Aruba the Smallest of the Caribbean Islands

Aruba is the smallest of the Caribbean Islands or ABC Islands as I like to call it.

The airplane icon looks much like the Eiffle Tower of France with a little mustache on it. However, in true retrospect that is where the airport is. I reckon Sint Nicolas was supposed to be Saint Nicolas instead. 

I believe Oranjestad probably stands for Orange in Dutch. Straat is probably Dutch or Papiamento for street. As far as pronounciation goes, we roll the r’s when we speak in Spanish. For example, arroz is Spanish for rice. 

When I hear the word Villa, I recall in botany class, Bougainvilleas, a type of shrub. Botany means the study of plants. 

The shape of Aruba looks very similar to that of a cruise ship liner or more like the pectoral fin of a humpback whale. It is as if it is waving well hello or whale hello. 

The Good

I was there for a short time as a Pre-Med student from the year 2009. I was the youngest of the bunch there between 17 or 18 at Xavier University School of Medicine. The best part is that there is no MCAT. MCAT stands for Medical College Admissions Test. 

Another bonus fact about the school system in Aruba is that the classes are pretty much next to each other. In America, the colleges and high schools have classes in different buildings which can at times take a long time to walk to within say a 10-15 minute walk period. I at times felt I needed to stay behind and help clean up messes for some profs for Chem Lab especially. Those classes were usually 3 hours long. Sometimes it felt impossible to have a break and eat even. 

A great benefit of living in Aruba is well, I don’t think they have the Red Light Photo enforced system here. That is something common in America. In America there are highways/expressways where the speed limit is 70 miles/hour with no traffic lights in sight. Most of the time this is termed as Rush Hour because employees and mostly trucks travel at night to get home. 

I think perhaps if you are a Pirates of the Caribbean movies fan like me, you might be wondering if they may have shot the movie in some kind of Caribbean island.

If by chance you are a Kitchen Bath craftsman designer, an island could also represent a counter top set with bar stools. 

Bonaire is the next largest after Aruba and then the 3rd largest is Curacao.

Being in Aruba is great, no snow, outside the hurricane belt strip.

However, it is close to the Equator, meaning the center of the Earth if you were to divide Earth from Top to Bottom.

Journey To The Center of the Earth is also a movie, mind you. 

Any country that is near the Equator means that it is super hot and could also be very dry. Also, very little rain is expected here and should be used sparingly.

Aruba’s Theme Song would be the one from the Beach Boys called Kokomo, but Aruba is the first word in the song. 

You could probably collect seashells from the white sandy beaches, but be sure that you don’t interrupt the breeding sea turtles that lay their eggs near the sand.

Did you ever know that parrotfish are the ones behind that beautiful sand that you see at the beaches? It was hard for me to believe it but parrotfish are capable of pooping out sand and eating algae. Algae commonly forms in water whether it be in a bird bath outside or a bucket of water just left to sit in the sun’s heat. 

I don’t know about you, but with the smell of rain in some areas, it seems like a fishy smell, and I try my best to avoid eating seafood because I feel that the fish have the right to live on Earth just as much as we humans do as well. 

Be careful of crabs moving their shells from one to another as their body expands over time. In other words don’t step on them or even the jellyfish that might wash up on shore. If they look dead to you, they probably aren’t as I ran into a situation where some people like to look at the moon during midnight and walk on the sandy beaches, and not realize they may have stepped on a jellyfish and got stung by it. The pain is much like your skin being burned kind of a sensation really. 

Aruba is largely known as the Kingdom of the Netherlands. From what I have seen, it could also be like Neverland from Peter Pan as well. The people look as if they never grew old at all in appearance and character. 

There is also a place called the Riu Palace and its breathtakingly symmetrical. As you see the water a bit far off, the color looks like the planet of Neptune. You can see that there are different shades of blue water in the distance. 

Aruba has many ships that come to its harbor. Princess Cruises as well as Coral Princess Cruises.

There is also a Protestant Church there. The service is mostly in Dutch, but they have English translation booklets as well. Most of the Arubans speak a mixture of English, Spanish, and Papiamento. 

If you look closely, you can see that the pulpit is shaped like a boat, this is referring to the Biblical phrase Jesus Christ used for his disciples when they went fishing. You shall be called “Fishers of men.”

The below picture is that of marble, I believe someone must have been a stone mason and carved in the words and picture first, then maybe used ink and sketched it in to be more permanent. 

Tributes to the Bible, it reads:

The book contains 

The Mind of God,

The way of salvation,

The doom of sinners, 

And the happiness of believers.

Its doctrine is holy,

Its precepts are binding,

Its histories are true,

And its decisions immuntable. 

Read it to be wise,

Believe it to be safe.

Practice it to be holy.

It contains light to direct you,

Food to support you,

And comfort to cheer you. 

It is the traveler’s map,

The pilgrim’s staff,

The pilot’s compass,

The soldier’s sword

And the Christian’s character. 

