Genes of a Mother and Daughter

Genes of a Mother and Daughter

To confirm the mother of the child, the mother can take her hand and stamp it on her baby’s foot. If it matches, that confirms she is the true mother of that child. Another test that can be done is to see if the mother and daughter wear the same shoe size. Most of the time it would be. 

I don’t know about you but I find it fascinating to know we all were able to breathe underwater in our mom’s tummy versus when we came out from there and can’t breathe quite so well underwater anymore. 

Another major thing that is passed down from mother to daughter and perhaps from father to son is probably the kinds of food consumed. I found out that mom enjoyed eating mangoes and as did I when she said that was the main food to eat aside from sweets. When I look at my mom now, I know deep down I can never amount to all the work she has done as a nurse and can’t fathom the pain of childbirth and the process to allow the next generation or offspring to thrive/survive in an ever changing uncertain world. 

Let’s bring up the case that King Solomon, son of King David had. 

When Solomon was to be king after his father King David passed away, he had a dream in which God asked him what would he desire most to have. God implied riches. However, Solomon felt that was not going to be enough, so he asked the Lord to bless him with the gift of wisdom to govern the kingdom and the people of the land. God was pleased with Solomon asking this request. So, the Lord blessed him with wisdom.

In due time it was that Solomon had to prove himself being a wise ruler of the people who served him. One such famous case was determining who is the true mother of the newborn baby. 2 women came up to Solomon and inquired that one of them was the mother of the child. They fought bitterly. When Solomon couldn’t stand them fighting, he ordered a sword be taken to cut the child in half and give 50/50 to 1 women and the next. 

Suddenly out of the blue, the real mother pleaded that the baby go to the fake mother because she couldn’t bear to see her child in pain or suffering. Then, King Solomon realized who the true mother was and gave the baby back to the mother who wept true tears of sadness and concern for the well being of her baby. 


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