Bed Of Red Roses

Man: There is no greater love
than the one I share with you my lovely little dove.
I feel as though you are an angel sent from up above.
Woman: If I was given a choice,
I would say that you have the best voice.
Man: You have indeed left me speechless.
But, nonetheless your kindness is priceless.
And so I say, I shall
call you as the most beautiful woman of all.
Woman: If our love if I may speak,
would have the chance to reach its peak.
Man: At any stage in my life,
I want you to be my wife.
Woman: Though you are the one I miss,
you’d be the first person I would kiss.
Man: A man searches for a woman in all the world,
I shall take you as my own according to your word.
Woman: If given a chance,
would you go out with me and dance?
Man: What do I have to prove?
When push comes to shove,
I shall let you have the first move.
And we can both get into the groove.
Woman: Forever I want to be your cover,
in which case to always be your lover.
Man: You are the one I would shower
my everything, for you are my flower.
Woman: In your arms I would be snug
as I give you a hug.
Man: Though we are separated by space,
you’d be the one I want to embrace.
Woman: You always know how to put a smile on my face.
Later, I shall sing to you like a shining star.
Man: Perhaps, it would be best if I heard you in my car.
Woman: I want you to be always glad
and never sad.
Man: If I act bad,
don’t be mad.
Woman: Your gentle nature is as soft as a teddy bear,
and I enjoy seeing you talk about things I like to hear.
My dear,
I feel in my heart you are always near.
To me you are my superior,
and I am your inferior.
I may not serve you food that is spicy,
but what I will offer you is something juicy.
Man: Whenever you feed me with your gentle hands my food,
I will be sure to watch that you are in a certain mood,
so that way I shall make you feel good.
After I am fed,
I will dream of you in my bed.
You are like a dream come true
of that I am highly sure.
As I lay down to sleep,
you are the one in my dreams I will keep.
Woman: No matter how I dress,
you shall be the one I want to impress.
Man: No matter how you dress,
you will always be a huge success.
Woman: You know how to express
yourself when it comes to a woman like me that you want to impress.
Man: Each way you pose,
I shall see you as my bright red colored rose.
Woman: You really are my ecstasy
and my real life fantasy.
Man: If we were in the Garden of Eden,
you would be my heaven.
Woman: If we go to a distant land,
I want you to hold my hand.
Man: No matter what they say,
you are my one and only true love anyway.
Woman: You will do me no harm
as I rest on your arm.
Man: If it pleases you to rest,
then my chest is the best.
Woman: If my body is weak and sore,
I want your warmth more and more.
Man: For what I have told,
you are the one I will hold.
Woman: Though I am good at art,
you are the one I will draw in my heart.
Man: You and only you will I cherish
till the day I perish.
Woman: Love is blind,
do to me as you wish, I don’t mind.
You never told me a lie,
and I shall remember that til the day I die.
My love for you is pure
of that I shall be true and sure.
Man: If you carry upon yourself a heavy burden,
I will remove it all of a sudden.
As this day is done, may tomorrow
be a day where in your heart there is no more sorrow.
Woman: May your troubles be zero,
for you will always be my hero.
Man: If the world will come to an end,
know that you will always remain my number one best friend.
Woman: From what I hear,
please don’t make me shed a tear.
Where I am I wish you were here,
because it seems like I see you everywhere.
Man: In my heart you will remain forever,
but don’t think I’d say never.
Woman: In our love there is much to gain,
but let my love not be in vain.
For I do not want to be in anymore pain.
As you will be the one I will run to again.
Man: We have an awesome relationship,
one with an amazing friendship.
Woman: You are my ultimate passion,
for what you gave me is true affection
and no one else has shown me such compassion.
Man: You make my heart pound.
Woman: You are the one that keeps me on the ground.
Man: I always knew what in your heart you felt.
Woman: Please, my darling, you are making my heart melt.
Man: At times, we may fight
but still my love will give you flight.
Woman: Though we are separated by miles,
I will still send you my smiles.
Man: My heart you have bought,
for you are the one I have sought.
Woman: As the days go by
you have given me wings to fly.
Man: Whenever, wherever,
we are meant to be together.
Woman: Sometimes our lives can be rough,
but know that your love for me is more than enough.
Man: I have known you for so long,
in my heart you have given me a place to belong.
Woman: Though at times I may feel unsafe,
you are the one that would keep me safe.
Man: Like a thief in the night,
I shall come to you my lady dressed as a knight.
Woman: Then hoist me a rope,
for you are my only hope.
From being in the presence of your power,
I shall not cower.
Man: Use my power as one of your tools,
for in the name of love there are no rules,
because you are more precious to me than jewels.
Woman: Be still my beating heart,
I did not know that I played in your life such a part.
Man: Need I remind
you that to you I shall sneak behind.
Woman: My good kind generous lord,
Kindly put away your sword.
You indeed are noble as a knight,
one that I shall take the pleasure of dreaming about at night.
That is when the time is right,
and there will I behold you in front of my sight.
In my heart you hold the key,
but please never tell me good bye.
I think of you as my charming prince
of one I can always reminiscence.
Man: For this I shall bow,
as there is so much about each other that we do not know.
