Free Whatscall App For Android and Iphone Smartphones

This is my Walkthrough Guide on getting the Free WhatsCall App For Android and Iphone Smartphones!

Free WhatsCall App For Android and Iphone Smartphones


What is The WhatsCall App?


It is NOT like WhatsApp at all with its layout feature. 

The Positives


  • Its FREE.
  • Very easy to use. 
  • Made for both Android and Iphone Smartphones.
  • You will be able to see the Contact’s Name and Flag of their Country also when you see the Contacts List.
  • WhatsCall App allows for more than 1 Credit when watching a video unlike that of GrooveIP where each video you watch earns you just 1 Credit. 

The Negatives


  • Not sure if this App is restricted to work only in America and NOT other places like Canada or elsewhere. 
  • No Video Call feature is available.
  • If you make calls to say Aruba or somewhere else using this App, your Credits will easily be swallowed before you get a response from the other person, so beware of that. 
  • You can send SMS, but not Pictures or Video content.
  • The Emoticons in this App are in Black and White Color. 

For First Time Users.

Go to the Google Play Store on your Android Device

Type in at the Top where it says Google Play.

You should type in whatscall – free global calls and a list should come up like the following below.


Select the 3rd one which is WhatsCall – Free Global Calls.

I chose the 3rd one because it has a higher rating of 4.7 instead of 4.6 like the first one. I hate the number 6.

The Following Screen should then show up like this, Press the Green Install Button.

On the Next Screen, Press on Continue

On the Following Screen, Press on Skip.

On the Next Screen, Click on the Green Accept Button

The Downloading Process should then begin as seen below. 

Wait for a bit.

The Download Process is finally complete to 100%.

As you can see below, it is in the installing process. 

On the Following Screen, Click on Green Button Open.

You should then be brought to the WhatsCall App Main Screen

When entering in the USA Number below, I used the same number I got through GrooveIP

On the Next Screen, be sure to enter in the code you got at the top of your smartphone into where it asks for verification code. 

Wait for it to be verified as seen below. 

Enter in a Password and Click on Done at the bottom.


You are Signing Up, so please wait. 

Set up your Profile by putting in your First Name.

I didn’t really bother about Clicking on the Import from Facebook or Import from Google+ Buttons below.

I just Pressed on the Get Started Button at the bottom. 

You should then be seeing the Following. Notice the messages at the very top below.

The super duper coolest thing about this App is how you see the Contact List

As you can see, the name would appear at the Top and there would be the Flag of the Contacts Country below that indicating easily which number is attributed to what nation in the world. 

I don’t believe that this is what you would see in WhatsApp or Telegram App though. 

Right when you Click on Credits at the bottom, you should then be brought to the following screen. 

Here is the whole list of how you can Earn Credits to Make Calls or Send an SMS to your Friends and Family.

WhatsCall Phone Number Service. 

Press on Enable

You should then be seeing the Following 3 Screens. 

Click on Claim and you should then see the Next Screen below. 

Be sure to Click on Generate Number Via Area Code

The Following Screen should appear below. Click on Confirm

Choose the Number you want and Click on Confirm

Click on Continue at the bottom of the Following Screen. 

Click on Test Now on the Following Screen. 

The Next Screen should then appear as seen below. 

You should then receive a call from WhatsCall and see the Following Screen after that. 

You should then see in your WhatsCall Messages the following notice. 

You should be able to call USA Numbers for FREE and Send Messages for FREE given the fact you have a WhatsCall App Number.

Another thing to be vary of is to Invite your Friends and Family to join this App through your own SMS Message. In turn, you should be receiving about 1,000 Credits per person joining under you. 


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2 thoughts on “Free Whatscall App For Android and Iphone Smartphones

  1. Hi Angel,

    Wonderful review of this app! I can think of almost a thousand things to use this for. One of them being a throw away number if you need to give you phone number out online and don’t want to give out your real one.

    This would be also good to use for a work number or even for a Craigslist ad!

    I have used another app just like this one in the past called Textnow. Have you heard of that one? Have you used it? How does it compare?



    1. Dear Peter,

      Thank you so much for your Feedback, I really appreciate it. 🙂 Yeah, a “throw away number.” Yep, my thoughts exactly. I had to play around with Groove IP App For Android Smartphones to get a FREE USA number to make FREE Calls to USA and Canada numbers. It seemed pretty convenient to use, all you need is a Gmail Account. I was able to use the same number I got from GrooveIP to use with another App called Free Telegram App for Android and Iphone Smartphones, it seems to work much like WhatsApp, but you can’t call yet, I believe the programmers are still working on that these days. 

      I believe I tried TextNow App a few years ago, but I didn’t seem to like it all that much though while playing around with Google Play Store Apps for Android smartphones. I spend time programming my smartphones to NOT have a Sim Card in it to get a smartphone number activated. I just simply allow them to connect to the Wi-Fi Network only. Then, download GrooveIP and get a Free Number that way for my personal usage. In India, I never understood the reason behind why they used Sim Cards because I often lost those due to annoying Indian men wanting to share my number around since I speak foreign languages. However, over the years, I have tried my best to block their numbers too.

      Hope this helps answer your question. 🙂

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


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