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A Great Way To Brand Your Business Would Be To Join Ibotoolbox Free!


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Name: IBOtoolbox


Facebook Page:

Founder: Paul Williams

Paul Williams Founder of IBOToolbox










Price: FREE to Join

Who Is It For: Anyone who wants Traffic to their Website without investing money for Paid Traffic.

What Do You Do Here Exactly To Get Traffic? Publishing Press Releases, using Credits/Impressions to promote your Website Content. 

VerdictHighly Recommended!

Overall Percentile Rank Record:


Please Note: I will earn a commission if you buy through any of the links on my website, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products that I have personally used myself or products/services that I believe are beneficial after doing extensive research. 

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 The Positives


  • FREE to Join, no obligation required to go Paid.
  • Is NOT MLM.
  • Is NOT Traffic Exchange where you waste time/efforts to accumulate Credits from seeing other peoples’ websites and then use that to promote your own website.
  • Many ways to get FREE Credits here doing simple, not too time consuming Tasks. 
  • Attending Webinars can give you additional FREE Credits.
  • Newsletter Credit Coupon Code helps you get more FREE Credits (Worth 100 Credits).
  • Active Community of Members.
  • ALL Members have access to everything here, there are no limitations. 
  • A “Safe Haven” for all internet business owners, bloggers, and website creators.


The Negatives 


  • Can be a bit overwhelming at first when you join, other than that, IBOToolbox is great!
  • You will run into those that are promoting MLMs and scams here too, so be careful!

Go to:

It should like this below:

IBOToolbox Home Page Screen

The IBO in IBOToolbox refers to Independent Business Owner. 

Towards the Right-Hand Side, you should then see Create New Account.

Creating a FREE Account at IBOToolbox Is Simple as 1, 2, 3 !

IBOToolbox Create New Account

1) Click on CREATE ACCOUNT when you are done entering in the required information. 

You should then see this.

Congrats IBOToolbox Account Created

2) We then Sign In to our submitted e-mail and should then Click on the link provided to Verify our Account.

IBOToolbox Verification

3) This is what we should see Next.

IBOToolbox Account Verification

Click on the Click here link above to see what the inside of IBOToolbox is like.

9 Steps For Your IBOToolbox Profile


Only Steps 1, 2, and 3 are Required.

However, Steps 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are completely Optional. 

Step #1: Basic Information (Required).

IBOToolbox Account Step 1

Please Note in Blue

The New IBOToolbox Member Profile after completing Steps 1-3 will give you 500 Credits NOT 100.

Step #2: Upload a “Real Profile Picture of yourself” (Required).

IBOToolbox Account Step 2

Please Note in Blue

This adds a more personal touch to your Profile and lets others know you are a real person. An individual they can interact and communicate with versus a Profile that has no Image whatsoever of a person. 

Step #3: Business Information (Required).

For Business Name, I wrote Above and Beyond the Horizon as that is the name of my Website.

I would put my Website Home Page as my link 1 (bizop).

For my Title, I would put in Internet Marketer. 

I would then put the link 2 (product) as perhaps my Referral Link for My #1 Recommended Product or Program.

IBOToolbox Account Step 3

Click on Save when you are Done, it will just simply show your BUSINESS and TITLE as seen above. However, you can always Edit or Delete it too whenever you want. 

Step #4: Add Contributor Badge. (This is Optional). As I am a FREE IBOToolbox Member, I skipped over this Step.

IBOToolbox Account Step 4

Please Note in Blue

IBOtoolbox is a 100% free platform and you are never required to purchase anything. However, if you do purchase credits for advertising your business, this badge is displayed for everyone to see that you are financially contributing to the platform so many call home. IBOtoolbox is free to use, but is NOT free to operate, help keep IBO free for everyone and show your badge today!

Step #5: IBO Social Profile. Tell others about yourself. (This is Optional).

IBOToolbox Account Step 5

Please Note in Blue

I have usually found that if you tell others a bit about who you are, people are more likely to know you better and talk with you. So, please try to keep that in mind. This also helps others know that you are indeed a real person just in the same way in Step 2 after you had uploaded a picture of yourself.

Remember, you can always Edit and improve on this too, doesn’t have to be perfect the 1st time around.

You could post your Website Programs you are affiliated with here too. Enter in some HTML Codes for your Banner Ads, make it more decorative and attractive. Important thing is to have fun with it and be creative. 🙂

What I usually do is write in CAPS INSERT IMAGE (and Bolden it so that way I can recognize it while proofreading my written content) whenever I am in the Design Tab wherever I want my Banner Ad to be placed.

IBO Bolden Insert Image

Next I l Clicked on the HTML Tab, then Pressed Ctrl + F, Typed in that little Text Box at Top Right in CAPS INSERT IMAGE so that helps me find where I want my Banner HTML Code placed to display my Image when I am finished with editing my IBO Profile information. 


I then pasted my HTML Code for my Banner exactly over the Words INSERT IMAGE. See Below Picture.

IBOToolbox Banner Code inserted

Click on Save when you are Done. 

Then, Click on Design Tab and Scroll through your written content to see your Banner Ad really appear. 

IBOsocial frontpage Successfully Saved

You can position this as either Left, Center or Right wherever you have placed your Banner.

At the bottom, it should say your IBOsocial frontpage Successfully saved!

Step #6: Provide Business Backlinks. (This is Optional).

