Internet Marketing Definition Base

Affiliate: a person who promotes a product that they don’t own. They are part of a program who try to help others get the most of the program they are a part of or the products they recommend.

Affiliate Link: a Code Link that represents a number attached to an Affiliate Program. is an Example of one.

Affiliate Marketing: a technique performed usually by online businesses where an affiliate member is granted a reward for every customer or newcomer who takes part in the affiliate’s marketing achievements.

Antagonist: the enemy in the main story.

Article Spinning: a tactic that blackhat Internet Marketers used that often produced Content which was very hard to read. It also did blast lots of spun articles to article directories to get backlinks to the quality content on their own website. For a time this did fool Search Engines but it doesn’t work out so well anymore since Google changed its algorithms.

Audience: visitors/viewers to your website who are searching for answers or to learn something fascinating.


Backlinks: a Url Hyperlink that re-directs you from one Web Page towards another different Website. In most cases, it is a link from someone else’s website TO your Website.

Binary Options Trading: risky business. Almost like a flip of a coin. 50/50 chance probability rate. Heads, you get a return on your investment. Tails, you just lost everything you invested in.

Blog Post: contains an overview of thoughts the writer of the Website mentioned in an article.


Commission: compensation or money earned through referring someone to be a part of an affiliate program or you get paid when someone buys a product through your Affiliate Link.

Content: the mass loads of information whether in text, images, or video that convey a relevant message to the people coming to a website.

Content Marketing: based on quality written information, you are talking about the benefits of the product backed up by personal experience usually.

CPA: Cost Per Action.

CPA Network: Cost Per Action Network.


DNS: Domain Name Server.

Downline: The sole purpose of a “Downline” is that for you to make money within the Program, you must meet the requirement of promoting the same Products and Services that (you had invested your hard earned cash in) to other people. This is an ongoing cycle which seems like it never ends. So for your “Downline” to achieve any money, they are required to follow in the same footsteps to do the same exact thing which you did. Almost like the phrase: “Like father, like son” where common actions/characteristics are being passed down onto the next person.

The products are vastly overpriced and are that way for a reason. So that those at the top of the pyramid can make lofty profits on the loss of the bottom feeders below them.




Fiction: a fake story.

Flipenese:  Flipping the Filipinos and Chinese around. 

FTC: (Federal Trade Commission). Similar to what the FBI does in terms of investigating but this is related to online business. They are a United States federal regulatory agency who are made to monitor and prevent anti-competitive, deceptive or unfair business practices.

FTP: File Transfer Protocol.


GentleMantor: a Gentleman who is a Mentor. 

Guerrilla Marketing: examples would be posting flyers or having an advertisement on billboards.


HTTP:  This stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. It’s a type of Protocol that allows you to communicate with websites via your browser. A website with the HTTP prefix means it’s unsecured and someone might be able to change the look of the page.

HTTPS is short for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. This means the information between you and the website is encrypted. This provides protection when you transmit personal or financial information like your social security number or credit card details. You should never enter any sensitive data without checking a website if it begins with HTTPS.

Hyperlink: usually activated when one mouses over and clicks on a highlighted text word or image within the content of a website, which often times leads you to another part of the current website you are visiting.


Internal Links: When 1 Blog Post Article connects to another on the same Website.

Internet Marketing: another name for this is online marketing. This is where advertising and using the world wide web as well as e-mail to drive direct sales through commerce electronically, along with Website sale leads or in e-mails.

IRS: Internal Revenue Service.

ISP: Internet Service Provider.




Lead: is a “Potential Customer.” Usually this means that you got the person’s E-mail Address as part of an E-mail opt-in Form. Sometimes even Subscribers could be thought of as a Lead too.

Leakage: When you are diverting your Visitors to another Website if you inserted someone else’s YouTube Video link on your Website, but when a Visitor is curious, they would Click and visit the other person’s website and not spend more time on your own website for better social engagement with the Content you worked hard to create.


MLM: MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).

MLM Marketing Strategy: The MLM Marketing Strategy is where the sales force is compensated not only for the sales they are able to generate on a whole but also get commissions from the customers that they end up recruiting into the program under them.

