Pretty Link Lite Url Shortener

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Pretty Link Lite is the only Url Shortener Plugin you will ever need!

Pretty Link Lite Url Shortener

Did you ever wonder how you can make an ugly link into something more cleaner, neat, and clutter free from looking so bizarre to the avid reader who hovers some link to read up on more information?

I can recommend the one I use to make Url Links more shortened which is called Pretty Link Lite Plugin.

Pretty Link Lite Description

It is Fairly Simple to Use and serves its purpose well. 🙂 Plus, it is 100% FREE! 😀

CHECK IT OUT! The Free Features that are jam packed with this great Pretty Link Lite.

Features of Pretty Link Lite

Come on and Read as I show you how you may Benefit Greatly from using this Plugin on your Website. 🙂

1) Click on Plugins –> Add New.

To the Right Hand Side Corner is a White Textbox, Type in Pretty Link Lite and Press Enter.

The Following Screen should appear like this Below.

Click on Install Now to the Right of where it says Pretty Link Lite in Blue Text.

Add Plugins Pretty Link Lite

2) Upon successful Installation of this Plugin, you should then see it appear on the Left Hand Side Bottom of the WordPress Dashboard.

(See Below Picture).

Pretty Link Lite On WP DashBoard Left Hand Side Bottom

When you hover your Mouse over it, you should then see Additional Things you can do.

  • Pretty Link
  • Add New Link
  • Groups
  • Hits
  • Tools
  • Options
  • Pretty Link Pro – but in my honest opinion, the FREE Version works just great as is, no need for Upgrade. 🙂

3) We are going to Click on Add New Link.

Simple 3 Step Process. I am trying to mask a Website I know and make it a Re-Direct.

First is the Target URL*: I Copy/Pasted my Friend’s Website here in the White Text Box to the Right.

Second is the Pretty Link*: I put something descriptive to make it look cleaner for my reader to see as they hover over this Link.

Third is the Title: I simply just put it as Keyword Site Rank On Using Jaaxy because that is what I will soon see upon hitting the Create Button at the Bottom onto the next Screen which would be the Pretty Link Screen.

Pretty Link Add New Link 3 Step Process

I am not going to Create a Group Now since it is not really necessary.

I wouldn’t worry too much on Checking the Box for Parameter Forwarding, so I left it un-checked.

Then, by Default I left the Box Checked for the Track Hits on this Link under the Tracking Options.

I lastly Click on the Create Button at the Bottom and I should then see the Following Screen Appear.

Pretty Link Pretty Links

In the Maroon Red Color Text Box is my Target URL:

In the Royal Blue Color Text Box is my Website Pretty Link: Site Rank On Using Jaaxy

In the Purple Color Text Box is the Title: Keyword Site Rank On Using Jaaxy

4) I then Left-Click several times with my Mouse until my Website Pretty Link is fully highlighted in blue as seen in Below Picture.

I then Right-Click with my Mouse and Left-Click on Copy.

Copy Website Pretty Link Url

Next, I head over to my Blog Post Article called: What The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Is – A Review

Insert Edit Link For The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review Simply The Best

I then wrote the words Keyword Site Rank On Using Jaaxy here and then hovered over the words, highlighted it all until it was Blue as seen in Above.

Next, I Clicked on the Paper Clip Icon for the Insert/Edit Link.

The Following Screen opened up.

Insert Edit Link Destination URL Targets Spare Change Online Website

I then had Pasted my Copied Website Pretty Link URL in the First White Text Box.

As you can see it is Linked to Text which reads Keyword Site Rank On Using Jaaxy.

Then, I Clicked on the Box for Open link in a new window/tab.

Lastly, I then Clicked on Add Link.

5) Behold, this is what my End Result looked like below.

End Result Of Pasted Website Pretty Link For Keyword Site Rank On Google Using Jaaxy

I then Scrolled Up to the very Top of my Blog Post Article, Clicked on Update.

What The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Is A Review Edit Post Click Update

6) I then went to View Post at Top, Right-Click over it, Left-Click on Open link in new tab.

View Post Open In New Tab Jaaxy Keyword Tool

I then Scrolled Down to where I Pasted my Website Pretty Link and hovered over it with my Mouse.

This is what I saw in my Left-Hand Side Corner.

Pretty Link URL Made Shown Bottom Left Corner

See Above Picture, there it is my Website Pretty Link. It is neat and orderly, it represents something more relevant for the avid reader to understand what the Link is mainly about. It also makes it look like it is a part of my Website as well. 🙂

7) I then hovered over the Keyword Site Rank On Using Jaaxy, Right-Click and then Left-Click on Open link in new tab.

Open link in New Tab for SpareChangeOnline Blog Post

Here’s the End Result of what happened next.

SpareChangeOnline Blog Post Article How To Rank In Google

Moving on, it is highly recommended that you learn to utilize this Pretty Link Lite Plugin especially when it comes to masking your Affiliate Links as well. Actually, it is very important in more ways than one.

Understanding Correct Usage of Affiliate Links can benefit you in the long run:

#1: Higher Rankings in Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, maybe

(Search Engines absolutely hate too many Affiliate Links being thrown in Blog Posts.)

#2: Grants a better comfort zone for your audience to be confident towards offers/services you provide.

#3: Allows for a more do-able way of improving testing capabilities.

#4: Enable your level of “revenue” to go higher when generated through your Website.

#5: Full free will to exercise how you can take a raw affiliate link and make it more cleaner.