IBOToolbox Account Step 6

Here is one of mine as an Example.

Link Name: #1 Recommendation

link URL (link):

If you really want your Website to be really noticed, you should list all of the Blog Posts you have here. 

I included several of my Business Links here and Clicked on Save when I was Done. 

Please Note in Blue

That your Business Backlinks will appear to the Left-Hand Side of your IBOSocial Profile. See Below Picture.

My IBOToolbox IBOSocial Profile Business Links

Step #7: Social Networks (This is Optional).

IBOToolbox Account Step 7

IBOToolbox Social Networks

Please Note in Blue

It is important to list your Custom named Fan Page 1st in your list of Facebook Pages.

They include various Social Media Networks here. It is good to gain a Following because that may enable more people to engage with you and perhaps even Share your Content elsewhere on their Social Media Accounts too. 

Click on Save when you are Done.

Step #8: Business Videos (This is Optional). I skipped over this Step for now, will look into it later on.

IBOToolbox Account Step 8

Please Note in Blue

Making Videos for your Business is very important because the realm of competitive Keywords being used for Videos is not very high. Which in turn means you have more chances of being noticed if you make your appearance known there rather than writing up Blog Posts targeting Keywords that are a bit more competitive to conquer. 

The lesser the competing numbers of Websites that are targeting specific Keywords equals the greater the chances you can rise up in the Ranks for being noticed and gaining more Visitors to view the information you worked hard to provide. 

Not sure where you can make Videos for FREE and Upload them onto the YouTube Platform?

Try ScreenCast-O-Matic

Clueless on how Keyword Research plays a huge role in writing up Blog Posts to get better Rankings in Search Engines?

Try looking at these Keyword Tools that can help you out. 

This is the one I use personally on a daily basis. Click here

Step #9: Monetize your IBOSocial Profile with Google Adsense (This is Optional). I skipped over this Step.

IBOToolbox Account Step 9 Part 1

IBOToolbox Account Step 9 Part 2

I normally do not use Google Adsense at all. Basically it is just asking Visitors to Click on Ads which in turn just earns you pennies at a time in general. 

Plus, if you are running Google Adsense on your Website or NOT, you would need to comply with the EU Cookie Law Policy as well. 

You can read about the EU Cookie Directive and be required to Install a WordPress Plugin that can help make sure your Google Adsense Account is not shut down if you do not have a Cookie Law Info running on your Website to warn others that your Website is using cookies. Better to be safe than sorry, right?



This is the place where you will see many of the Wall Posts, Press Releases, and those who recently joined IBOToolbox.

This is the IBOToolbox Dashboard Wall. 

IBOToolbox Dashboard

Highlighted Red Box indicates that is where you at the very Top can submit a Wall Posting. 

Character Count is limited to just 250. So, pretty brief.  Enter http:// to create links

Click on Submit Wall Post when you are done. 

Here’s mine as an Example below.

IBOToolbox Dashboard My Submitted Wall Post

You will see underneath Wall Postings from other IBOToolbox Members.

IBOToolbox Dashboard Members Wall Posts

You can Click on Like, Flag, Comment, and Share here. 

Be sure to Click on the Click Here at the end of the IBOToolbox Member’s Wall Post. This usually opens the Content in a New Tab on your Browser. 

Be sure to Click on View Press Release at the end of the IBOToolbox Member’s Wall Post. 

IBOToolbox Dashboard View Press Release

This usually opens the Content in a New Tab on your Browser. However, this will be seen on the Member’s IBOSocial Profile Screen.

IBOToolbox Ibosocial Press Release Viewed

For the Comment, a Window will Appear like below where you mention a few words about what you read.

IBOToolbox Submit Comment Wall Post

When you Click on Share, a Window will pull up, these are the various services you can share the Wall Postings to.

IBOToolbox Dashboard Share Wall Post

My Leads


Towards the Top Right-Hand Side, you should see your New Leads Icon light up, you can also Click on My Leads under the Site Navigation also. 

IBOToolbox Dashboard My Leads

Clicking on either will then lead you to the Following Screen. 

IBOToolbox My Leads

If you Click the Person’s Name here which is underlined, you will bring a Pop Up Screen. 

It will look like this. The Information rephrased means that they joined through your IBOToolbox Affiliate Link. 

IBOToolbox My Leads Additional Information

You will notice that when you Refer others to IBOToolbox, you will earn 200 Credits when they get their 1st Star. 

Another way you are notified if you have gotten New Leads into IBOToolbox is when you receive an e-mail message like the following.

New IBOToolbox Lead

IBOToolbox Referral Credits



Here’s a List of how your IBOToolbox Referrals are capable of getting their First Star:

IBOToolbox Ontrack

Please Note in Blue

  • A Lead you get into IBOToolbox must have Completed the Full Setup of their Profile or else they are NOT granted the privilege of doing Press Releases. 

The Good Side of this is that this prompts the Lead to Complete all 3 Steps to making the Profile which earns them that 1st Star. It is simple method, anyone could do it really. It is very important that the person makes themselves know in order to write their Press Releases.




IBOToolbox Completed Profile


IBOToolbox PR Posting Activity


IBOToolbox Wall Posting Activity


IBOToolbox Referral Activity



IBOToolbox Advertising Activity



IBOToolbox PR Video Comment Activity

Most of the time if your IBOToolbox Referrals complete just Steps 1-3 of Editing their Profile and Clicking on Save when they are done, you will be automatically be awarded 200 Credits to your Account. 

