Genes of a Mother and Daughter

Genes of a Mother and Daughter

To confirm the mother of the child, the mother can take her hand and stamp it on her baby’s foot. If it matches, that confirms she is the true mother of that child.

When you clench your fingers to make a fist as in above picture, you can then take an Ink Stamp Pad and press your fist on it. Then, you get out a piece of paper and stamp your fist. After that, you use your index finger to make 5 little imprints to represent the baby’s little toes. As you have that visual aid and measure it, it can also be the same size measurements as that of your own baby meaning its foot size. I know it would be quite difficult to measure with a ruler since the baby’s foot would just keep moving non-stop. 

I found about this ancient technique in an elementary school I attended years ago in art class believe it or not. I at first thought nothing of it, but as I look back on that now, I don’t ever regret taking that art class. I not only found this to be quite fascinating but it almost seemed like the key evidence I needed to help with my genetics family tree in terms of traits of whose baby might have the same measurements or not. Another thing is look at the thumbs to see if fingerprints are the same or different. Surprisingly, my right thumb has a hurricane like swirl on it whereas the left one does not. 

Some other fascinating traits are how your brain is being used. It is said that left handed people are very smart in the sense they use the right side of the brain while it is vice versa for right handed people to use the left side of their brain’s capacity. Also, it is fascinating to see how left handed people write versus right handed people as well. 

Another test that can be done is to see if the mother and daughter wear the same shoe size. Most of the time it would be. 

I don’t know about you but I find it fascinating to know we all were able to breathe underwater in our mom’s tummy versus when we came out from there and can’t breathe quite so well underwater anymore. 

Another major thing that is passed down from mother to daughter and perhaps from father to son is probably the kinds of food consumed. I found out that mom enjoyed eating mangoes when she was pregnant with me and as did I when she said that was the main food to eat aside from sweets. When I look at my mom now, I know deep down I can never amount to all the work she has done as a nurse and can’t fathom the pain of childbirth and the process to allow the next generation or offspring to thrive/survive in an ever changing uncertain world. 

There are certain things I can do which my mom can’t. I can wink left or right eye, raise my eyebrows, and wiggle my ears. I am right-handed and near sighted. Evidence of that phenomenon can be seen when I put glasses on and they are moving. 

Let’s bring up the case that King Solomon, son of King David had. I would say that this is by far 1 of the most awesome court case we ever read about in the Bible. 

When Solomon was to be king after his father King David passed away, he had a dream in which God asked him what would he desire most to have. God implied riches. However, Solomon felt that was not going to be enough, so he asked the Lord to bless him with the gift of wisdom to govern the kingdom and the people of the land. God was pleased with Solomon asking this request. So, the Lord blessed him with wisdom.

In due time it was that Solomon had to prove himself being a wise ruler of the people who served him. One such famous case was determining who is the true mother of the newborn baby. 2 women came up to Solomon and inquired that one of them was the mother of the child. They fought bitterly. When Solomon couldn’t stand them fighting, he ordered a sword be taken to cut the child in half and give 50/50 to 1 women and the next. 

Suddenly out of the blue, the real mother pleaded that the baby go to the fake mother because she couldn’t bear to see her child in pain or suffering. Then, King Solomon realized who the true mother was and gave the baby back to the mother who wept true tears of sadness and concern for the well being of her baby. 

The above is called a Punnet Square. XX means the female chromosome and the XY means male chromosome. In the likelihood that a mom or dad are going to have a baby, the chances of having a girl and or boy means 50% or half half.

Here’s a Video I know of that can help tell more about genetic traits:


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Have you come to love being a geneticist like myself and solving a great mystery to keep a family together no matter what?

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10 thoughts on “Genes of a Mother and Daughter

  1. I’m not a geneticist, and I’ve not tried to match daughters to mothers before. If I have, I can’t honestly recall. But, I think, from now forward, I’d start making a conscientious effort to do that. I think it would be fun playing that game in my head, while observing people. 

    I must say that your test ideas for matching babies to mothers are amazing! I’d look out for an opportunity to try them. 