Objective 1: Shorten Those Long Affiliate Links of Yours

By this I simply mean obtaining a Raw Affiliate Link to a Product/Service/Offer you are promoting into one that make a much better cleaner and more reader comprehensive Affiliate Link through a Plugin called Pretty Link Lite.

In other words, that’s the beauty of using Pretty Link Lite Plugin. You can make something from another Website to act like it is a part of your Website link wise.

Without further ado, we are going to shorten all those strange bizarre looking raw affiliate links into something more professional by nature, a cleaner better readable one that is sure to cause an increase for user experience purposes.

Which of the Following looks more eye appealing?

The 1st Link:{affiliate link} (Raw Affiliate Link)


The 2nd Link: (Made through Pretty Link Lite Plugin)

The 2nd Link looks more cleaner and something more likely to be clicked, am I right?

Another great part of using this Plugin is that you can put your Pretty Links into Groups and keep it more organized that way. You can then easily edit the link and make it into something else in the Control Panel Area.

Objective 2: Centralizing your Main Affiliate Program Offer

The habit one must avoid at all costs is to make a Website that caters to the audience as a huge Affiliate Program Oriented stance on promoting. Many times people fail to realize that their visitors to their Website is more important when they create Content that provides for a better user learning experience. Plus, it is not good to have an Affiliate Link tied into every Blog Post Article and Page on a Website.

And, I know in your mind you are going to be asking me: Why?

Google does not look favorably on a Website that has many Affiliate Links thrown everywhere. If it ever comes across each Single Page on your Website as being just a Affiliate Program based promotion advertisement, it will surely have a bad effect on your overall Rankings as a result.

Be not dismayed as it is quite alright to Promote stuff on your Website. However, if you see yourself constantly promoting the same thing multiple times (for example Wealthy Affiliate), it is wise to have your Offer Page more optimized.

A perfect scenario of this is when you Send your Traffic from One Blog Post to another on your Website. This is internal linking. Suppose you were talking about say how Wealthy Affiliate compares to Empower Network, you can then provide a link where when Clicked transfers your Audience to read Content about The Wealthy Affiliate Review without taking them directly out of your own Website to the real Home Page of the Affiliate Program.

Whenever I speak word of Wealthy Affiliate on my Scam Artist List Blog Post Article, I direct them to see my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Search Engines like,,, and rarely ever, love internal linking.

Yet, there are many positives regarding the bison.

  • Ability to manage One Page to Optimize Conversion rates better than before.
  • Allows you to live stream test you as the only Testing Page.
  • Allows you to Experiment and Offer Extras (Can lead to mass increase boosting it higher).
  • Improve your Links around to make Google very happy and rise up in Rankings.

Objective 3: Getting Paid For All You Did

Almost all of the Products you see online are associated with an Affiliate Program one way or another. As you are writing up either a Positive or Negative Review about a Product, it is wise to see if the Product was part of an Affiliate Program.

In turn this can only mean 1 thing. MAXIMIZING your Affiliate Program revenue for more Cash Flow. It is bad to leave money on the table just because you failed to Sign Up for another Affiliate Program.

It may be heard to believe this, but regardless of anything, people usually do end up buying the Product within your Website Links should it be either good or bad. As a result, you might as well face facts that you can earn money in between this method.

Pretty Link Lite Tutorial Video

Pretty Link Lite Tutorial Video

I hope to know if I explained the whole run down on how using this Pretty Link Lite Plugin helped you a great deal to understand why it is important to not have too many Affiliate Links being thrown in your Blog Post Articles when you are trying to promote a Product or Service. 🙂 I also hope that you learned that having a Link look neater is more eye appealing for your audience which leads to better user experience. 🙂

Thank You For Your Time


Feedback Group Chat Blue BubblesSo, what did you think about this Step-By-Step Process on Pretty Link Lite Url Shortener?

Other Useful WordPress Plugins

Did I help explain it well enough for you to understand and do it successfully?

Are there other Shorten Url Link Plugins you have used that you had come to love just as much as Pretty Link Lite too?

If so, please leave your Comments or Questions below and I will be more than happy to get back to you.

I would love to hear your Feedback. 🙂

Could you please do me a small favor and Share This Post so that it may help your Friends to benefit from it also, would you? Thank you so much. 😀

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4 thoughts on “Pretty Link Lite Url Shortener

  1. Hey Angel,

    This was a really informative article to read and I’d never thought how much detail you can get into with ‘Pretty Link’. This tool I often use for my blogs as it makes all my links look nice and clean. Without all the crazy numbers and letters.

    Really great post and i found it to be very interesting to read.

    All the best


    1. Dear Vinnie Prasad,

      Thank you so much for your Feedback, I really appreciate it. Welcome, no problem. 🙂

      Please feel free to visit my website anytime you wish. 😀

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  2. The Pretty Link Lite plugin seems perfect for link shortening. Affiliate links tend to be ugly and unnecessarily wrong, but this is perfect for tightening things up. Cleaner links can definitely results in more clicks and higher conversion rates. What do they offer through Pretty Link Pro? Just curious as to how different that can be than the free version.

    1. Dear Matthew Thomas,

      Thanks so much for your Feedback, I really appreciate it. 🙂 I think masking an affiliate link makes it look more professional versus it looking weird to the visitor thinking they clicking on some suspicious looking link.

      I am not sure what else they offer for the Pretty Link Pro but it seems to basically represent the same stuff as what you would get for Pretty Link Lite Basic I believe. The Pro has 2 different price ranges though.

      Hope that this helps answer your question. 🙂

      Please feel free to drop by again sometime. 🙂

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


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