At the Top Right Hand Side Corner where the Site Navigation is, you can Click on History under Credit Center, this will take you to an overview of your activity with Credits and Impressions. Along with that, you would see who (Referral) earns their First Star and when (the date).

IBOToolbox Credit History

My Messages


Towards the Top Right-Hand Side, you should see your New Messages Icon light up, you can also Click on My Messages under the Site Navigation also. 

IBOToolbox New Messages

Under My Leads, you should see My Messages and these are the ones coming to you from other IBOToolbox Members

IBOToolbox My Messages

If you Scroll Down further you should see Sent Messages.

IBOToolbox Sent Messages

Click on the Message Title which is like a tiny little Preview that was underlined to the right of the IBOToolbox Member’s Name, an enlarged Pop Up Screen appeared.

Click on Reply. Or, upon reading the message, you can Click on Delete Message as well. The choice is yours.

IBOToolbox Reply To Message

You can see the Reply Message Screen here below, you can Click on Back to return to the previous Screen or Click on Send Reply when you have finished typing in your Message to your IBOToolbox Member. 

IBOToolbox Send Typed Message Reply

Detailed Overview of a IBOToolbox Member’s Information


Click on the Person’s Name and you shall see a Pop Up like this Appear.

Here, you should see an Overview of loads of Info about the IBOToolbox Member.

  1. Where they are from,
  2. Phone,
  3. Skype Username, and
  4. Social Networks they are a part of which you can connect with. 

Other information includes:

  • When they joined IBOToolbox,
  • Last Login,
  • How Many Likes,
  • How many Wall Posts they have done,
  • How many Associates they have in their IBOSocial Network,
  • Press Releases they submitted,
  • Comments they received,
  • Comments they gave, and same goes for what Comments they gave or received through Videos they had done. 

IBOToolbox Member Info Enlarged

At the Bottom, you should see Send Message, Give Credits, Notifications, Report, and View Profile

Click on Send Message, type in your Message and then Click on send message at bottom right when you are done. 

IBOToolbox Send Associate Message

Clicking on Home at the Bottom will take you to the former screen.

Transfer Credits


You can Click on Give Credits here and this is what Appears below.

IBOToolbox Transfer Credits

Please Note in Blue

As long as someone is one of your Associates, you can send them Credits from your side to their’s. Of course you can send under 1000 Credits at a given time this way. 

Click on Notifications at the bottom of the IBOToolbox Member’s Screen as seen in previous Picture above.

This is what will appear.

IBOToolbox Associate Notifications

Of course this is Optional, whether you want to be notified or not through E-mails any Notifications concerning a particular IBOToolbox Associate’s Activities. 

However, if you feel you are overwhelmed with the amount of E-mails you receive daily, you can leave these Unchecked so that you will not receive further e-mails about these notifications concerning an IBOToolbox Associate’s Activities. 

My Associates


Towards the Top Right-Hand Side, you should see your New Associates Requests Icon light up, you can also Click on My Associates under the Site Navigation also. 

IBOToolbox My AssociatesIn here you will see Associate Requests from other IBOToolbox Members. Associate Requests are the same as getting Friend Requests on Facebook or Social Media Network Websites. It helps to gain a List of Followers. 🙂 You interact with more people. 🙂

I usually Accept all the Associate Requests my way, as a form of courtesy. 🙂 However, the choice is up to you, whether you want to Click on the Green Thumbs Up Icon to Accept or the Red Thumbs Down Icon to Deny the Associate Request.

Underneath the IBO Associate Requests, you will see your List of IBO Associates, these are the people who you have Accepted to be a part of your list of Associates in IBOToolbox. 🙂 You will see the Count and Search if you need to find someone in particular faster.

My Advertising

IBOToolbox My Advertising

IBOToolbox Convert Credits


All IBOtoolbox ads run from impressions. You obtain impressions by converting your earned or purchased credits. Credits are converted to impressions using the conversion tool below at a 1:5 ratio. This means each credit gives you 5 impressions.

Example: 100 credits gives you 500 impressions, or 500 times an ad will be seen. While running ads, each time your ad is displayed, it deducts impressions. When your impressions run out, the ads shut down. You would be notified if this happens through an email message to your Inbox.

IBOToolbox Ads Shutdown

You will need to convert more credits to start the ads back up.

Click on the Dropdown of How many Credits To Convert. I chose 500 Credits –> 2500 Impressions. 

IBOToolbox Convert Credits To Impressions

Click on Convert Credits and you should then see that it has been Successful.

Click on Proceed to Ads

IBOToolbox Proceed to ADS

Click on Create New Ad

IBOToolbox Create New Ad

Click on Create A New Banner. Depending on what Size you want, that is Optional. I chose the 468×60 Choice here below. 

IBOToolbox Create New Ad Banner

The FRIENDLY NAME is the name you would like the Banner Ad to be known by. This is seen by you and NOT someone else.

Here’s an HTML Code.

<a href=”{affiliate id}”><img src=”” border=”0″ /></a>

For the WEBSITE LINK: I simply took what was after the <a href = I simply copy and pasted the{affiliate id} without the Quotation Marks here. The ref stands for referral. Plus, this is also known as an affiliate link too because of the letters and numbers at the end. 

Here’s an HTML Code I referred to when getting the Info I needed for the Graphic Url requested here below.