In a typical MLM Program, you are paying just a minimum fee just to enter and be a part of it. However, what we later fail to realize is that as time progresses eventually they will start revealing other more advanced levels of membership which would open the doorway to more higher commissions you can look forward to obtain.


Newbie: fancy word for a person who is new to things. 

Niche: defined as your type of interest, passion, hobby, an issue, a desire, or a necessity. In other words, it is a topic that is geared towards an “audience.”

Niche Marketing: where one is advertising about their passion on a Website through promoting products related to the topic of interest.

Non-Fiction: a true story.

Noun: person, place, or thing.


Online Marketing: another name for this is internet marketing. This is where advertising and using the world wide web as well as e-mail to drive direct sales through commerce electronically, along with Website sale leads or in e-mails.


Permalinks: Those that come after the Domain Name. For this Example, I would take The Domain is .com however what comes after is what constitutes as a permalink. Permalink here would be imdb.

Pingbacks: each time you Publish a Post, you get a pingback. This tells all the Search Engines that you have published a post.

Plug-Ins: bits of software to enhance your website with additional features. Think of it like this, if Apps are to Smartphones, Programs for Windows/Mac PCs, then Plugins are for Websites.

PPC: Pay-Per-Click.

Protagonist: the hero in the main story.

Pyramid Scheme: Based on a Hierarchical-like Setup, it is an illegal scam investment. New Recruits or Referrals consist of being at the bottom and or building foundation of the pyramid in that they provide for the funding responsibilties, so-called bringer of customers flowing into the program in the hopes of earning commissions, which end up really be given away to the beginning founders/recruits who are above them. In other words, the ancestor gains at the loss of the descendants.


QSR: (Quoted Search Results). This represents a number you would see on 1st Page of Google Search Results of the amount of Websites created targeting a particular set of Keywords.


Raw Clicks: When one person Clicks on a Link multiple times, it is counted for each one they did. (See also Unique Clicks).

ROI: Return on Investment.

Royalty Free Images or Videos: as soon as a license fee has been paid, both images and videos can be used infinitely without having to pay for additional fees time and time again. This means having the right to use copyrighted or intellectual material without making additional payments to use them as long as you don’t resell it to another source. Be sure to watch out for License: CCo Public Domain / Free for commercial use / No attribution required. That is the most recommended criteria to consider when using the image for your website.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engines:, Bing,, and Yahoo!, these are websites you go to find more about the answers to your questions, that which you are most curious about learning more of.

Sitemap: Givens an overview layout of what all is included on your Website, much in the same way as routes shown on a Map. In Sitemap, as an example it gives you the Category and what Blog Posts are included underneath it.

Smexy: Someone or something that is sexy. 

Spamminator: a person who sends you an E-mail with a link in the hopes you click it and they get a commission. They can be quite crafty in terms of their Name and Subject of the message also. Plus, you need to be wary that you don’t let a virus come into your PC also from such cunning people. 

SSL:  Secure Sockets Layer. Serve your website over 256-bit Encrypted Connections and do it at Wealthy Affiliate for FREE! Encryption is favoured by search engines and keeps visitor data safe.

Supremium: Super Premium offer, the next level of awesomeness. 


Text Spinning: this is when you create new articles out of existing articles by substituting words or phrases with other terms that mean the same things.

Topic: main focus on a particular subject.

Traffic: Not the type of traffic you would expect when you are surrounded by many drivers at a stop light. Rather, Traffic is referred to the Visitors that come to your Website looking for information that may help them out with any doubts or problems they have on a subject matter.


Unique Clicks: No matter how many times a person clicks a certain Link, it is not counted. A Unique Click takes into account the number of people that clicked that one particular click no matter how many times they have clicked on it. (See also Raw Clicks).

Upline: Most of what you will earn will end up benefiting your Upline which would be the people that referred you for the Product or Service being provided.

Upsells: where an advertisement or program tries to sell product after product like an add-on or upgrade in order to make a more profitable sale.

URL:  Uniform Resource Identifier (URL) or website address whether it is starting with www. or http among many others.


Verb: an action that you do.

VIP: Very Important Person.

​VPN: Stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a method that is used to protect sensitive data information. 


Website: a place of vast loads of Information on a certain Topic on the Internet.

WordPress: web publishing application for structuring blog posts and pages within a content management system (CMS).