The Art Behind Camoflage

The Art Behind Camoflage is simple really.


Animals and humans have been doing it for countless number of years.

Both can blend in with their natural surroundings.

However, the question remains, who does it better? I would like to say animals because they can be faster than human speed. Plus, God created them before humans also on Day 6 if you read Genesis the 1st Book in the Bible. 

Military personnel and veterans dress up in black, green, and brown to resemble the forest. Black due to blending in at nighttime. Green to blend in with the leaves and grass, not Mardi Gras, mind you. Brown to seem to be like the bark or stump of a tree. 

In the case of say planes, planes are meant to be white to help hide within the clouds up above in the sky. 

Grasshoppers blend in with the grass. Chameleons blend in with whatever color is near them.  

Yet, it all boils down to one thing, it is all part of God’s Grand Masterpiece Design. He is the Creator and whatever He says, it goes. 

When you are in India, do you ever realize that a tiger might be in hiding in the grass ready to pounce on you or that it can be swimming under the boat you are in at a Forest Preserve? Nope. Its stripes help it fit in well with its surrounding.

In the case of the zebra, you have the case of stripes again, however black and white. Can your naked eye see which one to take down if they run in a pack if you were a lion? Absolutely not, you could easily be dizzy trying to catch your lunch.

When it boils down to the subject of say procreation, you would notice that it can get pretty difficult to pinpoint how Chinese people, Japanese people, Korean people, Vietnamese people pretty much look completely the same because of the way their eyes are shaped.

God wanted diversity all along to happen. Proof of that is thanks to the story of the Tower of Babel. Back then, everyone spoke the same language and understood each other. Yet, they got too proud of themselves and wanted to build something to reach to heaven to display they were the greatest and God wasn’t. God felt upset when they didn’t heed his directions on spreading out to the rest of the world. So, in turn he made them confused by mixing up their language. Through that event came all the different nationalities of the people in today’s world now. 

Another kind of camouflage is that of hair color and clothing. God made special garments for Adam and Eve when they disobeyed him and as they were the first humans on Earth to have been created, God was very pleased at His creation. 

Yet, as Christians, we need to watch out for the worst camouflage of all. Those that dress up in sheep or wolves clothing to deceive us from following Christ.

To help combat that, we need to put on the full armor of the Lord.

If you were to camouflage a lie you told with another lie, it builds up to a point you can’t be trusted, the lie becomes a fib. 

Yet, even as we all have trust issues with say mostly other people, there is one person we can all trust. Its God. Why you may ask? Take a look at the inscription on say a Quarter, Penny, Nickle, or even a US Dollar Bill. It clearly says: In God We Trust.

If a person were to remove God, then clearly that rings a bell in my mind that the person is an atheist, meaning an individual who doesn’t believe in God. 

In the case of Jacob and Esau, Jacob the younger brother tried to camouflage himself by being like his older brother Esau with his hairy arms. So, his mother Rebekah made a goat skin hair costume cloth for Jacob to deceive his own father Isaac to get His fathers favor and blessings. This is one of the greatest stories in the Bible that dealt with both camouflage and deception. 

Camouflage in retrospect can be about staying hidden and not be seen. 

In the case of being an entrepreneur, we cloak our affiliate links to appear more neat rather than look like a mess of codes and letters for our audience. 

Humans have created optical illusions also. Then, there is mimicry. An imitation. 

Deceive not, lest ye be deceived in return. In the case of say the monarch butterfly. Not sure why they have a monarch name if they don’t have a kingdom, but the closest butterfly to look like it is the Viceroy. Pretty much like twins. Then, there is the case of the color change confusion between a king snake and a coral snake. The one that is said to be poisonous is thanks to the following rhyme: Red band near black, venom lack, red band near yellow bites a fellow. 


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  1. Peace

    jeez…! You have such a beautiful mind! We could make good friends. What with the fact that we share alot in common- we share God in common! 

