Does TrafficSwarm Work? – Try Not Really!

One of the most popular Traffic Exchange out there is Traffic Swarm. However, does TrafficSwarm Work?

Does TrafficSwarm Work

Name: Traffic Swarm


Founder: ?

Price: FREE to Join

Who Is It For: Anyone who wants Traffic to their Website without investing money for Paid Traffic.

What Do You Do Here Exactly To Get Traffic? Surf and View other peoples’ websites to get Credits. 

Verdict: Not seeing if this is super effective!

Overall Percentile Rank Record:


Please Note: I will earn a commission if you buy through any of the links on my website, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products that I have personally used myself or products/services that I believe are beneficial after doing extensive research. 

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The Positives


  • FREE to Join.
  • Get 100 FREE Bonus Credits just for Joining and verifying/activating your Account. 
  • As a FREE Member, you can post 10 Url links for your Ads. Pro Members is Unlimited.
  • Provided with a great Tracking Table of how many Views/Clicks you got to your Ads.
  • Earn Credits for Referring others to TrafficSwarm.
  • Easy to Navigate through.
  • Clear Instructions on what to do provided with Step-By-Step Training, pretty short and simple.

The Negatives


  • Can take a little bit of time to get desired amount of Credits you want.
  • Not too many Pro Ads present for you to earn more Credits from upon viewing while as a FREE Member.
  • CANNOT earn any Money from referring others to TrafficSwarm while being a FREE Member. 
  • You must be a Pro Member to refer others into TrafficSwarm and earn money.

Sign Up For FREE TrafficSwarm Account


1) Go to

Here’s how the Home Page should look like:

Traffic Swarm Home Page

Simply Type in your First Name and E-mail Address, then Click on Get Traffic NOW!

Enter In All Necessary Information Requested


2) Here’s the next Screen which is Step 2 of 6.

Traffic Swarm SignUp Step 2

Traffic Swarm SignUp Step 2 Continued

Choose Membership Type, Compare Membership Benefits


3) Step 3 of 6 is about Traffic Swarm Membership Information.

Traffic Swarm SignUp Step 3

Traffic Swarm SignUp Step 3 Continued

I Clicked for Free Membership!

I Clicked on Next Step GO!

Billing and Payment Information


4) Step 4 of 6 shows Payment/Billing.

Traffic Swarm SignUp Step 4

I Clicked on No thanks, continue to step 5.

Sign Up Today for Website Magazine – FREE!


5) Step 5 of 6 is The Magazine For Website Success.

Traffic Swarm SignUp Step 5

I simply Clicked on No thanks, continue to step 6.

Congratulations Your Traffic Swarm Account has been Created!


6) Step 6 of 6 is the Congratulations Message!

Traffic Swarm SignUp Step 6

Traffic Swarm Congratulations

When you have successfully activated your Traffic Swarm Account, you would get 100 FREE Bonus Credits. 🙂

100 Free Bonus Credits Traffic Swarm

Here’s a look at my Traffic Swarm Dashboard.

My Traffic Swarm Dashboard

I Clicked on Surf Ads.

Traffic Swarm Surf Ads Screen

Clicked on the Ad Title and was directed to the Ad Page in the same screen on my Browser, not in a New Tab. Another thing you may notice here is that you can Like it via FB. 🙂 With taking that into account, this helps your Content or Website Rank better in the Search Engines. 🙂

Credit Earned Countdown Timer Traffic Swarm

For each Ad you view, there is usually a 20 second countdown before you can view the next one. 

The sole purpose of Traffic Swarm is for you to get some low cost Traffic hence visitors towards your new online program or legitimate work from home opportunity. 

There would be the occasional people that say that Oh! it is FREE but it doesn’t do squat! So, they are quick to judge that based on its ineffectiveness to not get them any opt ins or sales coming in as referrals to their recommended program or product. 

Traffic Swarm Create Ads

As with any online program out there, a learning curve is involved to fully master it and unleash its potential. For the most part Traffic Swarm does work. Yet, but there is a certain technique to get the most bang out of it! And, that is what we shall aim to do in this Review for you. 🙂

First, you can join it as a FREE Member, yay! Or if you feel that this is something you want to invest in, you can also be a paid member if you wish. Either way, you can still earn commissions through your downline but only as a Pro Member of Traffic Swarm. Plus, another added bonus you need to be aware of is that you can get Credits from the efforts of your downlines. If you strategically build your downline correctly, you will reap the rewards of getting loads of Free Credits from their efforts. In turn, you can bask in the glory of getting tons of Traffic freely.

TrafficSwarm Affiliate Program Commissions


Traffic Swarm Pro Member Commissions

Please Note in Blue

Commissions are earned by PRO members only.

I Clicked on Upgrade now! and this is the Screen that showed up.

Traffic Swarm Upgrade To Pro

Traffic Swarm Membership

Here are some of the Benefits that come with being a PRO Member at TrafficSwam.

Traffic Swarm Pro Perks

Surfing the web has never been fun as you can earn credits per day while viewing other peoples’ websites. There is a maximum of 1,000 Daily Credits you can get. The System may stop you when you have hit the max limit. Every Credit is through someone seeing your Website Program or Product to other people who are simply surfing around. You may be surprised that few people would join your program or purchase your product. However, you need to understand how to work out some methods to making this more successful for you.

Traffic Swarm Credits Currency

If you wanted to, you could buy Credits, but as I am a pretty laid back person on saving money and using it for something else, I use this program as a Beginner’s Block Foundation to getting a certain level of Traffic. Which in turn implies that yes it will take a bit of your time, but as it is low cost, you can still get some Traffic to your Website for $0 even as a FREE Member.