<a href=”{affiliate id}” target=”_blank”><img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-4796″ src=”” alt=”The Worlds Simplest Business Model For Newbies” width=”468″ height=”60″ /></a>

For the GRAPHIC URL:  I simply took what was after the src= I simply copy and pasted the without the Quotation Marks here. The src stands for source. 

Alright, for those of you who are wondering how did I get the HTML Code I needed to enter in for the WEBSITE LINK, it was through the Banners already provided for me through the Affiliate Program I am partnered with. 

WA Banners Info

Okay, so how did I get the HTML Code for the GRAPHIC URL requested? Simple, it was through the Text Tab in my WordPress Visual Editor. 

WA Banner HTML Code Text Editor

IBOToolbox Save Banner Ad

For the DISPLAY SPEED: Just leave it as the DEFAULT. The other Speeds are: FAST, SLOW, and VERY SLOW. 

Based on your Opinion, you can Choose where you want this Banner Ad to be displayed and be seen by the IBOToolbox Community Members.

Click on Save Ad at bottom right when you are done. 

Once that is finished, Click on Preview and you should see your Banner Ad appear.

Be sure to Click on your Banner Ad and see if it leads to the place you want it to direct your Audience to view. 

IBOToolbox Banner Ad Preview

If it doesn’t lead you where you want it to send your Audience, Click on the Edit Button to the left of Preview. 

I have created this Banner Ad through I Customized what Dimension Size I wanted and Uploaded what Images I want to be seen here. I shall leave that for another Blog Post in the future to be published. 

IBOToolbox My Advertising Turn On

Once you are satisfied after re-checking everything to see if it works, Click on Turn On when you are finished. 

IBOToolbox Banner Ad Submitted

You will soon start seeing that your Impressions Count will go down based on How many Views there are.
IBOToolbox Banner Ad Advertising Progress

IBOtoolbox has a built in “targeted prospect” advertising system. This advertising system displays ads on many high traffic, organic search generated traffic websites including IBOtoolbox, IBOsocial,,,, and many others. The IBO network and family of websites boast of over 150k+ visitors /day. Advertising your business with Banner Ads or Listing ads, to these visitors, is a major reason why IBOtoolbox is so powerful!

By using credits, you can create and deploy an ad across the entire IBOtoolbox advertising network. This is more targeted and more cost effective than Facebook or Google Adwords will ever be. Credits can be earned and purchased.

IMPORTANT: IBOtoolbox advertising platform is NOT a PPC (Pay Per click), rather it is a PPV (Pay Per View) style system. IBOtoolbox will place your ad on websites you select when creating the ad. IBOtoolbox will deduct impressions as the ad is displayed to viewers. IBOtoolbox does not guarantee nor is responsible for Clicks, Traffic, Signups, Optins, Sales, Likes, Adds, Click Through Rates, or ROI % from use of our advertising platform.

Credit Center


Click on Credit Center under the Site Navigation to the Top Right Hand Side. 

IBOToolbox Credit Center

One of the biggest parts of IBOtoolbox is running ads within the platform. By running IBOtoolbox banner or listing style ads, you can give your business the immediate exposure it needs.

IBOtoolbox is the true ideal Free System because it is allowing members to use credits to promote their own businesses ads or other programs/products they are affiliated with.

Earning Credits


IBOToolbox Earning Credits

Free Credit Coupons: DAILY BONUS CODES



Copy/Paste this Code when you Click on redeem here.

The Following Screen will Pop Up, Enter in your Code in the White Text Box, Click on Redeem Coupon, it would then say Accepted and 50 Credits were added. 

IBOToolbox Redeem Credit Coupons Accepted



IBOToolbox would send you an email message each Sunday about a Newsletter to your Inbox. See Below Picture. This Credit Code can earn you 100 FREE Credits if you enter it in when you Log In to IBOToolbox, then Credit Center, then Click on Redeem Coupon, enter in the Code presented, and Click on Redeem Coupon. 

IBOToolbox Inbox Message Newsletter Credit Code

Or, you may always feel free to simply go to where you can see the Newsletter, read through it if you wish, and grab the Credit Coupon Code here. 



  • WEDNESDAY TRAINING WEBINARS –  Come learn how to use this system every Wednesday @ 8PM EST and get a credit code worth 200 credits.
  • SATURDAY TRAINING WEBINARS –  Come learn how to use this system every Saturday @ 12PM EST and get a credit code worth 200 credits.



At times you will see the IBOToolbox Admin post Codes like the one you see below, this is worth 50 FREE Credits. 

IBOToolbox Admin Bonus Credit Codes

Credit Usage History


Click on History under Credit Center at the Top under Site Navigation

You should then see where you gained the Credits from and where you lost it.

IBOToolbox Credit History

Each day you Log In to your IBOXToolbox Account, you will get 25 Credits. 

Sponsored User means the same as an IBOToolbox Referral here. 

Edit Account


You can Change your Username and Password here. 

IBOToolbox Edit Account Part 1

Click on Save when you are done. Scroll Down further and should then see General Settings. 

General Settings


By Default, all the Boxes would be checked, it is up to you to decide which you would want to receive notifications on in emails sent to you by IBOToolbox.

I normally Checked the Boxes under SOCIAL SETTINGS for Enable Chat, Allow Invitations.

For EMAIL SETTINGS, I Checked Receive Newsletter since I want to get the FREE Credit Coupon Code to get my 100 Credits. 

