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Is TrafficMonsoon A Scam

Name: TrafficMonsoon


Facebook Page:

Founder’s Facebook:

Founder: Charles Scoville

Charles Scoville Founder of TrafficMonsoon














Price: FREE to Join

Who Is It For: Anyone who wants Traffic to their Website without investing money for Paid Traffic.

What Do You Do Here Exactly To Get Traffic? Surf and View other peoples’ websites to get Visitor Credits.

Verdict: It is okay! Wouldn’t recommend it though. 

Overall Percentile Rank Record:


Please Note: I will earn a commission if you buy through any of the links on my website, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products that I have personally used myself or products/services that I believe are beneficial after doing extensive research. 

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 The Positives


  • FREE to Join, no obligation required to go Paid. 
  • Get Paid To Click For FREE.
  • Great FAQs Section.
  • With the Ads you see, this is a great Gateway of Topics you can write about in future Blog Posts. Exposing scams for what they really are. 

The Negatives


  • Gain couple of cents for Clicking and Viewing the Ads on the Platform. (Similar to Google AdSense).
  • Complete waste of time if thinking advertising here will gain you consistent Referrals. 
  • A Time Out Period happens based on being too inactive on having your Account opened, you would be kicked out and need to Log back in again.
  • “Ghost Testimonials” on the Website are really not helping make this Program more reliable but shady. 

Signing Up For A TrafficMonsoon FREE Account


1) Go to:

Here’s what the Home Page looks like.

Click on Signup.

TrafficMonsoon Home Page

Here’s the SignUp Application Sheet.

TrafficMonsoon SignUp Part 1

TrafficMonsoon SignUp Part 2

TrafficMonsoon SignUp Part 3

Please Note in Blue

Any Purchase of Service is Non-Refundable. 

So, in other words, your best bet is to go for being a FREE Member of TrafficMonsoon as anything you buy is not refundable. 🙂

2) Fill in all the necessary information.

Click on the Checkbox next to Agreement.

Then, Fill in the CAPTCHA Code, and Finally Click on Proceed.

My Screen became blank like the Following, but at the Top I noticed that my Submitted E-mail was shown in the Top Address Bar.

Traffic Monsoon Thank You Screen


I then Signed In to my E-mail and then Clicked on the Red Link in the Message. This then Activated my Account

TrafficMonsoon Activate Account Email Message

3) As I Clicked the Link, in a New Tab I was brought to this Screen.

Simply Typed in the Username and Password, then Clicked on Activate!

TrafficMonsoon Account Activation

Upon Clicking on Activate! I saw this Screen, after a few seconds, I then Clicked on Back to Dashboard.

TrafficMonsoon Clicked Back To Dashboard

Here’s a look at our Dashboard. I have highlighted Key Areas which is worth the investigation and navigating through. 

On the Left Hand Side, you have your Username and underneath that is Edit Profile, Security, and History. As well as Status below that. 

If you wanted to, you could Click on the Getting Started Video

Surfing Traffic Monsoon Ads To Gain Credits


I Clicked on Start Surfing 2:1 20 sec at the Top to the Right of My Account

Keep in mind that the Ratio 2:1 means that for every 2 Ads you Surf and Watch for 20 Seconds each gains you 1 Visitor Credit which you can Assign towards getting Visitors to look at your own. 

Conversion Rate: 2 Ads Viewed = 1 Visitor Credit

TrafficMonsoon Free Member Dashboard

A 20 Second Countdown Timer will Appear on the Following Screen. Just wait it out a bit.

TrafficMonsoon Countdown 20 Second Timer

Click on Identical Image to proceed. 

TrafficMonsoon Click Identical Image

Clicked on Next Site

TrafficMonsoon Next Site

So basically, it is 20 seconds timeframe to view each website. So, let’s do a bit of math calculations here.

60 seconds in 1 minute. <– 3 ads are to be watched in 20 second timeframe. This amounts to 1.5 Visitor Credits.

Remember earlier that 2 Ads = 1 Visitor Credit. 

Therefore, 3 Ads = 1.5 Visitor Credit. 

1 minute  which is 60 seconds = 1.5 Visitor Credit. 

So, in 1 hour which is 60 minutes, that means 1.5 Visitor Credits x 60 minutes equals 90 credits you can get in Total. 

Getting Started

Then, I Clicked on Getting Started, to the Right, these are the set of questions and answers you would need to know about while familiarizing yourself with Traffic Monsoon. 

Click on the 1st Click Here as highlighted in Green in Below Picture.

Traffic Monsoon Getting Started Tips

You should then be directed to your Account Details like this.

Traffic Monsoon My Account Part 1

Traffic Monsoon My Account Part 2

Click on Forgot Pin and you should then see the Following Screen. 

Click on Reset and Send to My Email at Bottom which will then ask you the Question at Top:

Do you really want to generate transaction PIN and sent to your Email? Click on Ok

Traffic Monsoon Security Details Reset Transaction Pin

You should then see at the Top a Thank You Notice.

Traffic Monsoon Security Details Thank You Notice

Login to your E-mail and you should have received your Transaction Pin Info from Traffic Monsoon.

