The Caliban Figure Journal Entry

No matter how the world may seem or look, we have no choice but to live in it. We are put in situations we didn’t ask permission to be in them. We have to learn to live with the rest of the world. Respect is something you have to give to get it for yourself. Living on Earth holds a price. That price is whether you appreciate it or not. To change the world does not simply mean that we have to change the individual necessarily. To make a change we stand up for those who can not. We should be willing to carry each other’s heavy burdens on our shoulders. We must learn to accept each person we encounter in life as someone who’s unique. Diversity in our world is the type of thing that sets us apart from each other. It creates room for variation based on our speaking manners and attitudes. We shouldn’t try to transform another person in the way we want them to be. 


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