Love the Land of Lincoln

The shape of Illinois looks like President Abraham Lincoln wearing a beard with a graduation cap on, hence its called the Land of Lincoln. Plus, there is a car called Lincoln, must be named after him. 

Abraham from the Bible means “father of many or a multitude.” As a President of his time, Abraham Lincoln was known as “Honest Abe” in the sense he never cheated anyone. Thus, he was elected President and sought to it to abolish the law of slavery. He was held to a high regard to free the slaves from captivity.

If you think carefully, who else would want you to be free from sin, bondage, and higher debt? It would be Jesus, He also paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we can right with God our Father the Creator. 

He paid the ultimate penalty so as we die, we are not doomed to a lifetime in hell, but to be in heaven forever with him, isn’t that a better love story than what you see in the movies and TV these days? 

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