Traffic Monsoon Transaction Pin Email

This is the Info you would Enter in Transaction Pin when you Scroll Down to Edit Your Profile, then Click on Update when you are Done. 

Traffic Monsoon Updated Transaction Pin


Buy AdPacks w/Sharing


Traffic Monsoon Add A Banner Ad

Click on Setup a New Banner Ad.

Traffic Monsoon New Banner

You should be directed to the Following Screen.

Traffic Monsoon Banner Activation

Please Note in Blue

You have 1 inactive banner(s). To activate them please purchase Adpacks or add Clicks for them. If you choose not to make a purchase on your banner(s), please remove them. 

Traffic Monsoon Removing Banner Ad

Click on Remove here. Click on Ok.

Traffic Monsoon Ad Removed Successfully

My Websites


Traffic Monsoon My Newly Added Websites

Click on New Site

Simply Add in the URL you want and then Click on Update.

Traffic Monsoon Update New Site Url

On the Next Screen, just wait 10 Seconds til you get the: Thank you. Your Ad has been successfully activated Notification at the Top as seen in Below Picture.

Traffic Monsoon Site Activation Thank You

You should then see the Following Screen appear.

Traffic Monsoon My Sites Pending Status

We have to wait for end Red Pending Status to say Approved in Green like in Below Picture.

Click on Manage and then underneath it will say Assign, Click on Assign and a dropdown should appear where you can Assign the Amount of Credits you want.

Click on Assign at the very Bottom when you are done. 

Traffic Monsoon My Website Approved Status

It should then look like this after.

Traffic Monsoon My Websites Visitors Left

After some time as passed, we should then see how many Visitors we have Received.

Traffic Monsoon My Websites Visitors Received


Buy Credits

Traffic Monsoon Buy Credits


Traffic Monsoon Exchange Credits Purchases

Buy Start Pages

Traffic Monsoon Buy Start Pages

Traffic Exchange Start Pages is an offer where your Website will be the 1st site viewed by all Traffic Monsoon members.

This is $35/day. You will gain more attention this way as your Website is seen by more set of eyes. 

Buy Login Ads

Traffic Monsoon Buy Login Ads

Login Ads places your Website in a pop-up window upon logging into Traffic Monsoon. 

This is $35/day. Space is limited to just 1. So, you better act quick to get a hold of this whenever it is available! 

Cash Links


Based on what I have read here, you would need to Surf through 10 Ads per day in order to qualify for Cash Links. 

These are Paid-To-Click (PTC) links which appear on your Dashboard when you Login to your Traffic Monsoon Account (See Below Pictures), and reward you with extra cash!

Cash links are a great way to show other members what else you’re involved with, and invite them to join you.

Please Note in Blue

To qualify for Referral Click earnings from these links, you must have clicked a minimum of 10 ads in the traffic exchange within the last 24 hours.

Traffic Monsoon Cash Links Available

As I Clicked on the Green Button that you see in above picture, I was brought to the Following Screen. Traffic Monsoon No Cash Links Available

Well so much for that I suppose. I guess sometimes it can be a false alarm where you see nothing here at all until you keep on consistency surfing 10 Ads per day to qualify for Referral Click Earnings from Cash Links.

Okay, I am back, and this is how you would see what Cash Links are truly available for you. 

Traffic Monsoon Click Claim Cash Links
Click on Claim. You would then see on a screen the Ad for a few moments, then type in a Code you see, Click on Credit Button and see that the Click was Credited provided you answered correctly the number or code you saw. Although from the beginning it may not seem like much, it probably is to your benefit that you stay consistent with watching 10 Ads per day to hopefully see bigger Cash Links Earnings here. 

Buy Cash Links


Traffic Monsoon Buy Cash Links

My Text Ads/Buy Clicks

Traffic Monsoon Buy Clicks

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns are $0.25 per click and allow you to target your ads to specific countries for $0.50 per click. Every click on your banners ads is worth a lot – those users who click on your ads may become your referrals or even clients. Users click simply because they are interested in the topic of your ads!

Buy Massive Traffic

Traffic Monsoon Buy Massive Traffic PackagesTraffic Monsoon Buy Massive Traffic

Traffic Rotator


Scroll Down to where it says My Tools and Click on Traffic Rotator.

Click on New Rotator

Traffic Monsoon Traffic Rotator

Type in a Title and Click on Update

Traffic Monsoon New Rotator Title WA

Click on Add Site

Traffic Monsoon Rotator Add A Site

Copy/Paste the Url Link you want here and Click on Add Site

Traffic Monsoon Rotator Add Site

Site added successfully, now to wait and see if Views are made. 

Traffic Monsoon Traffic Rotator Site Added

Apparently, this DID NOT work out too well for me as I got 0 Views even though I logged in for several months and checked, no improvement, so I would not recommend this approach. 

10% Affiliate Program


You’ve got the opportunity to invite your friends, family, or other groups to enjoy our services & benefit from our lucrative affiliate program. For each purchase of service (except cash links) one of your referrals makes, you’ll gain an instant 10% commission. This alone can help you build a constant cash-flow.

