Sensa Light Technology Hair Remover

Sensa Light Technology Hair Remover

Here’s my Reaction Review on Sensa Light Technology Hair Remover

So, I have tried aimlessly in trying to get rid of my armpit hair and leg hair after many years wasted due to waxing or other methods such as laser hair removal sounds too painful and expensive at the same time. 

I went to my hometown India and I speak from experience, they said for a small session of laser hair removal for my face would cost around say 8,500 Rupees. 50 Rupees = 1 USD, so with doing the math that amounts to say: $170 USD. I was frustrated with the lady and walked out of her so called beauty salon. 

Every lady wants to look her utmost best for her man in shining armor. But, really at what cost? I never believed I was pretty when I saw other ladies my age look much better, flawless, white, and radiant glowing. However, it is what my doctor said, us Indian woman are hairy people. When I learned somehow I was diagnosed with PCOS, poly cystic ovarian syndrome, due to hormonal imbalance, I felt like an ugly person. Chin hair growing from what? Genes or from meds taken? I have no answer for that. 

Seriously, what else could I do? Hide away, throw away the key, and not show myself around other people? How long can that last, when I am a people person. 

Thanks to my mom, I was able to get hold of this product somehow through a website called Tophatter where the items are super cheap.

The great thing about this product is that it is lightweight. Its safe to the touch. It comes with a USB Cord for charging, so that seems pretty convenient. I have tried Epi Smooth but that didn’t help me at all. Another product I tried was No-No, but had to end up returning it since it was not pain free as they had advertised. 

This Sensa Light Technology Hair Removal Product is pretty smooth to just glide easily over your skin to remove hair from arms, legs, and even your face with no redness shown after. 

I have found myself putting on Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion after the using this hair removal product so that I can not only smell better but to feel soft and smooth, plus moisturized and not dry. 

So, in my most honest opinion, I would gladly say that this product is a definite win-win situation for any man or woman having trouble with getting rid of unwanted hair on their body. 


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  1. oscar

    hola , tengo problemas con la maquina , me la acaban de traer , la probe , tiene 2 cuchillas intercanbiables , pero la que se supone que no hace daño , no funciona para nada

    1. Angel (Post author)

      Hola Oscar,

      Como estas? Porque no function para nada Senor? This product comes with its own electric charger.

      Gracias por visitar mi website,



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