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StockSnap Photos are all Royalty Free Images Commercial Use.

Royalty Free Images Commercial Use

About StockSnap

Other places that are known for offering High Quality Copyright Free Images for Commercial Use are:

Google Images





No attribution required means to not give credit where it is due for the author.

You are free to do what you wish with these pictures. You can modify them around, crop them up, or slightly alter them for adding more creativity.

1) Head over to

You should see the Following Screen next as you do.

Stocksnap Home Page

2) Type in anything you want in the Search White Textbox Above and Press Enter or Click on the Magnifying Glass to the Right.

I picked birds because they are my 3rd favorite animal. 1st is dogs and 2nd would be cats – wild cats like tigers.

I then saw loads of pictures show up.

StockSnap Birds Photo Results

I Scrolled Down further and further to find a picture that appealed to me.

It was the Male Mallard Duck Picture which caught my attention.

3) I then Clicked on the Image and was brought to the Following Screen.

StockSnap Male Mallard Duck Photo

With my mouse, I did a Right-Click near the Image and then Left-Clicked on Open image in new tab.

I then viewed the larger image as seen below on the following screen.
StockSnap Male Mallard Duck Enlarged Photo

With my mouse, I did a Right-Click near the Image and then Left-Clicked on Save image as

I then Clicked on My Pictures Folder, and gave this Image a special name. I then hit Save at the Bottom.

Green Mallard Duck Save Image As StockSnap

4) I then proceed on Paint Program on my Computer.

I Click on File and then Open, I then select the Image I want Uploaded for me to edit in Paint.

I Crop the Image a bit.

I Save It after the changes I made to it.

Next, I head over to my Blog Post, I Click on Add Media (I am on the Visual Tab and not the Text Tab here).

I Click on Upload Files and then Select Files.

Insert Media Select Files

I search for my Mallard Duck Image, Click on it, and then Open.

This is the Following Screen that appeared next.

To the Right, there is Caption. In that White Text Box, I wrote Aim High and Put Your Best Foot Forward.

Caption For Mallard Duck Photo

Finally, then at Bottom I would Click on Insert into Post.

I saw the Image was Full Size, so I Clicked on it.

Then, Clicked on Pencil Icon for Edit.

This is what pulled up next on my screen.

I wanted my Caption to be Centered, meaning my words to be in the middle underneath my Image.

So, what I did was Type in <center> at the Beginning before my first word in the Caption.

Then, I Typed in </center> at the very End.  The / is kept there as a divider to indicate a particular set of words are to be centered.

Notice that the Alternative Text is the same as my Caption too. If you want, you can Change that to something else.

Please Note in Blue

However, if this is the First Image you would use on your Blog Post, you may want to put a Keyword in the Alt Text.

I then Click on the Down Arrow near Size and Select Thumbnail – 150 x 150

Click on Update For Thumbnail Mallard Duck Image

I Clicked on Update at the Bottom.

5) Here is the Result below.

Aim High and Put Your Best Foot Forward
Aim High and Put Your Best Foot Forward


I hope this helped many of you out that needed an Alternative Place to grab Free Images by using StockSnap. 🙂

Also, if you need another great place to get Images to use on your Website, please be sure to check my Blog Poston getting Free Google Images. 

Images are free to use, share or modify, even commercially.

I call it simply as Great Google Images Click here to read about it. 🙂

Searching for tons of Free High Quality Pictures for Public Commercial Use, no attribution required? Try Picture Perfect Pixabay. ? Plus, another one you may want to look into is MorgueFile.


Feedback Group Chat Blue BubblesSo, what did you think about this Step-By-Step Process on Royalty Free Images Commercial Use from StockSnap to use freely on your Website Pages and Blog Posts?

All the Unique Places To Get Free Images From

Did I help explain it well enough for you to understand and do it successfully?

If so, please leave your Comments or Questions below and I will be more than happy to get back to you.

I would love to hear your Feedback. 🙂

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    1. Dear Stuart Miles,

      Thank you for your Feedback, I really appreciate it. 🙂
      Welcome, no problem, you are too kind. 😀

      Please feel free to drop by my website anytime you wish. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to StockSnap. I’ve been using Photopin for my blog images, but they do require attributions. Plus, it’s not always that easy to get good quality pictures that can represent the meaning of your article.

    I just had a quick peek at Stocksnap and I am already liking the quality that I am seeing. Thanks for introducing this platform.

    1. Dear Cathy,

      Thanks for your Feedback, I really appreciate it. ^_^ Welcome, no problem. Glad to be of help. 😀

      Please feel free to drop by my website anytime you wish. 🙂

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  2. Hello, Angel.

    Thanks for the resources here. I knew about some of the sites you suggested here but it’s always too add more to the list. This way when I don’t find what I’m looking for, I’ll use other sites. Pixabay is my favorite at the moment and I am not ready to start using ShutterStock yet.

    Thanks again.