    Yeah, a true mother is ready to give up her child just to save her life, just like we learnt from the king Solomon’s story. 

    Just before I let off, I’d like to compliment your amazing skill in bringing God into the picture, with such gliding grace. Thumbs up! 

    1. Dear Peace,

      As a Psych major, they had me do strange online tests such as surveying if when shown a picture of a distorted image, what do we think it is. Even a silhouette picture or so even. It was called the Ink Blot Test. 

      When I look upon the story of Jochebed putting Moses into a papyrus basket, I often wondered how did she make it so no water would have seeped inside. Inside I am sure Moses was thinking he was going down a waterfall or something, but outside is a whole other stor y of what is happening around him. He probably would not have known what other animals there could be in that water as well. 

      Yes, I often back up my claims to stories in the Bible. Much of what is happening in today’s world right now, has to do with that book. I at times fell in shock over it. What those people went through back them seems pretty vibrant and true to us even right now. Yet, I often felt as though we push away our Heavenly Father who can give us more than what the world has to offer us. It is as my mom said, God’s chosen children will face hardship in this world, but we should never ever be spiritually drained. From what happens in the world, we can all just say, that these are the very signs of Christ returning for his chosen elite of believers. I know that the only case of a female martyr in the Bible must have been Jephthah’s only daughter who when after winning a battle with the enemy said that he would sacrifice anything that came out of his home’s entrance as he arrived. Sadly, I suppose his daughter must have become a nun, never marrying, being a spinster, never tasted motherhood, and eventually had to be virtuous enough to help others live a very pure lifestyle of abstaining from unlawful relations with the opposite gender. I am sure she knew in her time there were too many wicked people and was sent away to be away from those that might take advantage of her and break her heart/reputation for not being like other people. 

      You know Peace, whenever I watched a movie, I wondered if there was any Christian like hidden message in there to get the message of the Bible across without intentionally offending someone.

      Please feel free to drop by my website anytime you wish.

      May God Bless You.

      Wishing you all the best with your online business above and beyond the horizon,


      P.S. – You do realize the only people whom Jesus appeared to after his resurrection from the tomb was first of all women and not men, correct? The women who clinged to Jesus knew and felt he was the Son of God and would do completely anything to lay down their lives for him. He had that much of a loving nature for women even as men in those times pushed them down harshly. 

  2. What a thoughtful post! There is this saying “like mother like daughter and like father like son”, which has not been proof wrong in history. To confirm the mother of a child, the mother can take her hand and stamp it on her baby’s foot. If it matches, that confirms she is the true mother of that child. Another test that can be done is to see if the mother and daughter wear the same shoe size. Most of the time it would be. But the real test has confirmed by the scenario of Solomon and the Two women painted that a true mother show absolute love to her child and be a protector, willing to sacrifice all for her child. The  real question is that, are children ready to show the true genes of their parents in them?

    1. Dear Topazdude,

      Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate it. I always refer to the Bible because we can learn so much from it and apply it to our lives as well. It is not just any book, it gives good sound advice during sad times and good times also. However, it talks about family, kings and queens, friendship, battles, poetry, as well as living a dedicated lifestyle to serve others the best you can, even if you fail, just give it your best, that is all God wants for His children. I know at times I was stubborn, but I am pretty protective also, hopefully in a good way since I see so much brokenness that can be mended. If we see a mess, we clean it up, if a heart is being broken in 2, we put it back together to beat again and restore life in that individual. People can either listen to you or brush off what they just want to hear to get through a rough day. However, we should realize that as Anne Frank said years ago that there must be some kind of good in each person. She was a victim of the Holocaust, but did she even think for a moment that what she wrote could captivate generations after her death? The same could possibly be told about Oscar Schindler, he was a German who did his level best to save as many Jews as possible by offering them a job and hiding them away in his own factory. He had a change of heart you could say. He even felt as though he could have sold his car if it meant he can save more Jews lives. 

      Yet, the perfect example of love is that which Christ did on the cross, he died for all the bad things we did, that is called sin. Though he died, he rose from the grave, to show he has power over death and life. He came into the world to bring forth life and not take it away.