For HELP SETTINGS, I Checked Show Help Icon. 

IBOToolbox Edit Account Part 2

Click on Save at the bottom when you are done. Scroll Down further and at the end you should see Account Removal.

Account Removal


IBOToolbox Edit Account Part 3

If for some reason you would like to Delete your IBOToolbox Account, you can. 



PR Tool

IBOToolbox PR Tool

Here’s a Proven Way of How I get the IBO AUTHENTIC badge for my PRs


Click on Create Press Release. Scroll Down and you should see the Press Release Editor. 

1) Press Release Title: Can be anything you want related to your Topic. Make it sound catchy enough that it would help draw attention for others to Click on it and Read it.

2) Your Website Link: Copy/Paste your Website Blog URL link here.

3) Keywords:  Copy/Paste ALL the Keywords you have for your Website Blog.

Here is a Visual Example of how I gathered the information required for Press Release Title, Website Link, and Keywords.

IBOToolbox Press Release Editor Visual Example

Copy/Paste the information in the appropriate places indicated. 

IBOToolbox Press Release Editor

Please Note in Blue

Type in your Content in the Content Editor, it is best advised to be creative and have fun with this, write a short summary of about 250 Words or more concerning your Main Blog on your Website. 


How To Put Banner Code or HTML Code into the Content Editor


First, Type in the Word INSERT in Caps and Bold.

Click on Tools, then Source code.

IBOToolbox Content Editor Tools Source Code

A Screen will Pop Up, search for the Word INSERT by doing Ctrl + F on Keyboard. At Top Right-Hand Corner will be a White Text Box. Type in CAPS the word INSERT. This will help you find it faster in the Source Code.

Once you have found it, Paste the HTML or Banner Code exactly over the entire Word INSERT. Click on OK when you are Done. 

Scroll Down further and you should then see this.

IBO Authentic Content

Click on Content is Authentic.

Make sure you have Checked the 2 Boxes under IBO RULES CHECK. 

Click on Publish at Bottom Right when you are done. At the next Screen, you should Scroll Down and see the Following Message.

IBO Press Release Editor Continue

Click on Continue. When you have done that, you should then see at the Top that your Credits would have gone up by 120 Credits. 🙂 

Please Note in Blue

CREDITS: Receive 20 credits (40 credits is contributor) per submitted PR. (Max 2/day).

ADDITIONAL CREDITS AWARDED FOR “AUTHENTIC CONTENT” You will receive 100 bonus credits as well as the “IBO AUTHENTIC” badge on your PR, if your content is unique, written by you, and never before published anywhere on the Internet.


Press Release Comments


At the Top under the Site Navigation on the Right Hand Side, you will see your New Comments Icon highlighted up, Click on it, this will allow you to see Comments other IBOToolbox Members gave towards your Press Releases. 

IBOToolbox Press Release Comments

You will see your IBOToolbox Dashboard Wall here, further down you should Click on Show Comments underneath where you said View Press Releases. A dropdown of how many Comments you have received will appear. 

IBOToolbox View Press Release Comments

Click on View Comments next to each IBOToolbox Members statement. 

You will be brought to your IBOSocial Profile Page which will have your Selected Press Release featured on the right. 

Click on Visit Website will most likely take you to your Blog Post you Published.

IBOToolbox Featured Press Release Part 1

Further down, you will see Business Links, here you can list your Blog Post Urls so you can get more Visitors coming to check it out! 

You will also see Visitor Info on how many people visited your IBOSocial Profile. 

Where it is says Business Owner Comments in Red, those are the Comments IBOToolbox Members have left for your Press Release.

IBOToolbox Featured Press Release Part 2

Going even more down, you will see your Facebook Feed, here you can promote your FaceBook Page. To the right, you will see some Facebook Member Comments listed.

IBOToolbox Featured Press Release Part 3

Underneath all of the Facebook Member Comments, you should see The Date of when you Published the Press Releases onto the IBOToolbox platform. 


More Info on this coming later.


More Info on this coming later.

IBO Resources

More Info on this coming later.

Referral Links

More Info on this coming later.



At the Top under the Site Navigation on the Right Hand Side, you will see Search. Click on it and this Screen will appear.

In here, you can find particular IBOToolbox Members or anything else at this Platform.

Below is an Example of a Search I did. 

IBOToolbox Search

In Need of Extra Guidance, Check Out the Following!


Towards the Right-Hand Side of your IBOToolbox Dashboard as you Scroll Down, you should see this.

IBOToolbox Section Assistance Short Training Videos

How to Comment on a Wall Post

How to Post a New Wall Entry

IBOToolbox Site Navigation

How to Share a Wall Post – IBOSpirit

IBOToolbox Market With Kris Training


As I am still investigating IBOToolbox a bit more, I shall Update this Blog Post with additional info…

In Conclusion


Paid Traffic is not really worth it. Free Traffic through Content and Keywords is what pays off best.

However, it takes time.

Take it from me as a lesson I have learned. This is my personal suggestion to you. 

You can easily get your own Traffic the easy and best way possible. It wouldn’t include any form of time consuming measures to be taken just so your website can be promoted and seen either. 

The best way you can get a unique flow of Traffic is through creating a website which you can do here in 30 seconds tops.

