Cardboard Boxes Kill Weeds

Cardboard Boxes Kill Weeds

Cardboard Boxes Kill Weeds

If you really think about it, this concept is doable. Instead of using harmful chemicals that need to be sprayed, try putting cardboard boxes on the soil that contains the weeds. Using cardboard boxes on weeds like pulling the plug on someone who is on life support. Without any holes for air on the cardboard boxes, the weeds dies. Plus, it is a clever way to block the sun’s rays of light to enable photosynthesis to take place for weeds to flourish. 


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Did you have a personal experience with using chemicals and sprays to get weeds gone from choking your plants from dying? 

Have you come to love being a gardener that relies on compost to help the soil become more fertile for new plants to grow?

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2 thoughts on “Cardboard Boxes Kill Weeds

  1. The concept of using cardboard to kill weeds causes many questions to come to mind.  I thought that this was not acceptable because of the glues used in the processing.  However, as I am just learning about this process for killing weeds, I am curious how you would use it?

    Do you leave it in one piece? Your article said that keeping out the light was the object here.  How do you water?  We do have to water trees which is the only example you gave of how cardboard works.  Does it deteriorate slower?  It is thicker. Do you cover it with something that looks more appealing than cardboard?  How often should you replace the cardboard?

  2. Cardboard is a reconstructed product that can go the rounds more than one time and one life.
    Tomorrow it may be gift wrap or a great book so being wasted on the earth to rot in the rain and disintegrate into a potentially dangerous transporter of toxic waste .
    It will stop weeds for a short time but so will carpet and even fake lawn but they will all take on a very ugly look that the weeds will  conquer and vanquish over time.
    Remove the weeds and mulch the product and return them to provide future nutrition to sustain life..

    Peter H

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