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Get XSplit Free – Powerful Live Streaming and Recording

Get XSplit Free

About the XSplit DevelopersAbout What Is XSplit

1) Go to

The Home Page should look like this.

XSplit Home Page

Whether you Click on Download at Top or Click on Download Free Version at the Bottom.

Click on Download on XSplit Home Page

2) You should be brought to the Following Screen either way.

Simply Click on Register Free Account.

Click on Register Free Account on XSplit Download Page

A Dropdown will Appear where you will be entering in your E-mail, Full Name, and Password.

You may Check the Box next to Send me important notifications and updates – nothing else! if you want to.

Then, Click on Register at the Bottom.

Registration Form For Free XSplit Account

Upon completing this, you should then see the Following Message.

XSplit Registration Successful

3) We then will be Logging In to the E-mail Address we submitted.

Here’s the Message you should have received from XSplit.

Just Click on the Activate Your Account.

XSplit Message Activate Your Account


Upon Clicking that, you should then see this Screen.

XSplit Account Activation

4) We are going to Click on the Download XSplit Now Blue Button.

Download XSplit Now Blue Button

As you clicked that, a New Tab will Appear.

Log In to XSplit Account

We are going to Click on Login at Top Right-Hand Side Corner.

We Login using our E-mail and Password.

You may or may not want to Check the Box where it says Keep me logged in whether you are on a Public Computer or Private Computer, that is your choice. 🙂

We then Click on Login at the Bottom.

5) Once inside, this is what we would see.

Inside XSplit Account 2 Options To Download

We are going to Click on the Download Blue Button underneath XSplit Broadcaster.

Please Note in Blue

XSplit Download System Requirements

A Download File should Appear at Bottom Right-Hand Side Corner of your Browser.

Once it has finished downloading, Click on the Dropdown and then Open.

Click Open for XSplit Broadcaster

You will be prompted by a Pop Up asking the Question: Do you want the following program to make changes to this computer?

Click on Yes.

This should then Appear.

XSplit Broadcaster Setup Extracting Main App Files

6) Click on Next at the Bottom.

XSplit Broadcaster Setup Step 1

XSplit Broadcaster Setup Step 2

XSplit Broadcaster Setup Step 3

Click on Install at the Bottom.

XSplit Broadcaster Setup Step 4

Just wait a few moments.

XSplit Broadcaster Setup Step 5

Click on Install.

XSplit Broadcaster Setup Step 6

Click on Finish.

XSplit Broadcaster Setup Step 7

The Following Screen should Appear.

Click on Learn the basics of XSplit Broadcaster.
Thank you for installing XSplit Broadcaster

7) You should then be brought here.

XSplit Broadcaster V2 Beginners Guide YouTube Playlist

Ready To Get Started With FREE XSplit Account

XSplit has several Live Streaming Service Partners

XSplit Live Streaming Partners

Here are 3 Basic Beginner’s Guide Video Tutorials on XSplit

(Part 1: Create FREE XSplit Account & Installing XSplit Program)

(Part 2: Various Sources Available in XSplit)

(Part 3: Start Streaming or Recording in XSplit)

Here’s a Comparison Chart of XSplit

Xsplit Comparison Summary

Here’s a Detailed Summary of XSplit

XSplit Detailed Summary Part 1XSplit Detailed Summary Part 2

8) As we have installed XSplit Broadcaster, you should see an Icon that looks like this.

XSplit Broadcaster Icon

Click on it.

You will be prompted by a Pop Up asking the Question: Do you want the following program to make changes to this computer?

Click on Yes.

This should then Appear.

XSplit Broadcaster Initializing Screen

We then Sign In using our E-mail and Password.

You may or may not want to Check the Boxes where it says Remember me or Log me in automatically, that is your choice. 🙂

We then Click on Login at the Bottom.

Login To XSplit Broadcaster Screen

The Following Screen comes.

Xsplit Broadcaster Screen Logging In

Click on OK.

Click Ok to Install XSplit Broadcaster Updated Plugins

The Following Screen comes.

XSplit Broadcaster Screen Updating Source Plugins

Click on Continue at the Bottom.

Click on Continue Button at Bottom of XSplit Advertisement Screen

This is the XSplit Broadcaster Screen you should see.

New to Broadcaster Screen Manual Video Tutorials

Here’s a Preview of the Different Kinds of Sources you can Add into your XSplit Broadcaster Video.

XSplit Broadcaster Add Source Options

I hope I explained the whole run down on How XSplit Broadcaster Is Setup and how beneficial it is in getting your Recorded Videos Uploaded onto YouTube. 🙂

Thank You For Your Time


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  1. Huntingdiva

    I understand that this is a broadcasting tool you can download for free and I think that is awesome and neat that such a thing exists for people but I found this more of a How-To set up an account than a Review of its services. But it seems like an awesome program to use.

    1. Angel (Post author)

      Thank you Huntingdiva. 🙂 I appreciate your Feedback. 🙂 I wanted to do a Blog Post first on how to setup the Software and hope in a future Blog Post to go into more specific details on how this Program works.

      Please feel free to visit anytime.

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,



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