You will need to know how Keyword Research is done correctly by which I mean what are the words people are typing into Search Engines to get the answers they need to their problems, and planning out a way how the Top 10 Websites ended up on the 1st Page of Google Search Results based on the keywords they are targeting in their Blog Posts. It is simply a “numbers game, but you got to play your cards right in order to win.”

This in turn will allow you to earn passive income in the process. Passive Income means recurring income. Another word for recurring income is recurring commission. 

Recurring Commission means consistent payment day in and day out per month.

Recurring Commission, think of it like the consistent fee you would pay for your phone service per month or internet bill.

Here’s the Simplest Business Method I would suggest to you:

1) Choose Any Interest/Passion you have. Everyone is bound to like something, right?

2) Build a Website. Can be done with no coding experience at all, in a matter of a few seconds of your time. Can’t beat fast these days!

3) Get Visitors to your Website. I know people find this part the most challenging, but it is fairly quite easy to accomplish. You write your own unique Content naturally from your point of view on the subject matter, get it ranked on the 1st Page of Google Search Results which draws the most attention since most don’t go beyond the 1st page anyways. And, what does that mean if you are able to do this? You get more people coming to your Website, and you should see that you will begin making money from this, repeat and rinse this method and you will see conversions improving as time passes. Pretty cool and sweet deal! 

4) Making the Money. Of course in order to get money coming in, you would need to be part of Affiliate Programs, they would give you products to promote on your Website, and you would be making money based on selling other people’s products through your Website. Now, the neat part of this is that there are loads of affiliate programs out there versus the amount of jobs you can apply for in your area. Literally, there are millions of Affiliate Programs you can take part in. Best of all, most of them are FREE to join. They require looking at your Website to see if there is information there, if you are getting some social engagement, and don’t have inappropriate images or harsh language being present. This usually helps them to consider you as being part of your program. Sounds simple enough, correct?

Ladies and gentlemen, you heard it from me, affiliate marketing looks more promising than ever as more people are working from the comfort of their own homes. This is how I earn a passive income with websites like this one. To get access into how I made all this happen in building my very own profitable online business, you can get hands on training experience here, just take a look into my Wealthy Affiliate Review, its FREE to join and you will have plenty of people to help you out in this community.


IBOToolbox could be used as a supplement to WA and NOT a replacement because it is through WA where you get the training you need to get started on the right foot for Affiliate Marketing, SEO, and Keyword Research while IBOToolbox does not touch base with those aspects because it is just a platform to promote one’s businesses freely. 


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Why IBOToolbox is Popular

Name: IBOToolbox


Facebook Page:

Founder: Paul Williams

Price: FREE to Join

Who Is It For: Anyone who wants Traffic to their Website without investing money for Paid Traffic.

What Do You Do Here Exactly To Get Traffic? Publishing Press Releases, using Credits/Impressions to promote your Website Content. 

Verdict: Highly Recommended!

Overall Percentile Rank Record:



Feedback-Group-ChatSo, what did you think about this Article on Join IBOToolbox Free? 

Complete List of Legit Affiliate Programs

Did you have a personal experience with using this or any other way to get Traffic to your Website for FREE

Has it worked out for you the way you thought it would or not?

Have you come across something similar to this that would be considered as just a great Website to go and implement drawing more Traffic to your Website?

If so, please leave your Comments or Questions below and I will be more than happy to get back to you.

I would love to hear your Feedback. 🙂

Could you please do me a small favor and Share This Post so that it may help your Friends to benefit from it also, would you? Thank you so much. 😀

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24 thoughts on “Join IBOtoolbox Free To Brand Your Business

  1. Hi, Angel,
    very great review and tutorial. Honestly, I joined IBOtoolbox a few months ago but I didn’t understand how the system works. With your tutorial, now everything is clear. I profited. I even took advantage of your guide to complete my profile and have a certain number of credits lol. Considering how their system works I noticed some similarity with another platform ( ), which also allows users to have traffic from google search engines and other members sites.

    Kindky regard!!!

    1. Dear Sebastian,

      Thank you for your Feedback, I really appreciate it very much. I did join it under someone, and it took a bit of time getting used to how their system works, so I took it slow, and wrote down what worked and what didn’t. It is important to obtain Free Credits at least with a website that is there to help you get more people to your own in return. Call it Equivalent Exchange process or something.

      Please feel free to drop by anytime.

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  2. Hi Angel,

    I am already a member of IBO and I found it to be very overwhelming. It has been very difficult to work on IBO as well as to concentrate on building my online business. I felt like I was trying to maintain to websites at once.

    But, I appreciate this tutorial you have created for using the IBO system. This seems a lot easier to understand than searching for the right instructions or paying to get that training from Kris.

    I am hoping that going through your article will help me understand how to use it better because I do think it could help boost my traffic to my website.

    I really appreciate this article and think it will really help me.



    1. Dear Verna,

      Thank you so much for your Feedback, I really appreciate it. 🙂

      I usually find myself to taking the cheap and best route all the time when it involves paying someone like Kris to get training from to run an online business.

      Welcome, no problem, I do my best to incorporate every single detail I can think of so I never let my readers miss out on anything important. 🙂

      Please feel free to drop by my website anytime you wish. ^_^

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  3. I have heard of the IBOtoolbox before, but I was a bit confused with the program. However, after reading your review it’s now clear to see how this works for business owners 🙂

    I do really love the fact that IBOtoolbox is free to join and that’s it’s no MLM or pyramid scheme. But I really do dislike network marketers, especailly the con-artists!