      Please feel free to visit my website anytime you wish.

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  3. Thanks for this insight, I have seen several local methods of determining the maternity of a child. Soon people uses things like size of the wrist to determine this, but I however still find it erroneous as this can never be an absolute test for maternity.. 

    Also, talking of mother and daughter having the same favorite food, I think this doesn’t really hold true too for all instances although it can still be employed to determine the maternity of the child.. 

    Ill ask around my neighborhood about ways to determine maternity test and I’ll get back to you with my findings… 



    1. Dear Sammynathaniels,

      Welcome for the insight. I mentioned that as my mom was pregnant with me and as she was eating, I often wondered what was she feeding me. After she gave birth to me, I asked her what did she eat, she told the whole list. Then I looked at it and felt I had the same food interests as she did. 

      Thanks, genetic testing and ancestry to mapping out a family tree is fascinating. I always wanted to know what makes me, well me. What sets me apart from other individuals and what are the same similarities we share. 

      May God Bless You.

      Please feel free to drop by my website anytime you wish.

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  4. The bond between mother and daughter is deep and unfathomable. 

    I do  not know if I could make the kind of judgement necessary to decide who was the mother of a child, not without some concrete scientific evidence.

    I have heard of women loving and bringing up a child whom they had not given birth to. Is that woman’s love any less than the birth mother’s?

    I do feel that some girls have a special bond with their mother which is powerful and profound. This may lead to a deep understanding of humanity and a love which is then passed on to the next generation again. That can only be good.

    1. Dear HappyB,

      Its true that the love a mother has for her daughter is so deep that there is no love like it elsewhere. Its hard to believe it but children from my cousin’s get so easily attached to me even though I am not their real biological mom. The cousins would often go to break, and then drop them off at my place. I sometimes felt guilty that they seemed so open to talk with me than with their own parents. 

      This is a common situation that tends to happen in daycare. They have done some psych research into how a child feels in a new place versus being in an environment they are used to being in. Some tend to adapt well to change, while others simply cry thinking their mom abandoned them while leaving them at school. They try to make a escape to the door, while mom is simply waving from the window and tells them they need to go to an important meeting or event several doors away in the same building. 

      I learned that the bond between daughters was very well presented in a film called The Joy Luck Club. Perhaps you have seen it, but it really made me emotional watching it in class that other students were wondering why I was crying. 

      Please feel free to drop by my website anytime you wish.

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  5. Hey Angel!

    What do you mean by taking the mother’s hand and stamping it on the baby foot? How would they match? 

    It is interesting about the shoe size… my sister and I both have size 10 feet and my mom has 6.5 feet. But my dad is 6’4″ while my mom is 5’1″, so I think that has something to do with it! Do you notice it changes with the father’s genes, ever?

    1. Dear Kristin,

      I had taken time aside to re-edit it a bit trying to take a selfie shot of my fist. 

      Yeah, I like these kinds of genetic tests because I felt it was a way intended to spend more time with family and friends. Just have a little laugh in between really.

      These are to be fun tests though. My dad has 9.5 size feet. I have size 7, same as my mom, however, I look like my dad, mom jokes around saying I got the young looking gene.

      Here’s a technique I taught 1 of my former Russian friend who went for the military but wanted to know how to win a girl’s heart. I said that you can writing songs to her and pretty soon, many girls might end up having your poster on their bedroom wall. 

      If anyone talks bad about your mom or dad, tell them this: If it weren’t for my dad, I wouldn’t be as handsome as he is. If it weren’t for my mom, I wouldn’t be as kind as her. 

      It should pretty much work each time without fail. 

      Some people have the serious face looking gene, others have a gene in them built for comedic relief effect. 

      Did you by chance do the famous “Shoe Survey Test”? Its the one where the bride sits in chair having her back turned from her husband. Each has in their hand the other person’s shoe size. The best man asks questions like: Who speaks more than 1 language? Who is a better driver? Who has the best smile? Who has a sweet tooth? Who is the ultimate video gamer, etc. 

      Please feel free to drop by my website anytime you wish.

      May God Bless You.

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


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