The Differences Between India and America

The Differences Between India and America


The Differences Between India and America

The 2nd Picture to the Right is the Indian Railway. It sometimes has mice inside. However, the good part is that there are people who occasionally sell coffee and other food to keep you from starving while onboard. They have a Sleeper Class and an AC Room Class. The way they dispose of the garbage is to throw it out the window. 

American Millionaire Bill Gates hired Indians to work for him in the IT business because he understands and values their hard work, dedication, and brain power even amidst a nation that suffers from AIDS.


Age to attend school is either 5 or 4 years. 4 years for say LKG which stands for Lower Kindergarten and UKG Upper Kindergarten at age 5.

The roads are not that great, no one follows the traffic rules of the road there. 

In India they say keep left. The car seat for the driver is on the right hand side front. 

Most of the cars in India do not really have a seat belt or ABS brake or Airbag system. 

Not many Christians thrive here.

The church is usually set as a political government.

No one says God Bless You here.

No one shakes their hands here or gives someone a hug.

No encouragement here in this country. 

As an Indian you are taught to be self-independent at an early age. You can’t ask someone else for loans, or financial assistance as the bank people can be a bit rude in processing.

Not very hygienic or clean in most parts of this country. 

The buses are usually packed with people standing and holding onto the hand ropes at the top of the bus. No one bothers to hand their seat over to someone else. 

The hindu people don’t respect Christians here in this country. The hindu people during funerals have wrapped the body in linen clothes and are burned. You can’t pay respects to them at their own burial tombstone. There is no cemetery for this.

6 days of the week you have to be in school. Sunday is the only off day to do homework or go to church. 

Not many holidays in this country, have to be constantly working and moving around. 

Health care is improving, but can take a long time for ambulance to get through the tight fitting roads. 

Date Format: Day, Month, Year.

Most of the people travel in motorcycles as they can swerve past buses in front. 

In India most sons and daughters are told to be either engineers or doctors and not much choice here. 

Arranged marriages are done in this country, regardless of age I suppose. 

A country that still never promotes mental health awareness.

Country with great depression, could be due to lack of nurture and nature between parents and offspring.

In India, you can’t really skip class whether ill or not as you can find yourself being taunted by other students as to why you missed class and they make fun of that.

Electric power goes out frequently in this country, sometimes 2 to 3 hours per day. It is due to the conservation measures taken to preserve the use of power. 

Usually in Math exams, you are not allowed to use calculators, but should have multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction memorized beforehand always. 

Languages to learn here are: Tamil, Hindi, English, Malayam, Urdu, Telegu, Gujurat, Kannada, and in some areas Arabic. 

If you were to use an electric appliance from America here in India, the voltage difference is varied and can cause a failure in the product to work efficiently.

Wi-Fi signal is improving, but there is No Public Network established here. No Hot Spots. 

Indian police interrogate the victim until the truth comes out. They never stop until the case is solved.

No Buffet Restaurants.

Most ministers do the Gospel in the hopes of getting paid.

No Daylight Savings Time.

No one shuts off their smartphones here, no signs in church or buildings.

Great reverence for mom and dad. To receive the blessing upon marriage, you would need to fall down at the feet of the parents, not to lower yourself, but as a form of bowing in front of them in a courteous manner. 

The way the teachers are addressed are usually Head Miss, Madam, or Sir. 

Dogs are not really permitted into the hospitals.

Areas in need of improvement in India includes:

Better drainage system during flood season from heavy rainfall. There are potholes here and some areas they are deep enough for a person to be completely submerged in from walking on the side road.

India should not request dowry in marriage to display strong economic status, or in other words a man being a show off. Men/Women should be seen as equals not enemies. 

Air pollution is pretty bad here due to the big spike in population. More trees should have been planted and maintained here versus chopping it down as the air is not breathable. 



You get to chose to take online or offline classes. You get to pick your days of when and what time to attend the class. 

There are private and public institutions here.

Age to attend school is 6 for Kindergarten. 

Usually attend classes Monday-Friday with having Saturdays and Sundays as being the 2 days off for the weekend. 

Date Format: Month, Day, Year. 

When addressing a person in America, some people refer them to their First Name. Other times the profs are referred by their Last Name with a Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. attached. 

When looking at a Directory of names for a School Yearbook, it is organized by Last Name first and then the First Name with a comma , in between.

No matter what nationality a person is in America, they strive to revive or save that person no matter what. 

America is very blessed in the sense that it is a Christian nation. It has fought through many wars, but still triumphs to welcome people and save them from being persecuted or help with the No Child Left Behind Grant in terms of education. 

The road system is pretty well done here. 

Love marriages are usually held here with no thought of age difference. 

Food is pretty affordable here versus in most countries elsewhere. 

America strives to be a great clean nation both in hospitals and other major offices. 

People are pretty aware of other people and their needs. 

Tons of events are held here to get people to participate and help others out.

America promotes mental health awareness very strongly. 

In schools you can give in a doctor’s notice or some remainder to the teacher if the student misses class. 

Students take great notice if a student didn’t attend class for 1 day and try to respond back to that student and see how they are doing.

The profs are great in the sense that they somehow no matter what set aside time from their busy schedule to do 1-on-1 with a student that is really struggling to pass a class or needs a complicated subject explained in simpler words.

You can homeschool children here if you wish instead of following the norm of sending them to public school as some do not permit the Bible to be taken there. 

There are ton of awards and scholarships presented based on the merit whether in Sports or Perfect Attendance to even High Honor students. Medals are presented for Spelling Bees or even to work well in group projects also.

Wi-Fi signal pretty strong here, and electricity when gone out is fixed pretty quickly. 

Can use calculators for tests here.

Second Languages to learn here by choice include: Spanish, French, Greek, German, and Latin.

America encourages its students to be multilingual as this looks great on the resume for when applying for a job after having completed a Bachelors’, Associates’ or Masters’ Degree. 

You can go into almost any Field of Study here in America as opposed to India which is very limited. Here in America, you can be a biologist, psychologist, sociologist, scientist, laboratory computer technician, taxi driver for say Uber or Lyft, math professor, cardiologist, or even dermatologist or dentist. 

Many Non-Profit Charities exist here.

Buffet Restaurants here.

Many missionaries here feel like doing ministry no matter what, paid or not paid.

Daylight Savings Time.

Its a requirement to keep smartphones on silent so you can pay more attention to the teacher.

Dogs are permitted in the hospitals in America if they are service dogs. 

Areas for improvement in America include:

Bringing troops home as soon as possible. 

Preventing early aged children between 14 and 18 to join the war effort during high school years. 

Be supportive to hire spiritual advisers to pray for the world leaders and presidents being elected whether for government office or position in prestigious colleges/institutions.

Allow better leave for moms and dads who work way below the minimum wage requirement to spend more time with their families and relax, and not stress more. 

Lighten the workload between person to person. 

Needs to improve a better buddy system for students not to be harassed no matter the religion they hail from. 

Pastors should take on a Biblical Counseling perspective in reaching the youth and recommending them over to places where they can feel safe for either internships or other volunteer areas.

Needs to discipline the children.

More compensation for veterans.

Lessen the competition in medical field especially. 


Even though India is the 2nd largest population in the world, it might soon pass China and be #1.





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