    Thanks very much for your detailed walk-through of IBOtoolbox, and this is something that will certainly benefit a lof of people wanting to build their businesses further.


    1. Dear Neil,

      Thank you so much for your Feedback, I really appreciate it. 🙂

      Wow, glad to hear that I made things crystal clear for you to understand. 😀

      Yeah, me too I do hate the con-artists also. 🙁

      Welcome, no problem. ^_^

      Please feel free to drop by my website anytime you wish. 🙂

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  4. Hi, Angel. I’ve never heard of IBOtoobox before. It’s rare to find something that is completely free like this. I can’t help but feel that there must be a catch somewhere. Are you sure there is no catch?

    Are you sure it’s not just a way to earn money by referring other people and then hoping they upgrade to premium? Or does it have a lot more going for it than that?

    But then, saying that, as it is free to join, what can the harm be, right?

    1. Dear Marcus,

      Thanks for your Feedback, I really appreciate it. 🙂 I don’t believe there is a catch to it.

      The obvious answer is yes because there is no upgrade.

      Yeah, as it is free to join, I don’t there is any harm in trying it out and gaining more exposure for your business ideas to expand there also. 😀

      Please feel free to drop by my website anytime you wish. 🙂

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  5. An excellent Introduction to IBO Toolbox, Angel.

    “Success is where preparation meets opportunity!” Your Introduction to IBO Toolbox delivered that message loud and clear. I wrote my very first PR about the message YOU sent me just a little while ago accepting my associate request. You my friend are impressive and I hope I can learn a lot more from you in the future.

    1. Dear Anne-Marie Ronsen,

      Thanks for your Feedback Comment. 🙂 I am glad to hear that you enjoyed my Blog Post on IBOToolbox. 🙂 I appreciate the compliments greatly. 🙂 I hope I have the strength and willpower in me to teach more in the future also. 😀

      Please feel free to drop by my website anytime you wish. 🙂

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  6. You have a very interesting site and I’ll be looking at it some more when I have more time.
    It’s interesting to know there are so many ways to use the Internet these days.
    I have many interests and would like to begin with some simple lessons.
    Which lesson would you recommend beginning with?

    Thank you.

    1. Dear meherbani,

      Thank you so much for your Feedback about my website. 🙂 I am glad you found it interesting. 🙂 I appreciate that a great deal. 🙂

      Wow, you have many interests much in the same way I do. 🙂

      I would recommend learning how a website is the building block for which your foundation rests upon. Plus, how with having a firm website in place, you can promote it through IBOToolbox through various ways for it to gain more exposure. All for FREE of course. 🙂

      I learned about Website Building through the greatest Training Platform imaginable. See My #1 Recommendation.

      Hope that answered your question. 🙂

      Please feel free to drop by again sometime. 🙂

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  7. An excellent Introduction to IBO Toolbox, Angel.
    I am a long time IBO Toolbox member. I have found that Engagement is the key to making the most of IBO Toolbox. It is as simple as this. When I am away from IBO Toolbox, my website visits go down. When I am active, they go up.
    Reading from the previous comments, yes there are a lot of active MLMers. But many of us are from different businesses. The MLMers just make up for it by being the loudest. 🙂
    IBO Toolbox is a community and like any community, if you don’t participate, you may never know what you are missing.
    Welcome to IBO Toolbox, Angel. I am looking forward to our Association for years to come.

    1. Dear Curtiss Martin,

      Wow, thank you so much for your Feedback, I really appreciate it. 🙂

      I see what you mean by Website Visits. 🙂

      I have checked with my Google Analytics, my Audience Overview, and Sessions have really gone up since I joined IBOToolbox on December 7, 2015.
      Being a part of this place is the next best thing aside from being in Wealthy Affiliate 24/7. 🙂

      I guess you are right, MLMers do seem like the loud bunch here. However, I have encountered people promoting Traffic Exchange Websites too.

      Exactly, and I love being a part of the online community of internet marketeers. 🙂

      I am just as much eagerly looking forward to learning as much as I can and expanding my online success with the help provided, so thank you so much! 😀

      Yes, indeed, the best is yet to come, couldn’t have said that better myself. 🙂

      Please feel free to drop by again sometime. 🙂

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  8. Hi Angel,
    Up until I came across your review of IBOToolbox, I had never heard of it. I see that you rate it pretty highly. Some other visitors to your site seem to like it.
    I hope this isn’t a rude question, but will being in IBO require a lot of online activity within that community to make it worthwhile moneywise? How much time is needed each week to see some results?
    I look forward to what information you have on that subject.

    1. Dear Duncan,

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a Comment. I have heard about IBOToolbox just this past month and decided to check them out. IBOToolbox is a great Community, and people may reach out to you if they want a legitimate means of improving their business. I pointed several people on there towards my #1 Recommendation.

      So, in that regard, you can strike up a conversation with them about what you are doing and make connections in various aspects here.

      That is not a rude question Duncan. 🙂
      I am happy to help answer it for you.

      IBOToolbox is the more you put into it, they more you get out of it. So more time and effort = more results. I usually spend just 1 hour each weekday. This is plenty of time set aside which I would use to write a Press Release, Comment on other Wall Posts and Press Releases from others, get Free Credits, etc.

      Hope I helped answer your question well.