I can see it now,
there is much in our love that we need to sow.
Woman: Be patient my love over time like a child,
for my love for you is nothing more than a state of being wild.
Our love indeed shall be bright
and will reach its full potential when the time is right.
Man: Like fireworks, I create in you a spark,
and thus I shall give you a neck love bite mark.
Woman: I shall not be swayed by your flattery.
Man: You give me energy like a fully charged battery.
Woman: No matter what I am doing.
Man: You get my adrenaline going.
Woman: Then don’t be afraid to kiss my lips,
or put your arms around my hips.
Man: Our love for each other is as the sea is deep.
Woman: Then, please don’t make me weep.
Our love is filled with much romance
as if it resonates an elegant fragrance.
Man: Yes, it does seem to suggest it as such
but know that I will always love you very much.
Woman: Just let me see what your actions can do,
that way I may believe it as you say it so.
Man: I will take pride
in making you my bride.
Woman: What would you call our love name?
Man: One that is like a love game where we feel the same.
Woman: You have given sight to my eyes,
therefore I will tell no lies.
Man: I would always want you to tell me the truth.
Woman: I should have been truthful to you even from my youth.
Man: What’s been said and done is done,
but still I consider you my only lovely one.
Know that I will always forgive.
Woman: Because of the forgiveness you give,
my past is all an illusion and I shall have a chance to relive.
Man: There you go, that’s the way you will survive.
Woman: Thank you for understanding the kind of life I live.
Man: Perhaps it was something called fate
that had brought us together, so please never hate.
Though we are of the same ethnicity,
I feel as though you are a part of my destiny.
Woman: To show that I care,
you are the one I would want my life to share.
Man: You are my woman
and I expect you to be a part of my wedding plan.
Woman: You are my man
and I am your biggest fan.
Man: We must be attentive
if our love is to stay secretive.
Woman: We each can act as a spy
and be so sly.
Man: Don’t underestimate me as a jerk,
because on your face there shouldn’t be a smirk.
Woman: I would never ever consider you a fool,
because you are way too cool.
Thank you for being so understanding
and not demanding.
To me you do not lack anything,
for you are my everything.
Man: Lest this you expect,
you are for me far too good to be perfect.
Woman: Now, you are making me blush,
I felt as if my heart, soul, and mind were in an hour of rush,
and did you know you were my very first crush?
Man: I don’t know what to say,
perhaps I should marry you some day.
Woman: You are the one I would go on a date,
but don’t you dare tend be late.
Man: For you, I would go with you on a hike
or we can take a really long ride on my bike.
Woman: You always come at full speed
whenever you do a good deed.
You put the pedal to the metal,
for that I shall give you a medal.
Man: Maybe I should take you on a magical carpet ride.
Woman: If you choose to do so, I would feel the sensation of pride.
That I would enjoy
very much, for you are my ultimate pride and joy.
Man: For all I have said, I am serious
because I consider you my precious.
Woman: Oh, darling you are the best man to be sweet,
I can’t wait till the next time we meet.
Man: By the light of the moon,
that shall come soon.
Woman: Our love is one that engages,
for it can be written in countless pages.
If you carefully look,
our love story might end up in a book.
Man: You are my only desire.
Woman: If that is the case, I shall do anything that you require.
Man: My love for you has been sold,
to you my heart you shall behold.
Woman: Each day for you I shall pray,
and hope that you have a great day.
From what I can tell,
I don’t want you to go to hell.
No matter the weather,
your love for me makes me feel light as a feather.
For all that you are worth,
I pledge my undying love for you to be brought forth.
I would like a betrothal,
and so to repay your kindness I promise to be loyal.
Though at times I am not always fair,
I will still stroke your hair.
As you showed me your abilities of intelligence
I shall present to you my allegiance.
To me, my dear
you have made my skies so clear.
At times I begin to ponder,
how much you’re a wonder.
Man: Because of your loyalty,
I shall treat you like royalty.
Woman: If you treat me as your queen to be,
so shall it be done if you ask of me.
Man: I see you as my elegant queen.
Woman: That is something which remains to be seen.
Man: You are like a belle,
and have made my life so swell.
The way you move your body and sway,
I want to grab you right then and there, in my own way.
To me you are very beautiful,
and I expect you to always be faithful.
That is all I ask,
and so you must act upon the task.
May you be healthy
as well as being perfectly stealthy.
Woman: I implore you to be more positive
and never think of anything concerning you as being negative,
for I believe you are very attractive.
Man: In the month of April, the season to come is spring,
and with it comes a ring,
for all that love has to bring.
Woman: To me you have cast a spell,
and I hope that you will catch me if I fell.
Whenever you are the one I want to call,
I see to it in life you will always be there to catch me when I fall.
Man: Never will I leave you my love being comfortless,
for to you I want to show that I am fearless.
Woman: I believe you are strong and not weak,
when the time comes it is your help I will seek.
If by comfort you mean my body, I grant you permission to touch,
but then again you are more than welcome to give me a long and deep smooch.
Man: I shall wear your name upon me as a wrist band,
and it shall never ever leave my hand.
Woman: At times my heart, hands, and head would feel colder.