    1. Dear Imad,

      Thanks for your Feedback, I really appreciate it. 🙂 Welcome, no problem. ^_^ I love Pixabay too, ease of convenience sake. 😀

      I couldn’t have agreed with you more on that either about ShutterStock. I do not believe it right to pay for images but wouldn’t mind the freebies. 😀

      Please feel free to drop by my website anytime you wish. 🙂

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  3. Thanks for this. I have bookmarked your site. I have not heard of stock snap, Pixabay or Morguefile. I like the information on how to use them and put them into my post. The screen shots will help me in my process. A great training tool for me to use. Thanks again for the info. Jim

    1. Dear Jim,

      Thanks for your Feedback, I really appreciate it. 🙂 Welcome, no problem. Glad to be of help to others. 😀 Wow, thanks for Bookmarking my Website too. 🙂 Yes, my Website is probably the “Princess of all Screenshots shown” as I tend to use many to get the point across as I want to guide my Visitors every Step of the way possible since some may not be computer saavy people either. So, I provide the walkthrough highlighting exactly what to do and why we are doing it.

      Please feel free to visit my Website anytime you wish and if you need extra help, you are more than welcome to ask me and I shall try my best to help answer them. 🙂

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  4. These are very detailed, helpful explanations, and I have found them useful. I am pleased with the overall l layout, and the use of bold type to indicate keyboard activity. Above all, I am delighted to be introduced to StockSnap. I need free pictures for some of my designs and websites, so I will visit this and other sites that you have recommended. Thank you for taking the time to carefully explain the details of finding and downloading these pictures.

    1. Dear Emmanuel,

      I usually think that if someone is new to using the computer, it is best to include instructions on how things are done, so that is how I take my approach to most of the Blog Posts I write. 🙂 I try to keep my readers in mind of what they want and would like to see being presented. 🙂 For ease of convenience sake that is. 🙂 I have yet to try out other places that are there for Free Images and hope to describe more sources in future blog posts. 🙂
      I am so glad to hear that I offered you great valuable information on how to get free images to use on your website. 🙂
      Welcome, no problem. 🙂
      If at all you need help with anyone, let me know and I shall do my best to further assist you. 😀



  5. Hi Angel,

    Thanks for sharing this post and I am relatively new in blogging business. I am not familiar with the attribution of the photos on the Internet until I came to your page here.

    I didn’t know there are so many sources I can get free images and thanks for StockSnap. It does look very handy.

    I have just bookmarked your page and will come back for information! Great post!

    I wonder if there is anywhere I could find free images with motivational quotes?

    1. Dear Alex,

      Welcome, I am happy to help. 🙂 Yes, there are loads of Free Images that don’t require any form of attribution or credit to the author who made the image. 🙂 I shall be on the lookout for more in the future which I shall convey in future blog posts. 🙂 So, stay tuned until then. 😀

      Wow, thank you so much Alex for the Bookmark. 🙂 I look forward to your visit again and again as well as helping you out with anything you need more clarification on. 🙂

      Yes, there are places you can find motivational quotes, I recently typed in motivational in the Search Bar provided at Pixabay. Some quotes came up.

      Or, a thing you can pursue doing Alex is taking a Free Image, adding a Text in there with some phrase you thought of. 🙂 To make it more unique and original. 😀

      You could also try out Morguefile, Pexels, and Google Images.
      Simply type in motivational and something is sure to pull up in the results. 🙂

      I hope that this helps Alex. 🙂

      Please feel free to drop by my website anytime. 🙂

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  6. Hi Angel,

    You have explained very well with a mix of wording and pictures how to get the pictures free from stocksnap. I also enjoyed reading your Blog on getting pictures for free from Google Images great job. Was wondering if you could point me in a good direction of where to get music and videos for free to add to my website?.

    1. Dear Carlton Gonder,

      Thanks for the Feedback. 🙂 I am glad to know I explained the process in a simple manner for you to understand and do. 🙂 Yup, there is also Morguefile, Pixabay, and Google Images to consider too. 🙂

      The best place most people get music and videos from is through YouTube.

      To have it appear on your Website, you would need to Click on Share underneath the Video, then Embed, and take the Code there, Copy/Paste it in your Text Tab in Visual Editor if using WordPress. What I normally do is, on Visual Tab, I write in INSERT YOUTUBE LINK. Then, Click on Text Tab, I then do Ctrl + F, a White Text Box appears in Top Right, I then type in INSERT YOUTUBE LINK, and it will find the spot where I want to put the Embed Code in. So, I paste it in there and head back to the Visual Tab and see that the Video has been posted there. 🙂 Hope this helps explain how people are putting music and videos onto their Blog Posts, Carlton. 🙂

      Please feel free to visit my Website anytime. 🙂

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  7. HI Angel, very informative post. I am understand now how to find images. Sometime I have found on google images, but I don’t know is the images free use or not, so I don’t save the images to my database. One thing Angel, Do you recommend any course that I can join to be an affiliate marketing? I need you advice. thanks

    1. Dear christian wijaya,

      Thank you so much for your Feedback. 🙂 I really appreciate it. 🙂 Aside from StockSnap, there is Pixabay and Morguefile. I wonder if you have used them before, but they have high quality images there for FREE with no attribution required.

      There is a Blog Post I wrote, it deals with Getting Images safely from Google.

      Yes, I believe you can be an affiliate marketeer with joining FlexOffers as Publisher Account.

      However, my #1 Recommendation would have to be the place that trained me well enough to be an affiliate marketeer. It is none other than Wealthy Affiliate themselves too.

      I hope that this helped answer your question. 🙂

      Please feel free to drop by again something. 🙂

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