Flex Menstrual Disc Is Better Than Pads

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Simply put: FLEX Disc is a menstrual disc and FLEX Cup is a menstrual cup. A menstrual disc is a round, flexible ring with a catch that sits at the base of the cervix in a place called the vaginal fornix. … Whether you choose single-use disposable discs or a reusable cup is up to you.

“Flex was designed to solve many of the problems caused by traditional menstrual products. It doesn’t change the vaginal flora reducing the risk of infections and has not been linked to toxic shock syndrome.”

Dr. Jane Van Dis, MD

Certified OBGYN


is a disposable menstrual disc.

Unlike tampons and menstrual cups, FLEX sits just past the vaginal canal in the same place as a diaphragm and can’t be felt at all once in place.

3 tampons

Up to 12-hour wear during sleep, exercise, swimming, and more.

Mess-free period sex due to the unique positioning.

Reduces cramps in up to 60% of our users.Reduces dryness and irritation in up to 80% of users

Not linked to TSS, which stands for Toxic Shock Syndrome.


  • Made without BPA, phthalates or natural rubber latex.
  • Made with 100% Medical Grade Polymer. 
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Gynecologist recommended. 
  • FDA Registered. 

As said in Video, the Steps are as Follows:

  1. Pinch.
  2. Body Positioning. 
  3. Insertion. 
  4. Removal or Ejection.

Step 1: Pinch It In Half or 50-50.

The Flex Menstrual Disc may look big, but it is super flexible. In order to insert it, you need to pinch it in half. It would be the size of your average tampon. 

Before you begin, be sure that the disc is right side up. The Video shows the wrong side first and then flips over to the right side. The transparent reservoir should be on the underside of the black ring. 

Step 2: Body Position.

You can insert the Flex Menstrual Disc in several ways. 1st is by Sitting on a Toilet. 2nd is by Standing with 1 leg up. 3rd is by Squatting.

Step 3: Insertion.

  • Pointing Disc downwards in a vertical position.
  • Slide down into vaginal canal as far as you can while pinching. 
  • Reposition your hand and use thumb to push down. 
  • Push until behind pubic bone. 


  • Fewer cramps.
  • 12-hour leak-free wear.
  • Mess-free period sex.
  • 1 Size Fits All.
  • 1 Disc holds the amount of 3 tampons. 
  • Doesn’t disturb your pH balance. 

When the Menstrual Disc Gets Full: 

  • Sit on the toilet and push down on your pelvic floor muscles as you are pooping.
  • The disc should shift and blood will empty into the toilet.
  • Push the disc back with a clean finger, or do a kegel exercise.

Step 4 Removal

  • Relax.
  • Push down as if trying to poop.
  • Hook finger under the ring.
  • Pull the Disc parallel to floor.
  • Empty blood into the toilet. 
  • Place empty Disc in a wrapper. 

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1. Pinch.

FLEX may look big but it’s actually smaller than a tampon when you insert it. Start by washing your hands and pinching it in half.

2. Insert.

Use your index finger to guide the front edge, tucking it up behind your pubic bone. You shouldn’t be able to feel it at all if it’s in the right place.

3. Wear it for 12 hours.

Swim, workout, have sex, go to the bathroom, sleep, all without having to worry about leaks or changes.

4. Remove.

Always start with clean hands. Take a seat on the toilet and slide your finger up under the front edge of FLEX and pull straight down, keeping it parallel to the floor.

5. Dispose.

Once you’ve removed FLEX, turn the disc upside down to empty the fluid into the toilet, place empty disc in a wrapper and dispose in the trash.


4 thoughts on “Flex Menstrual Disc Is Better Than Pads

  1. Thank you for this awesome review. plenty of reviewers report experiencing less pain when using
      menstrual discs instead of tampons. This may just mean that menstrual
      discs, which are super flexible, are simply more comfortable to wear
      than stiff tampons.

    it is just a relief that There haven’t been any serious risks associated specifically with discs,

    1. Dear Lucas Moore,

      Welcome, no problem. I used to use Pads, but hated carrying it around.
      When I saw Flex, I just had to try it. It is great that I can wear this product on me for a total of 12 hours instead of Pads which need constant changing every few hours.
      Flex is in fact super flexible to fix just within the vaginal canal upon insertion. You won’t even feel you are wearing it once it is inside. Plus, this product can help reduce the need to wash so many bloody panties and bed sheets too when it comes to period menstruation blood spills each monthly cycle.

      It has helped me feel less crampy too as I tend to get heavy flow within the first few days of the 1st week each month.

      Please feel free to drop by my website anytime soon.

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  2. Interesting, had never heard of it. I am intrigued. The fact that it is disposable and called Flex, what it is made of? Flex itself, the most environmental fibre on the planet. If you could elaborate on this, you might gain buyers in search for a sustainable solution. I am past the age where I needed them, but my daughter still has the choice.

    1. Dear Karin,

      It is disposable as well as reusable. I tend to wash the bodily fluids down the sink and then reuse my menstrual disc.

      Flex is made without BPA, phthalates or natural rubber latex.
      Flex is also made with 100% Medical Grade Polymer.
      It is Hypoallergenic.
      Gynecologist recommended.
      FDA Registered.

      I hope that this helps answer your question regarding the Flex Disc product Karin and I hope that this might be a solution for your daughter as well.

      Please feel free to drop by my website anytime you wish.

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


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