If you wanted to Add your Website, you would Click on My Ads, then Create New Ad at the bottom.

Traffic Swarm Create Ads

The Following Screen should pull up.

Traffic Swarm Promote New Site Part 1

Traffic Swarm Promote New Site Part 2

Traffic Swarm Promote New Site Part 3

Here’s an Example of my Submitted Ad awaiting for Approval.

The ones that are awaiting Approval are with the Status color being Yellow. 

For the ones that have a Status Color of Green means that they are Active

Traffic Swarm My Ads Screen

In order to see which of my Created Ads were Approved, I would check my E-mail and await for a message like this, they usually get back to me after a day at best tops!

Approved Ad for Traffic Swarm

As a FREE Member of Traffic Swarm, I can have a Total of 10 Ads here while PRO Members can have Unlimited

Okay, I give up, I can’t hold it in anymore, I must tell you the trick now! You ready for it? Alrighty then, good. Here’s where most people assume that this program is not their cup of tea and quit too easily before seeing it sprouting to the peak of success. You would need at least around an estimated 15,000 Credits in your Account before you can see any reasonable amount of traffic. A great rule of thumb will be to surf around for about 3 or so weeks and save up to 20,000 Credits.

I know it seems like it is a long stretch, but bear with me on how it can be quite interesting. As you reach this point, you would see around 500 to 1,000 views per day to your Website recommended product or program while you are surfing the internet ways still managing the 750 to 1,000 credits that you take in daily. You will start to see some Opt Ins and sales happening at this stage if your program and or product lives up to its name and reputation. Bear in mind that your ad must also be quite appealing to the senses in order to convert efficiently. 

Many things being advertised online DO NOT SEEM TO WORK, but remember sometimes even your sponsor may not know all the answers to how everything functions online. Maybe you did not work hard enough to see the results of your labor. By which I would suggest you doing your best to get those Credits UP or else your Traffic rate would be moving quite slow if anything.

Traffic Swam can work provided you give it time and allow it to gradually get you some decent level low cost traffic. Not to mention, you could also probably get some Promo Codes or promotions for some extra Credits. So, be sure to join a team or sponsor who understands all the skills and explains it well enough for you to soon see the results.

Please Note in Blue

Never use traffic exchange websites they are a complete scam, avoid them at all costs. The traffic WILL not convert and it is not a great way at all to get additional traffic because it is essentially “fake” traffic.

Traffic exchanges are definitely something you want to stay away from. You basically pay a fee to be part of the “club”, and are then required to click on some people’s ads to remain a member. Sometimes they are free, but the idea is that to be a club member, you have to click another club members ads.

It sounds attractive because you get “free clicks” or “easy clicks”, but this is very LOW quality traffic. You may even get some free signups, but conversions for upgrading to premium will be very low. Traffic exchanges are almost exclusively for people in the “make money online” space.

Yeah, you could potentially profit a little bit, but I’ve never met anyone making good money with these things. It’s always a few sales here or there, but nothing consistent.

How Do You Feel

In Conclusion


Whenever you read Reviews of Traffic Exchange Websites, most of them just say whether it is good or bad, however have you noticed that none do not care to go in further details of displaying the actual results on if these things work or not? As far as having a way with words, “looks can be deceiving.”

Take it from me as a lesson I have learned. This is my personal suggestion to you. 

You can easily get your own Traffic the easy and best way possible. It wouldn’t include wasting your time/effort looking at other peoples’ websites just to earn Credits or Tokens which you can use to promote your own website either. IBOToolbox Banner

The best way you can get a unique flow of Traffic is through creating a website which you can do here in 30 seconds tops. This in turn will allow you to earn passive income in the process. Passive Income means recurring income. 

Here’s the Simplest Business Method I would suggest to you:

1) Choose Any Interest/Passion you have. Everyone is bound to like something, right?

2) Build a Website. Can be done with no coding experience at all, in a matter of a few seconds of your time. Can’t beat fast these days!

3) Get Visitors to your Website. I know people find this part the most challenging, but it is fairly quite easy to accomplish. You write your own unique Content naturally from your point of view on the subject matter, get it ranked on the 1st Page of Google Search Results which draws the most attention since most don’t go beyond the 1st page anyways. And, what does that mean if you are able to do this? You get more people coming to your Website, and you should see that you will begin making money from this, repeat and rinse this method and you will see conversions improving as time passes. Pretty cool and sweet deal! 

4) Making the Money. Of course in order to get money coming in, you would need to be part of Affiliate Programs, they would give you products to promote on your Website, and you would be making money based on selling other people’s products through your Website. Now, the neat part of this is that there are loads of affiliate programs out there versus the amount of jobs you can apply for in your area. Literally, there are millions of Affiliate Programs you can take part in. Best of all, most of them are FREE to join. They require looking at your Website to see if there is information there, if you are getting some social engagement, and don’t have inappropriate images or harsh language being present. This usually helps them to consider you as being part of your program. Sounds simple enough, correct?

Ladies and gentlemen, you heard it from me, affiliate marketing looks more promising than ever as more people are working from the comfort of their own homes. This is how I earn a passive income with websites like this one. To get access into how I made all this happen in building my very own profitable online business, you can get hands on training experience here, just take a look into my Wealthy Affiliate Review, its FREE to join and you will have plenty of people to help you out in this community.



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Use your time wisely, don’t waste it!

Traffic Swarm

Traffic Swarm Home Page

Name: Traffic Swarm


Founder: ?

Price: FREE to Join

Verdict: Not seeing if this is super effective!

Overall Percentile Rank Record:



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