Jesus Is The Way The Truth and Life

A conviction is better than a condemnation. Think about it, 

God is Good and the Devil is Evil.

God loves that which is good, He fights fair all the time. The Devil cheats.

Be sure to always love that which is good and hate that which is evil. 

You can always talk to God, whether online or offline. He has the most powerful wireless connection. No need for the Internet. God created everything and meant it for good. Yet, as humans we believe we need to put Him far from us. Why? It is when life goes our way, we don’t need him at all. 

On the contrary, you need air to breath, He breathed life into Adam, the first human being, and saw that as he had no companion, he made Eve from his body and brought her to him. In true essence Adam and Eve were the 1st human parents and we all came from their bloodline. 

Another I am that is not here is: I am who I am when the Lord appeared to Moses. 

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