Pinterest Website Verification

Pinterest Website Verification


Pinterest offers site verification to it’s users and All in One SEO Pack makes it easy to get your site verified with Pinterest.

First, you’ll need to sign in to your Pinterest Account.  Go to your Profile and click Edit Settings.

Pinterest Edit Settings

This will open the Account Basics screen.  In the left hand menu, click Claim Website.  Enter your website address in the field and click the Claim Website button.

In the Pick claim option popup select the Add HTML tag option and copy the alpha numeric string that appears between the quotes after the word content=.  Leave this screen open, you will need to come back here to complete the verification:

Now switch over to the General Settings screen in All in One SEO Pack and paste the code you’ve just copied into the Pinterest Site Verification field in the Webmaster Verification section so that it looks like the screenshot below:

Pinterest Site Verification in All in One SEO Pack

Scroll to the bottom or top of the page and click Update Options.

Now, head back to the Pinterest page that you left open and click the Next button and then the Submit button.

That’s it!  Pinterest will verify your site within 24 hours and send you an email when they have approved it.

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