Ark Encounter Theme Park Kentucky

Ark Encounter Theme Park in Kentucky

Ark Encounter Theme Park in Kentucky

The Ark Encounter as you may recall is located in Kentucky a US State.

Location of Ark Encounter is at:

1 Ark Encounter Dr, Williamstown, KY 41097

Phone Number Contact: (855) 284-3275

Kentucky is known for several things such as the Kentucky Derby and KFC which is Kentucky Fried Chicken.

As you can see from this Logo, there are the waves and the olive leaf from being in the dove’s beak. 

The Ark Encounter is truly Remarkable. Get it, Remarkable, and the word Ark is in it? Noah was the 1st man out of anyone in the Bible to have his own petting zoo in a ship, meaning he was able to keep it afloat for 40 days and 40 nights. To the discerning person of today’s world, that might be a hard concept to grasp and believe it is achievable. 

There is another place called the Creation Museum, that you can visit as well.

I would highly recommend this on your Places to Visit To Do List because what better way is it to experience God’s Word the Holy Bible than to see it face to face right before your very eyes. 

They have a buffet place called Emzara’s Buffet and live animals for children to feed and pet. 

The Ark is built according to Biblical proportions as read about in Genesis. 

They have snack shops within each of the 3 levels of the ark. There is also Wi-Fi and other souvenir shops too. 

To be honest I thought I would not live a day to see someone take a great deal of time and effort into making one of the most sought out mysteries of the Bible become into a reality.

You can get jobs here of any kind really. Be it a computer technician, designing dinosaurs to be life size and real looking as though you walked into the Jurassic Park movies or even do wood work like the Amish carving something Biblical and it remains as a wonderful tribute and exquisite masterpiece of art that generations to follow will love and cherish. 

When I went to this place, I felt as though I traveled back in time to help answer the big question: How did people in the Bible live, our ancestors, and how is it that today’s human being can’t accomplish something of the past? 


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