Free Computer Screen Recorders

Free Computer Screen Recorders

Here’s my List of Free Computer Screen Recorders I have come across:

ScreenCastOMatic#1 ScreenCast-O-Matic

– Free To Use

  • 15 minutes Max per Video Recording
  • Most Simplified Program To Create Videos
  • 3 Modes of Recording
  • Save As a Video File
  • Upload it to ScreenCast-O-Matic Platform
  • Upload it onto YouTube
  • Pro Version is $15/year
  • Need to Register for Free Account
  • Downloadable

Monosnap Logo#2 Monosnap

-Free To Use

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OSX, iPhone, and Ipad.
  • Make Screenshots which you can Draw on.
  • Create Videos and Share your Files. 

OBS Quote of Service#3 Open Broadcaster Software

-Free To Use

  • Livestream Screen Capture
  • Game Screen Capture
  • Can Insert your Logo while doing Video
  • Stream Video to Dailymotion
  • Stream Video to YouTube
  • Completely Free, no Payments/Subscriptions
  • Downloadable

XSplit Going Live Is Simple#4 X-Split

-Free To Use

  • Broadcaster Livestream
  • Gamecaster
  • Must Create Free Account to Download File
  • 3 Accounts to Choose From: Free, Personal, Premium
  • Free Option as well as Paid
  • Webcam Capture
  • Can Do Image Slideshow
  • Can Add Source Skype Video
  • Can Add Source Video Playlist
  • Can Add Source Website URL

The Best Things in life are free, correct?


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