All’s Fair In Love & War


Woman: Would you ever let me go?

Man: What makes you say so?

And where would you run off to?

Woman: My belly you begin to touch, 

and as you do you give me a long deep smooch.

Deep down did you know how I felt?

It was my heart you did melt.

You slowly caress my back.

Was I the only thing in your life you did lack?

Softly your hands glide to hold my hips,

and as you do I turn my head to kiss your lips.

Within my heart is a strong desire.

It burns like fiery hot fire.

There is no way that it would expire.

Because you are the one I inspire.

When you had a frown,

I did my best to turn it upside down.

In my mind you cast a radiant light. 

And it was so bright that it never faded at night.

As you plan to make your next battle move.

Know that you are the one I would love. 

Upon our first kiss, you ignite a passion.

A passion for me to show you nothing but compassion. 

Man: Your love for me is skin deep. 

But for now please sleep.

You are the one in my dreams I shall keep. 

Woman: Is what I feel love, lust, temptation, or true pure desire?

Man: You look like a wonderful woman deprived of pleasure.

And so I shall give it to you beyond all measure.

Woman: As I began to walk, all I ever wanted was to hear you talk. 

From behind you came to give me a hug causing me to gasp. 

When there was no one beside me, we both

came together for a close intimate embrace. 

Promise me something, rebuild God’s House as if it were your house. 

In order to be a true Christian, you must live life as though you never sinned. 

Man: Blood is red,

Veins are blue, 

Your sins washed white as snow,

So, what are you?

The American flag because both men and women died for the freedom of our nation. 


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