Be Cautious About These!

About Traffic Monsoon


How is the information about economy and home-based business linked to the growth of the latter to the 2008 downfall of the former? What is so relevant about this that it has anything to do with Traffic Monsoon at all? Doesn’t make sense whatsoever!

Traffic Monsoon About

Power In Numbers Anyone?


Traffic Monsoon constantly uses the word “members” through their website without giving us an idea how vast their Member Network really is. This puts it in a tough position on deciding whether it would be alright to join or not.



Okay, I see names of the people who posted the Testimonial. But, why is there no picture of their faces? These Testimonials could have been posted anytime or date. Who is to say that these Testimonials don’t change at all for new ones to have a chance to stand out, huh?

Traffic Monsoon Testimonials

The only 2 Testimonials I found to have an actual picture of the individuals were the Following:

Traffic Monsoon Testimonial Tanguy Hubner

Traffic Monsoon Testimonial Teilon Ferreira

In other Traffic Exchange Websites I have run into, they show the Name, Picture, and Website of the person in the Testimonials. Here those Elements are not present. Also, bear in mind that sometimes when you do visit the Websites of the person, it can say that it has been moved or not available, even an error message is bound to show up sooner or later. Therefore, it kind of makes you wonder if these people are the real deal or aren’t they, right?


In Conclusion


Whenever you read Reviews of Traffic Exchange Websites, most of them just say whether it is good or bad, however have you noticed that none do not care to go in further details of displaying the actual results on if these things work or not? As far as having a way with words, “looks can be deceiving.”

They usually post their Earnings from it, but do not dive down deep into the specific details on how they achieved that. I am a person who likes to explain things in a Step-By-Step Manner as you can see from many of my Posted Blogs here. I expect my wonderful visitors to be made aware of what is expected next and judge for themselves if an online program fits their needs or not. 

Take it from me as a lesson I have learned. This is my personal suggestion to you. 

You can easily get your own Traffic the easy and best way possible. It wouldn’t include any form of time consuming measures to be taken just so your website can be promoted and seen either. 

IBOToolbox Banner

The best way you can get a unique flow of Traffic is through creating a website which you can do here in 30 seconds tops.

You will need to know how Keyword Research is done correctly by which I mean what are the words people are typing into Search Engines to get the answers they need to their problems, and planning out a way how the Top 10 Websites ended up on the 1st Page of Google Search Results based on the keywords they are targeting in their Blog Posts. It is simply a “numbers game, but you got to play your cards right in order to win.”

This in turn will allow you to earn passive income in the process. Passive Income means recurring income. Another word for recurring income is recurring commission. 

Recurring Commission means consistent payment day in and day out per month.

Recurring Commission, think of it like the consistent fee you would pay for your phone service per month or internet bill.

Here’s the Simplest Business Method I would suggest to you:

1) Choose Any Interest/Passion you have. Everyone is bound to like something, right?

2) Build a Website. Can be done with no coding experience at all, in a matter of a few seconds of your time. Can’t beat fast these days!

3) Get Visitors to your Website. I know people find this part the most challenging, but it is fairly quite easy to accomplish. You write your own unique Content naturally from your point of view on the subject matter, get it ranked on the 1st Page of Google Search Results which draws the most attention since most don’t go beyond the 1st page anyways. And, what does that mean if you are able to do this? You get more people coming to your Website, and you should see that you will begin making money from this, repeat and rinse this method and you will see conversions improving as time passes. Pretty cool and sweet deal! 

4) Making the Money. Of course in order to get money coming in, you would need to be part of Affiliate Programs, they would give you products to promote on your Website, and you would be making money based on selling other people’s products through your Website. Now, the neat part of this is that there are loads of affiliate programs out there versus the amount of jobs you can apply for in your area.

Besides, jobs you apply for in the real world demand you have a certain amount of Internship Hours, Qualifications, and if you hold a specific degree to be considered as an employee. Where do you see yourself taking a chance to really do something you enjoy for the rest of your life? What would you do if you are laid off work for any said reason by your boss? Which would you rather do: Working at a dead end job or being an online success with your own website and taking part in various Affiliate Programs to make passive income?

Literally, there are millions of Affiliate Programs you can take part in. Best of all, most of them are FREE to join. They require looking at your Website to see if there is information there, if you are getting some social engagement, and don’t have inappropriate images or harsh language being present. This usually helps them to consider you as being part of their program. Sounds simple enough, correct?

Ladies and gentlemen, you heard it from me, affiliate marketing looks more promising than ever as more people are working from the comfort of their own homes. This is how I earn a passive income with websites like this one. To get access into how I made all this happen in building my very own profitable online business, you can get hands on training experience here, just take a look into my Wealthy Affiliate Review, its FREE to join and you will have plenty of people to help you out in this community.


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Clicking Scam Ads To Get Credits Is Not Really Helping Me!



TrafficMonsoon Grow With Us

Name: TrafficMonsoon


Founder: Charles Scoville

Price: FREE to Join

Verdict: It is okay! Wouldn’t recommend it though. 

Overall Percentile Rank Record:



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