The Call For Help – 911

If you read Psalms 91:1 from the Bible, it says: He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. 

I can never forget 911, when the Twin Towers in New York Trade Center where hit. All those people crying and saving I love you, communications were cut down. Families were separated. I was just doing my best to make sure that my students and friends copied my homework in an attempt to pass classes and move on up higher with their education. I didn’t feel it right for them to be left behind and kept back from excelling in life in general.

When I saw the impact that 911 had, I couldn’t believe my very eyes, how could someone destroy the country I loved, the country that serves the true living God, Jesus Christ. I felt as though I should have died with those people, they were innocent, They had high hopes of coming to America to seek employment, to seek freedom, to build a life, etc. 911 taught me the great deal of sacrifice, that traveling on a plane is no longer as safe as it used to be. It is vital for pilots to get adequate amount of proper rest, a good healthy meal, many lives are in their hands. I believe they don’t get quite enough credit for the work they do, and the amount of time invested to make sure everyone on board is safe and out of harm’s way. 

Even as the plane is about to take flight, some of the necessary precautions are if the plane is sucking people into their turbines, let alone birds during their winter migration for warmer weather also. Other precautions are how to comfort someone who is not used to flying long hours, let alone from creating seats large enough to house expectant mothers to be. Parachuting and oxygen mask training should be administered as well as life rafts in case the plane lands in the water. 

Other recommendations for a good flight could be that they don’t serve alcohol, but if need be perhaps to carry Bibles as well as bread and grape juice for communion for those that are not regulars at church when service hours don’t match up to their busy schedule. 

Since the Event of 911, the Gas Prices have gone significantly up. 

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