Holy Land Tour Trip

On a trip from India to Israel, it was called a Holy Land Tour. While on bus trip tour trying to pass through Israel, Egypt, Palestine, and Jordan, we were watched close by military troops. They found me in the bus and had guns, almost ready to shoot me, but thank the Lord, they didn’t, based on how I looked and was calm. However, they don’t normally allow for flash photography in this region because they might pick up the readings through their satellite system. You can’t steal from the shops here because they can cut your hands off. 

I had to be a spokesperson tourist for my batch of Indian people, I stood in formation while they assessed us individually. 

We rested in a place called Hilton Taba Resort Hotel. The food was pretty delicious. 

An elderly Indian couple asked my parents and I if we were immigration officers to which we can process Canada papers, and we politely said no. 

We met up with some kind Arabic children who asked us if we knew Amitabh Bachchan. We said we did, there was apparently a man that looked like he was dressed in a suit that looked like it was meant for that famous Indian Hindi actor in our group. The kids said: We Love India! I was touched and bought some souvenirs from them with mom’s permission of course. They huddled for a picture and it was great. 

We later went to a church and prayed for a woman who waited so long to have a child. We placed our hands on her belly and prayed she would have a normal delivery without complications and need not go for C-Section surgery. 

Later, my dad and I got baptized in the Jordan River. I held my nose well, until I nearly slipped and lost balance because I didn’t believe the water to be cold as the hot sun was shining. Thankfully, I didn’t drown. 

The weather was extremely hot. Seriously, much hotter than my country India and wondered what can be cause of that. We saw the burning bush that Moses saw in his time. As we were walking up a rocky mountain, we made an extraordinary discovery. There were these huge stone blocks, it was cold as ice to sit on. I cannot seem to understand the concept behind leaving something out in the sun, and you would think it should melt, but normally a stone or let alone a metal bench would appear to roast your butt the moment you sit on it. 

I guess that constitutes as being their version of AC back then. When we had to keep on moving, there was an elderly grandma who looked like she was about to have a cardiac arrest. I felt in my spirit that God wanted me to do something. So, I grabbed her hand and pulled her close to me and had her sit down on that stone block. Immediately her pale ghost like face turned back to normal. My mom tried telling our tour guide Emet a Coptic Christian to get a car for that elderly Indian woman, whom we later found out to be a former homeopathy doctor. My mom and I were not prepared to see a funeral take place on our vacation trip.

We later went to the Dead Sea, you can float in it, but you can’t drink the water. 

Many skin care products were made from the Dead Sea. From the mud, people believe it to have many healing properties. Properties in the sense that it can make the skin feel smooth. 

There is said to be a rock that when chopped and chiseled away with each time, it still retains the Moses Burning Bush markings. Pretty neat, right?

As archaeology and palentology go hand in hand, how would the ancient Israelites have built the pyramids for the Egyptians, still that mystery has not been solved. So, who wants to take a try in implementing to the rest of the world that the Bible is the True Word of God and every piece of it is still alive and present today? 


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  1. Grigory

    I can relate to your experience with middle East, Angel.
    When I deployed to Qatar the temperatures there were insane! Fortunately, I spent most of my days on night shift, so the sun was gone when we worked.
    Those places are where our civilization originated from, yet the weather there feels so hostile now, since the invention of AC.

    1. Angel (Post author)

      Dear Grigory,

      Thanks so much for your Feedback. I really appreciate it. I remember going in Qatar Airways before but by the time we got off the plane, it felt like we were walking into some kind of fiery furnace. We immediately felt severely dehydrated. I have no idea how anyone can walk a long distance in that kind of a climate. Its true, its nice to visit a place to see where you originated from. It is like time traveling really, visiting a place of the past in the future.

      I do recall from exploring military operations that Colonel Robert McCormick was the veteran who thought of the creation of inventing the AC machine for homes. You could learn much about him at Cantigny Park in Wheaton IL.

      Hope to hear from you again sometime.

      Please feel free to drop by my website anytime you wish.

      May God Bless You,



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