Free EasyBib Bibliography Generator

Creating Citations and or a Works Cited Page which is sometimes called a References Page or Bibliography Page can be easily done thanks in part to website. It is basically a Free Bibliography Generator.

It is very simple to use and implement.

First go to the following website:



You can do a Work Cites Page in 2 Format. 1 is APA and the other is called MLA Style.

APA stands for American Psychological Association.

MLA stands for Modern Language Association. 

Works Cited citations for the Bibliography usually have Last Name of Author, then their First Name ending with a period. Title of the Book Italicized and Slanted followed by a Period.

Below is an example of a Works Cited Reference Bibliography:


Boehnlein, J. (2000). Psychiatry and religion: The convergence of mind and spirit. Washington,

DC: American Psychiatric Press.

Clinebell, H. (1970). Community mental health: The role of church & temple. Nashville:

Abingdon Press.

Holeman, V. (n.d.). Theology for better counseling: Trinitarian reflections for healing and


Sanders, R. K. (2013). Christian counseling ethics: a handbook for psychologists, therapists and

pastors (Second ed.). Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press.

Slaikeu, K. (1990). Crisis intervention: A handbook for practice and research (2nd ed.). Boston:

Allyn and Bacon.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2004). Core Competencies for Clergy and

Other Pastoral Ministers In Addressing Alcohol and Drug Dependence and the Impact

on Family Members. (DHHS Pub. No. (SMA) 04-3900). Rockville, MD: Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services.

Wills, C. (2010).Mental Health Ministry Resources. Congregational Resource Guide.


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