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  9. Hey Paul, how many credits will I receive when signing up/getting started on IBO Toolbox? What is the best way to generate more credits? How is it compared to article publishing? I am looking to generate free traffic to my website. Is it mainly for the internet marketing and MMO niche? Also, are there high quality clicks delivered? I think I joined IBO Toolbox previously but did not receive much traffic from there.

    1. Well first of all, my name is Angel and not Paul. 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by and I shall gladly answer your questions.

      1) how many credits will I receive when signing up/getting started on IBO Toolbox?

      Answer: 500 Credits provided you complete Steps 1-3 when setting up your Profile.
      *I know as per screenshot picture in this Blog Post it said 100, but I guess they never changed that to really say 500 yet.*

      2) What is the best way to generate more credits?

      Answer: Log In per day, you get 25 Credits. Publish 2 Press Releases, if it is Authentic, you get 100 Credits that way. 🙂 Another aspect is that during midnight, they have a Credit Coupon Code you enter and can redeem 50 Credits also.

      3) How is it compared to article publishing?

      Answer: When you do the Press Releases here on the IBOToolbox Platform, it is simply this like this.
      IBO PR (business blog) publishing tool
      This application lets you publish highly visible content about your business. Unlike many blog sites on the Internet, when you publish your content on IBOtoolbox it is seen immediately. Your PR is not only published on IBOtoolbox, it is published on your IBOsocial profile, Networked Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites that pickup IBO PR RSS feeds.
      Your PR will also get comments by other IBOmembers almost immediately. Those members will also share your PR with their social networks.
      IBOtoolbox PRs get highly ranked on search engines within minutes of publishing. Within a short time of using this tool, you will begin to receive organic traffic.

      4) I hear ya on that one, generate Free Traffic. 🙂 Is it mainly for the internet marketing and MMO niche?

      Answer: No, it is not. A friend of mine is running a online business about losing weight the natural way, others are doing it on various topics. I have seen some that mention about motivation and personality trait discussions too. So, this place covers it all, anyone can make it here at IBOToolbox. 🙂

      5) Also, are there high quality clicks delivered?

      Answer: Yes, they can. Each time you Publish a Wall Post or even a Press Release, people will flock to your Website almost instantly. Remember, you can Convert your Credits to Impressions, which is what most use to promote their online business ads throughout IBO, so in that regard you get more exposure from a different set of eyes.

      I am sorry to hear about your previous experience with IBOToolbox.

      I simply try to interact and respond back to the people and that prompts people to engage with you more and help you out with promoting your business or offering tips in how to make your time at IBO be more worthwhile too. 🙂

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  10. I am a member of IBO, but I have not signed on in like three months. I hope they have not deleted my account; I had a good many advertising credits.

    I see you really like IBO Toolbox, and I think it is okay, but it seemed to be crowded with network marketers, not affiliate marketers.

    I will say that within just a couple days I had the privilege to share my opportunity with about five people that private messaged me only to promote their business, so I sent them a couple nice messages and promoted my business. However, being that they had a MLM mindset, my opportunity to earn a residual income passively was not good enough.

    I will say that every month someone sees my blog, but I have not had a good experience with people that use IBO Social converting into sales. I plan to try again later, but I am too busy right now to be active within that community.

    Free traffic is awesome,


    1. Dear Travis,

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a Comment. 🙂
      I do not think they would necessarily Delete your Account because when I checked the Edit Account option in my Site Navigation Panel there, an Option to Delete your IBOToolbox Account is present.

      Yes, you do bring a good set of points to the table here. especially concerning the place has a majority of internet marketeers versus affiliate ones here.

      I have run into those that are part of MLMs too.

      I am sorry to hear that Travis.

      I encountered the same scenario too. I suppose it depends on knowing how to find the right people out there who show an interest in your passions while setting aside their own for the time being.

      IBOToolbox has apparently worked for some people in terms of getting referrals to their affiliate programs or buying a product.

      I guess you could say that if at first you don’t succeed, try try try again until you do.

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  11. Thank you for a thorough review of IBOtoolbox. I had come across this before but I never bothered to look at it closely enough as it seemed rather overwhelming – for me the website looked too busy!!! Your review provides a clear outline of what’s inside IBOtoolbox and it has encouraged me to take the time to look around.
    Can you confirm whether everything within IBOtoolbox is absolutely Free – will there be any upsells within?

    1. Dear Victoria,

      Thank you so much for your Feedback, I really appreciate it. 🙂
      Yes, that was my first impression when I walked into IBOToolbox too.
      However, as with all things, there is a learning curve involved until you take the time to get used to the surroundings and feel confident enough to further advance in it
      I believe you will find it worthwhile to check them out, you will be pleasantly surprised at the community of members here.

      They have great support, I was amazed at how some took time to write me long messages on knowing how to properly get started here. They made it seem easier than I thought.

      There are no Upsells here at all. 🙂 You can make Contributions if you wish, but they don’t force that on you to do.

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,

      1. Great tips! Do you need quality traffic?

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        and commissions is easy when you have the right

        So instead of joining 1,000s of advertising
        networks, traffic exchanges, safelists, and PTCs
        trying to figure it out, just sign up below
        to find out exactly which sites convert.

        You’ll get also regular updates with new ideas
        for traffic generation.

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        1. Dear Elsa,

          Thanks so much for your Feedback, I really appreciate it. 🙂

          Please feel free to drop by my website anytime you wish. 😀

          Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


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