoy more freedom here in terms of the job and education field while in India most men are not always sensitive to the needs of the women population especially in terms of the health care field.

      Please feel free to visit my website anytime soon,


  5. Hi, this is interesting, especially the second picture in your post. Throwing garbage out of the window is not hygienic at all, however, I know that if India put great effort towards reshaping of their rail ways, it will come out great. All it requires is hard work, it wasn’t easy for America to get where they are today, but they invested and are still investing in technologies, and that is why they are ahead of so many countries.

    It was great reading your post on the differences between India and America, the part of instability in electric supply got me. Thanks for your great post.

    1. Dear Gracen,

      Yes, the way of transportation is very different compared to how they do it in India versus America and that struck me since I still remember glimpses of my childhood in India riding in one of those bicycle like vehicles just to get to school. I went into something like an auto, a 3 wheeler meaning 1 wheel in front and 2 in the back. There is also a little horn on the left side. The driver sits in front and perhaps close to just 3 people behind him. No, it is never hygenic to even throw garbage on the railroad even especially over the railroad tracks. It can be a hindrance and hazard for the transportation of people in the train as they need to get to work areas. It is pretty crowded in there. 

      I do hope and pray that in the near future it will become more properly maintained for future generations to come. 

      Nope, it was not easy for America either to be ahead of its time in the field of transportation rivaling other countries like India especially. American people enjoy investing, Indian people not too much, their intent is to save the money versus spending it. 

      The electric supply part is what is pretty upsetting in India, the current is cut for perhaps 2-3 hours tops to help with conservation measures, but then again this puts a strain from being on the PCs doing a major project or being a data recorder for hospitals if they don’t have a backup generator also. 

      No problem, glad to hear you enjoyed my blog post.

      Please feel free to drop by my website again soon.


  6. You have provided lots of excellent points about each country.  I enjoyed learning about India and refreshing on America as I am Canadian.

    it would have been easier to comprehend if topics were all together.  An example is if all information about schooling in India was together.

    I really enjoyed reading it and learned alot.


    1. Dear Ken Van Someren,

      Thank you so much for your Comment, I really appreciate it. Well, yes, I like to say that America seems more organized versus India having no sense of order at all. Yes, I will improve on editing this Blog Post some more in the near future, I just simply wrote out what was the best aspect of India versus America in what they do for both government and in terms of the education process. It varies between both countries. It seems that America offers more privileges to its people than India. 

      I guess though I may not be a Canadian but know people who live there, I would say I am best known as an American Indian and not necessarily the Native American type if that makes any sense. 

      Glad to hear you enjoyed reading this blog post of mine.

      It did take a great deal to compile it all together.

      Please feel free to visit my website anytime you wish.

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


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