Pepsi and Tablets Are Not the Best Combination

Pepsi and Tablets Are Not The Best Combination

Never ever drink Pepsi with Tablets/Pills together in a meal. 

Fact is: Pepsi and Tablets Are Not the Best Combination. 

As a researcher and observer in Chemistry class, I have noticed that those that have a constant taste for sugary drinks like this end up being diabetic. When you become diabetic, you have what I call the pins/needles effect on your feet. Pretty much like a static electricity type of sensation on your toes. 

Soft Drink Companies like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, etc. target the younger generation meaning our children to indulge in these drinks during birthday parties. But, what they fail to tell you is that these drinks have a way of causing cancer also and perhaps even stomach ulcers also.

What happens when you put say a painkiller medicine like Tylenol or Acetaminophen in a soft drink, it gushes out, thus making it seem like a chemical explosion eruption. For example, much like a dormant volcano which was asleep. When disturbed the dormant volcano becomes active and it causes major damage in its wake. 

Water is the largest resource in the whole wide world, even the human body is made up of mostly water too. 

In conclusion, it would be best recommended to just focus on drinking water instead of having your body be ruptured by drinking soft drinks with medications. 

Never eat tablets with alcohol too, it just isn’t right, and that too does not sit too well either. One of the things I notice first about a person is their eyes, if it has any life in it or sadness, and when it came to drinking these soft drinks, I noticed somehow the eyesight seemed like it showed no emotion at all. Besides, I hate having to pay taxes for these drinks because it just encourages them to get their money from us and keep manufacturing this drinks no matter what. 

I never liked the part of when drinking a soft drink, you try burping, but it feels like it is coming through your nose. 

If by chance you have hiccups, drinking a glass of water and having it sit in your throat for just a moment and then burping in your throat can help stop the hiccups also. Other people have tried scaring the hiccups away but you shouldn’t cause the person to have a heart attack if you know what I mean by that. 


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