Benefits of Contact Lenses Versus Glasses

When you go to the Eye Doctor for vision, some of the tests they can run will help determine many factors.

For many people, like myself, you would come across the debate of that makes you appear more presentable for an employer.

When going for Contact Lenses, you need to keep your hands perfectly clean at all times when placing them into your eyes. Excess dirt from underneath your finger nails can make its way to your own eyes. This can lead to irritation.

If you were to leave the contacts out of the solution provided to keep them moist and let them sit for a time, they will turn hard and become like glass.

There are contact lenses which have been developed to look like a certain shade of color apart from your own original eye color.

You can’t actually sleep with contact lenses overnight as they need to be soaked in the solution to keep them free from bacteria.

There are people that are born with perfect eyesight which is termed as 20/20 vision meaning they are able to see things from 20 feet away, this implies they are far sighted as opposed to being near sighted.

A solar eclipse is known as when the moon and sun align in the same place, upon wearing contact lenses, you could easily become blind. Just imagine going in an airplane from 1 time zone to the next and refraining from opening the window to check if it is daytime or nighttime while high up in the air. 

Wearing glasses makes one appear smarter and more distinguished in appearance like a professional professor.

Wearing contact lenses for some people makes it seem like they have had laser eye surgery done and you can’t notice the difference between if they are wearing contact lenses or have had their vision perfectly achieved back.

There are certain contact lenses which last for 3 months per usage or to about several years, but it all depends on the cleanliness measures taken.

Here is a chart based on the Pros and Cons behind wearing Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses.

Eyeglasses Contact Lenses
The distance between your eye and the lens sometimes creates distortion. Worn right on the eye, for more natural vision.
Poor peripheral (side) vision. Your entire field of view is in focus. This is especially important in sports and in driving, where you need to see as much around you as possible.
Constant awareness of frame and lens edge, as well as reflections off the backside of the lens. With contacts, no annoying obstructions or reflections are in view.
Uncomfortable weight on your face and ears. Periodic need for tightening or other adjustment. No weight and resulting discomfort. No frame constantly slipping down your nose.
Glasses fog up with changes in temperature. Contacts don’t fog up.
Glasses are a distraction during games and sports. No distractions, which makes contact lenses a favorite among athletes.
Fashionable and inexpensive non-prescription sunglasses are not an option if you wear eyeglasses. A whole wardrobe of fashionable, functional, affordable sunglasses is available to contact lens wearers.
Glasses need to complement your outfit. For instance, casual frames may not suit evening attire. Or colors may clash. Contacts match everything you wear.
Eyeglasses are annoying to wear in rain or snow. Contact lenses won’t collect precipitation and blur your vision.
Glasses are an unnatural, distracting barrier between your eyes and the world. Contacts don’t detract from your natural appearance; they let people see your eyes.


For a person wearing Specs as we call it in India, tell them they look “Spectacular.” No one deserves to be laughed at or frowned upon for wearing glasses or contact lenses to improve their vision abilities. 

Contact Lenses just like batteries can expire over time. If you continue wearing expired Contact Lenses, it can cause Red Eye irritation as well as pink eye as well. However, the best approach to keeping good vision is to eat lots of carrots. 


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