Man: Then you are more than welcome to lean on my shoulder.
Woman: I would appreciate nothing more than for us to be together.
To me, you are my little ray of sunshine,
not only do you make my life shine,
but I am so glad to know that you are mine.
My love for you is as spacious as the sea,
but for now let me serve you some tea.
You have given me the ability to see,
and for that you are as sweet as a honey bee.
Over the years we have grown,
but most importantly your great love has been shown.
Man: You are cute as a little bunny.
Woman: You are too kind, honey.
I love you not just for looks but also your personality.
Man: Your fondness of me is your most charming ability.
Woman: Numerous times you bestow upon me a love of immense quantity.
Man: Your serene nature is what I call your best quality.
Woman: In my heart is a door,
if you open it I will have the freedom to soar.
If I am in pain,
may you be my healing rain.
When I am down,
please put a smile on my frown,
for I wish you were in my town.
Man: If I were to write you a love letter,
no matter what you’re feeling, it’ll make you feel better.
Woman: You are graceful as a majestic stallion.
Man: And you are like a prized medallion.
Woman: In that case, I declare you my champion.
My love make haste
if you find it pleasurable to hold me by my waist.
Man: You have such sweet lips that I can’t wait to taste,
and I shall make sure that no time will go to waste.
Woman: Our level of love for one another is increasing,
and may it never be ceasing.
I deem you most wise
unless you want me to think otherwise.
Man: In you I see perfection,
as I gaze upon your reflection.
Woman: As we go for a walk,
I would love nothing more than to hear you talk.
Man: Know that I’ll always have your back.
And know that I’ll keep your life on track.
Woman: As you whisper in my ear
I shall take every word to heart as being something dear.
Man: You are a pure gem of serenity.
Woman: And my love for you will go on for an eternity.
You are my hiding place,
for you have given me inner peace.
Man: My affections for you will never be diminishing,
for there is much that needs to be finishing.
Woman: Take me as I am.
Man: I shall keep you in my hand’s palm,
for there in the middle you will feel calm.
Woman: You have taught me that in life there is much to learn,
but for you my heart shall yearn,
as it is your love I want to earn.
Man: I love you the most.
Woman: To that I shall give you a toast.
For that you are bold,
but to me you are worth more than gold.
To me, I think you are perfectly fine.
As well as to think you’re something divine.
You are my happiness,
never once have you given me any sadness.
You call and treat me as your dear princess
as if you pledge your undying devotion to your highness.
But, need I remind you that though you see me as an empress,
that what I love most is your forgiveness.
Even though at times I will face boredom,
I see you as my escape to freedom,
and am grateful to your wisdom.
To me you have always been gracious.
Man: My love for you is as grand as the sky is spacious.
Woman: Wow, to me that sounds so glorious.
With me you were never angry
as you gave me your unfathomable mercy.
My heart is like a lock,
only you have the power to unlock.
From the start,
I knew you were smart.
Man: You have always been spontaneous.
Woman: When you say such things, I think its fabulous.
You said that if I dressed in certain clothes that I would be hot.
You even praised me and deemed me worthy of a body that was hot.
Needless to say, I don’t always think that I am that hot.
Man: Who would ever dare say that you are not?
Woman: I am willing to bet,
you ain’t seen nothing yet.
Never think of your face being so dark and fearsome.
For in truth, I consider you in my heart as being very handsome.
You have always been true.
And you never made me feel blue.
Man: T’was I that loved you more than any other.
And for that I will not love another.
Woman: Many things we discuss,
and you still treat me kindly as your missus.
When we were young,
I was always fond of you all along.
In the dark of night,
you are always shown right,
and help make my paths straight.
In this world you are all I have.
Man: For you, my heart I will save.
Woman: I know you will always be around.
Man: To you my heart is bound.
Woman: As you speak a message,
your shoulders will I massage.
You speak of such humble words
but may our love not be cut short with swords.
Man: In you there is much potential.
Woman: I can see in my life to me you are very essential
and for that I shall keep our love confidential.
You always seem to take my breath away,
and I wouldn’t want it any other way
as there is each passing day.
Man: You are an object of great fascination.
Woman: And you are my inspiration.
I will always love the way you speak with that accent.
Man: Is it because that I am a guy that is decent?
Woman: Not only that, its because I see you so cute and innocent.
You are the love of my life,
and I would be proud to be called your wife.
Man: On your finger I shall place my ring,
and can’t wait for what our love will bring.
Woman: I am touched beyond words that can compare,
for I know you are the one in my life I want to share.
My life you did transform,
for I have always loved a man in uniform.
Man: I am a man unlike any other,
I will treasure you forever.
Woman: Day by day,
my love for you will not fade away.
Your love I will always treasure
and I shall cherish it without any measure.
Man: Your love for me is vast.
Woman: For all eternity, I want our love to be the first and the last.
For me, I could never love you less
when I have your sweet touch, your amazing kiss, and sensational caress.
Man: I want to spin you round and round
as I lift you by your hips as your feet are off the ground.
Alright then, here take a seat.
I’d marry you in a heart beat.
Woman: I will love you till the day my heart stops beating.

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