    I must say that, it tickles me beyond pink to know that you love the Lord. And I’m delighted to see how you gravitate it all back to Him. No matter your main topic of discourse, the pointers end up in His direction. That’s a camouflage in itself. And I caught you right in the act! Haha… 

    1. Angel (Post author)

      Dear Peace,

      Aww, why thank you, I rarely heard anyone say I have a beautiful mind. I mean there is a movie called that about a mathematician. My parents and many Indian people think I don’t have a beautiful mind and believe I should never speak out. I usually don’t have many friends due to my speech impairment. 

      I love Jesus Christ very much, but in today’s world, it is very hard to find spiritual friends to encourage you in your walk with faith in God to make all things possible. 

      In Psych classes, I felt I had a bit of freedom writing Reflective Papers and Essays. Theology and Art were classes that interested me because in art you get to express yourself in many ways. 

      Ha ha, I guess I am guilty as charged then, you caught me in the act. 

      Thanks for cheering me up. 

      May God always be there to guide you both online and offline.

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


      1. Monique

        I bumped into your blog as I was searching for sensa-light technology. I wanted to buy the hair removal product, and you wrote a post about it. But then I accidentally found out that you are a Christian! How wonderful it is to find a sister in Christ online! Keep up with your strong faith in Him, and may you be a great witness and blessing to more Indian people, as I know how hard it is to convert any of them from Hinduism.

        P.S. I will buy and try the product by your comment.

        1. Angel (Post author)

          Dear Monique,

          I honestly don’t know what to say, your Comment means the world to me. It is pretty rare for me to meet any real authentic Christian people. Most of India is shrouded with Hindus, I never approved of their strange rituals at all, I had a really good Hindu friend but for some reason we departed ways due to the war and I really wanted him to come to Christ because I couldn’t bear the thought of him suffering an eternity in hell. I nearly lost my eyesight during New Years Event in India as most of the air flight personal during checking confiscated my belongings, and I petitioned early on that the Bible should be the only book to withstand the test of time as how the humans came to be on God’s Earth. There is no other book I would rather read than this, why I would want this book to be in Braille for those that are blind or vision impaired during the war, if not even on elevator places too. For my Indian friend who was raised in the Hindu faith, I would want a Hindu Bible to be translated, that is if he remembers how to read the Hindi symbols or not. I went away to be in America because it is said to be a Christian nation, but with the political outbreak of government, I felt as though Christians can no longer speak out. So, if we are to prevent someone from going to hell, let alone to save them from a heart attack accident, I felt a dark presence engulf America during 911, I can never forget it, I lived during that era, people were speaking and swearing and not really doing enough praying so that another event like this should never happen on American soil in the near future.

          Thank you Monique, I had to stay hidden from many Indians who criticized me getting a Christian education at a Christian College, that was my dream, but for others to be denied that right really brought me to heartbroken tears as some have burned up the Bible in several countries.

          And thank you again if you are looking for a product that is meant to be safe to use if you are looking towards grooming yourself, especially with certain females dealing with hormonal imbalance in their bodies.

          I felt that my life was to protect this Holy Bible even if my life went away with it. It is the same when Mary had Jesus, how much ridicule she would have felt, to give birth to the Son of God, and then to see him being crucified, no parent should ever live to see their child dying before them. Yet, Christ upon raising up from the dead visited the women first, other people the disciples said they were crazy or hallucinating. But, that was not the case, Jesus had high respect for women, much of today’s society fails to respect women as now it is a men dominated society.

          Please pray for America to turn back to Jesus, repent and not have marriage between anyone other than a man and a woman.

          Thank you, that is my prayer mission for you.


  2. Jheba

    Hello, I’ve been checking your website and I don’t think that there is a negative side of your website. I’ve been reading your blogs especially your Poems and it has a strong contents, not only your Poems but your other posts also. Keep it up and reach your goal.

    Best wishes to you.


    1. Angel (Post author)

      Dear Jheba,

      Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate it. I wish you the same as well with your online endeavors. 

      Please feel free to visit my website for ideas.

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,



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