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Affrevenue Network is one of the newest Affiliate Networks that not many have heard of yet!

Affrevenue Network

Name: Affrevenue Network


Facebook Page:

Founders: ?

Price Range Advertised: FREE to Join!

Who Is It For: any website owner.

What Kind of Job do you do with this Program? To promote your products or promote products of others.

Verdict: Legit!

Overall Percentile Rank Record:


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Seeing the Layout of the Website

Go to

The Page should look like this.

Affrevenue Network Home Page

Sign Up for a FREE Affrevenue Publisher’s Account

We are then going to Sign Up for a FREE Publisher’s Account.

Affrevenue Network Publisher Sign Up

Here’s the Application Form.

Affrevenue Network Sign Up Part 1

Affrevenue Network Sign Up Part 2

Click on the I agree to the Terms and Conditions. Then Click on Sign Up.

You should then see the Following appear.

Affrevenue Application Reviewing

Awaiting Confirmation from Affrevenue

You should then see an E-mail from Affrevenue about Reviewing your Account.

Affrevenue Account Under Review

After some time, you should then receive a 2nd E-mail from Affrevenue saying your Account has been Approved.

Click on the blue link provided in your E-mail message from Affrevenue.

Affrevenue Account Activated

You should then be directed to the Following Screen. Type in your E-mail and Password, and then Click on Login.

Login To Affrevenue

Affrevenue Account Inside Interface Layout

This is your Affrevenue Home Screen, Dashboard, whatever you may call it, however, they refer to it as Snapshot here.

Affrevenue Snapshot

Here’s what the List of Affrevenue Offers looks like.

Affrevenue Offers

I Clicked on Lead Gen.

Affrevenue Click on Lead Gen

As you can see from the Above Picture, there is your Account Manager, their E-mail, Skype Chat Username, as well as your Affiliate Link if you want to refer others into Affrevenue.

So, as I Clicked on Lead Gen, I was brought to the Following Screen.

Click Preview Affrevenue

I Clicked on the Offer Name Home SafetyHome Security CPA. I then saw the Following Appear.

Affrevenue Home Safety Offer Information

As noted above, there is a Description about how you get Paid, restrictions, as well how you may not get Paid.

Plus, you should then take note of the Payout you would receive per Conversion as well as when this Offer would Expire.

There is also the Countries and Preview landing page Link provided when Clicked on the Green Link.

You should then see a small Offer Application, has 2 Questions for you to answer and then Click on Apply in Green below.

In Conclusion


While I know that this Program started out this year in 2015, I know I can’t say much about them now. However, I hope to in the days ahead while they work on expanding more. I would like to say that I am a bit disappointed in them with the regards that there’s no Profile Description of what the Offer is about beforehand here, not appealing setup of the arrangement, involves a bit of a learning curve on what exactly to say in terms of being accepted to take on the Offer, no actual examples show of whether they offer Text Links and or Banners for these Offers or how to get the affiliate links yet as that is something not clear to me as of now.

In other words, clearly all we can comprehend is that each click is counted as a potential conversion. And, thus this then leads to the payout.

I was honestly hoping to see if they were partnered with big name brand companies that you would find at other Affiliate Network Directories. I did not find that sort of thing being present here though.


Turquoise CheckMark Approved

Totally Legit Green Text Logo

Business Valid Statement HandShake

Affrevenue Network

Affrevenue Network

Name: Affrevenue Network


Founders: ?

Price Range Advertised: FREE to Join!

Verdict: Legit!

Overall Percentile Rank Record:



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  1. Adeel

    That is wonderful. I have not heard about this but looks interesting to check out. Hope this is as good as the other ones people have told me about though.

    1. Angel (Post author)

      Dear Adeel,

      This is fairly a new Affiliate Network that has graced the Internet and I feel like checking it out. Perhaps it might be of use to someone to join. 🙂



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