Here Heaven is opened,

The gates of hell disclosed. 

Christ is its subject,

Our good its design,

The glory of God its end. 

It should fill the memory,

Rule the heart

And guide the feet.

Read it slowly 

Frequently, Prayerfully.

It is a mine of wealth,

And a river of pleasure.

It is given to you here in this life,

Will be opened at the judgment

And is established forever.

It involves the highest responsibility,

Will reward the greatest labor,

And condemns all who trifle with its

Sacred contents. 

They also have a festival called Carnival which has been imported from Brazil and Trinidad & Tobago. Its celebrated with parade floats, exquisite costume design attire, fashion shows, and a feast of seafood of all kinds. 

Aruba’s Flag is quite beautiful to gaze at as well. Blue to represent the waters. The Red Star looks similar to that of the Star of Bethlehem if you go for Christmas shopping for lights. The Yellow to represent the bright sun shining over above both men and women. My favorite color is blue, but then again: “Go Deutsche Blue.” 

Just take a look at the Aruban Logo. It features a crown on top with a shield underneath. The 2 snakes joined are known as a caduceus, a symbol used in many Pharmaceutical places. It could probably relate back to the time when the Israelite people complained a great deal with Moses’ leadership that they were then poisoned by snakes. However, God told Moses to create a bronze snake and if the people who were poisoned who looked at it, they can be saved. In between the 2 snakes being joined together represents a staff. At the very bottom, it has a beautiful Aruba banner. 

To be honest, I would have much rather preferred if they took out the snakes and out in the staff with wings attached instead, or better yet, like something below within the shield itself, or coat of arms as some call it. 

The Bad & Ugly 

The bad part of Aruba is that there will be these huge iguanas chasing you around everywhere you go if you go near the rocks by the seashore. If they land in the food you cook, it can be poisonous. 

Another thing I found to be disturbing is that there might be snakes as well as cockroaches also, so be prepared for a great deal of exterminating if you don’t want to share your home with these kinds of critters. I hate being followed by these guys just as much as you do. 


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4 thoughts on “Aruba the Smallest of the Caribbean Islands

  1. I must admit that I have never heard of Aruba before, although it does sound a most interesting place.

    Although I really do not think `I would like to live in a place where there are roving iguanas and numerous snakes!! Are there in fact a lot of snakes throughout the Caribbean area?

    Also, I am not too fond of the idea of easily treading on jellyfish! But I do love the sea, and it really does look so beautiful!

    Thank you so much for telling me about a place I had never heard of before!

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. Dear Chrissie,

      It is a pretty interesting place to visit. But, I often became wary of what may have washed up on shore though. There are white sandy beaches there. I didn’t like the part of snakes and iguanas living there or even cockroaches because those alone were my reasons to not want to stay there longer. 

      There have been sea snakes, but I am sure if they made it to the mainland would mean they died of the terrible heat finding food on land or they were eaten away by predatory birds. 

      I was always fascinated by the sea at a young age due to looking into a world where I know I can’t possibly reach underwater. 

      They do have submarine rides to see the colorful fish under the water as well a Jolly Rogers Ship where they can offer you food and drinks for a small fee. 

      There is vibrant music of all kinds there also. 

      Welcome, no problem, I didn’t know about this place either, but it has had a history of being invaded by Indians and other nationalities. This land was fought over with a year span of 80 years because an outlander who came to the island thought there was gold here. He was sadly mistaken.

      Please feel free to drop by my website anytime you wish.

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,



  2. Wow I never knew all of those things about Aruba! I love the comparison of the island looking like a whale fin haha, I’ll always see that now when I look at a map!

    The interpretation of the flag is very interesting. 

    Riu Palace looks absolutely beautiful.

    I’m currently doing a presentation on Aruba so this article is very helpful, thanks!

    1. Dear Beth,

      Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate it. Yeah, it is a pretty interesting island, but the prices are a bit expensive, the currency is in Aruba Florin. However, you can use America Dollars there to purchase things, but they will return change back into Aruban Florin only. They have places like Pizza Hut there, Wendy’s, Little Caesar’s in the downtown area, I would probably recommend traveling by bus because the De Palm Tours take you all over the island. I didn’t really find any office stores that much, so if you plan on living there, be sure to pack tons of office supplies and perhaps meds too. I had to take my own HP Printer to print documents there for travel and insurance purposes. The biggest thing you need to really worry about is to get yourself very well hydrated to walk around and explore all the places in Aruba.

      If I am not mistaken, you can easily walk around and take pictures in the Riu Palace and breakfast is free. 

      Healthcare is pretty good there, but the rent was a bit pricey like say $800 a month, some of the homes seemed a bit cramped also. You would need to mostly buy your own set of plates or bring it overboard with you when flying by plane though. Other things you need to be concerned about is be careful of stagnant water as that is how mosquitoes thrive there. 

      Please feel free to drop by my website anytime you wish.

      Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


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